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  1. Progress shots.Closing the gap between the fastback early model and the slant back of the '70 model will prove to be an origamic challenge.Had to sand both sides of the chassis, and at an angle at that, in order to get the late model chassis to fit into the early model body.
  2. Unfortunate, I am sure you would have had a field day with engine detailing.
  3. You have an engine detail shot? Chassis looks great!
  4. Really nicely done, and to have your 1:1 in 1/18 is amazing. Great work!
  5. Yes, got your reply. Thanks!
  6. In the Sports Car Club of America, back in the day, I think these were allowed to run with the bonnet propped open for help in cooling the engine. Have you considered displaying it that way?
  7. Again, another superior transition. Bravo!
  8. Keep it coming, Mike! By the way, body shipped yesterday, should be there by Friday.
  9. Many of you may remember the custom double trailer I built a while back, and then subsequently created this diorama.Well, with a little creativity and help from some friends, I thought there might be a variation on the theme. In lieu of having the workshop on the trailer, what if it were in the back of the truck.So, I acquired a distressed PremiumClassixxs Mercedes Porsche Service Truck (the cabs on those things are very fragile), and lifted the rear box.Then took a damaged in transit Anson Chevrolet dually, and had the chassis stretched to fit the box.Added a front push bar and some running boards, and put an aero nose in the box, and here we have it.Folding it into the diorama, have to arrange things just a little differently, but same effect at the track. Had one of the GMP/ACME race trailers painted white to make it an ensemble.
  10. I know what you mean, I'll get really excited, and go hot and heavy, and then reach an impasse, and just let it sit for a while. Can only keep about three models going at the same time, due to workbench space, so always hope another one keeps me inspired. Thanks for the compliments, everyone. That really helps.
  11. Okay, got the body back late yesterday, and had to play around with it, although the cold and wet weather we are having played havoc with the SuperGlue I used to attempt a temporary bonding. Clearly, this is going to require a lot of work to feather the edges of the 3D printed flares, but thought without the original red paint of the donor body that these appear a little more representative.Got me a little bit of BMW Batmobile going on here at the back!
  12. Mike - you customize like a surgeon; whereas I customize like a lumberjack. Keep it up!
  13. Someone else already had this wet dream.Can I finish it in 1/18 scale?Here are some stock photos of the two donors.Highway 61 1968 Barracuda (this is from the eBay auction I won)ACME 1970 Dan Gurney "Street" Trans Am BarracudaChassis Comparison: Top - Highway 61 1968 Barracuda/Bottom - ACME 1970 Barracuda Trans AmGot the body off the donor '70 ACME Barracuda, and with a little bit of disappointment, looked at some of the details (such as the A-pillar/front of the roll cage - pure BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH), but figured it would make a suitable donor. Last night I got the body off the donor Highway 61 '68 Barracuda, and put them together to see how much work we are talking about.Not a bad fit, wheelbase and track-wise, but going to take some shaping of both the front and rear wheel tubs to allow the '68 body to sit down onto the '70 chassis, but first blush, doable.Stay tuned!
  14. I actually got to see one of the America-based versions of this car race, back in the late 60's/early 70's. Here are a couple of pictures I took at Texas World Speedway. And another one from Dallas International Motor Speedway.