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  1. Got the trailer parts back from Kenny, plus acquired a tool box from one of my favorite eBay custom parts vendors. Here's the mock up. Will probably JB Weld the ramp extensions this weekend.
  2. Yeah, that was my inspiration. Back in the day, I bought an IMSA Corvette body and chassis from Baird and Trivette in Atlanta. It was advertised as coming with a trailer with a tire rack installed. When we got to Atlanta, there sat the Corvette, on this rusted up single axle short tongue trailer, with a custom-made aluminum tire rack bolted to it. From looking at the fabrication detail, the rack must have been worth more than the trailer. When we got it all back to Dallas, we took off the tire rack and mounted it in the back of our dually, with holes cut through the bed and bolts extending down into the truck frame rails. We junked the trailer, it was a traffic hazard. Looked kind of like this one I made for myself out of a GMP trailer tire rack. The other racers nicknamed our truck "Bullwinkle".
  3. Going to need to clean up some of the chassis non-detail, as shown in the last picture above, and better here. So I fabricated some panels out of 0.30" styrene sheet, and painted them flat black, and just SuperGlued them on. Nothing fancy, but did the job. I took the trailer pieces by Kenny's house yesterday. He has a shop where he restores 1:1's, so has access to strippers and beed blasters. I should get them back next week. Put the original ramper body loosely back on the chassis. Wow, the rear track to clear the trailer wheel arches is going to be WIDE!
  4. Back in the day, before the construction of haulers became big business, we saw lots of cobbled together, backyard specials showing up at the race tracks. This will be my effort to replicate a fantasy version. The donors are the tried and true ACME Chevy ramp back hauler, less ramp back (that has been repurposed to another project) and the older version of the GMP race trailer, with some pieces from another trailer that was a donor for another project. Here are some early pictures, with stuff just hung together, lots of fabrication in the future.
  5. Wrapping this one up with a little bit of bling for the custom trailer. Added a toolbox (appropriately repainted gold), a couple of jerry cans, and a spare set of wheels and tires.
  6. Don't feel lonely, tough for me to make out, as well.
  7. Houston, the Ramper has landed! Really satisfying build, love the way they both came out. Here are the Siamese Twins. And here are three treatments on the same chassis, the original is in front, this ramper in the middle, and a box truck in back. Thanks for your support and encouragement!
  8. The first image that came to mind when I took this picture was that of the face of someone who just had a nose job. Plus, if you look at the angle between the bed and the cab, I was a little worried that something was amiss. And here's what you get when you take off all the bandages. And then after some Dremel and paint pin work, and installation of the now painted gloss black chassis connector. Might be a couple more details required here, but I really like how it came together. But once I had it all cleaned up, and into final assembly . . . Here it sits next to its donor. And now, put to work. Next up, the Chevy Club Cab Ramp Back Hauler.
  9. This post reminds me of those old problem-solving flow charts. It was going to be a simple fix, grind off the lip, shorten the brass rails, and Bingo, we're done. Right! I did all that, and it didn't look right, so I f**ked with it, and then it really didn't look right. So, back to tried and true JB Weld technology. Taped it back together as best as I could, plus the tape keeps the JB Weld from dropping through onto my workbench. And this is pass Number One. I will turn it over, retape, and make another JB Weld pass on the other side. Pass Number Two is curing right now, maybe more progress pictures tomorrow.
  10. Just a quick update. It appears my mechanical solution to tie the two chassis pieces together is going to be successful. Need to close the gap, which will require grinding away the lip at the back of the cab, and then shortening the chassis connector by about 5/16".
  11. Watching him build this brings back fond memories of my participation in building this.
  12. Made a little progress Monday night (while the wife was watching Dancing with the Stars and I couldn't watch the football game). This is how I am maintaining chassis alignment (and no, the cardboard is not a mock up for a headache rack). The plan is to add one more set of screws into the front chassis, right next to where the notch in the brass angle is, and then screw and glue the angle to the front of the truck, making it removable (if necessary) by taking out the two rear screws.
  13. Decided to start on the short wheelbase version, since I've already done one of the long wheelbase conversions, and know exactly what I need to do. I had hoped that, miraculously, this one might be a bolt together, using the rear tongue coming off the cab, maybe matching up with the bed. No such luck, so had to remove that tongue and proceed to build a connector for the two dissimilar chassis. Began by using masking tape to get everything relative. And then the chassis rails don't line up between the two chassis. And then there's these kick-downs on the bed chassis. I figured that I would use brass angle to connect the two chassis. Got the back connected, pretty easy since the bed chassis is plastic. Notched the brass to allow for the misalignment of the two chassis rails, probably reinforce that point with JB Weld at final assembly. I can clean up this slump when I do the final. Looks good from above.
  14. Still on a tear with these ACME Rampers. Got one more, intact in the box after I do these two customs. Here's what we're starting with, the ACME White Chevy Ramper and an Anson White Chevy Club Cab dually. The dually has some issues, no mirrors, and the tailgate is dented. Same drill as before, used a Dremel to cut the Ramper chassis apart (God Bless ACME for their design and construction of these, they make customizing so much easier than having to build my own chassis). And then the dually. Start with removing the bed, and then grabbed a jeweler's saw to parse the plastic chassis. Club Cab Mock-up And then I was standing there, admiring my handywork, sipping on the last of my 16 oz Lone Star Light, and it hit me: I've still got two pieces of truck remaining. Tonight there will be some more Dremel work, cutting out the plastic on the Club Cab to slot the Ramper chassis into.
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