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  1. Interestingly, when Trans Am changed to tube frame rules, you could run a 6-cylinder engine and get a weight break. A few cars ran them, with some success, such as the Buick Somerset and Chevy Beretta.
  2. Set up a tow rig for the Dodge truck. Here's a link to the build album for the truck. flic.kr/s/aHsmHLjpjV It is an Anson Dodge dually cab coupled to a Premier Classix resin box bed.
  3. Chevy Silverado completes the trio!IMG_6338 by Jim Forte, on FlickrIMG_6339 by Jim Forte, on FlickrIMG_6340 by Jim Forte, on FlickrIMG_6341 by Jim Forte, on FlickrIMG_6342 by Jim Forte, on Flickr
  4. Sneak preview (Chevy needs to have the passenger side decals added).Shelf Pic by Jim Forte, on Flickr
  5. Quick update. Notice anything different? Petty Ramper by Jim Forte, on Flickr
  6. Fixed the Chevy taillights.Here's the painted version (yes, I know, I probably should have added some Bondo to fill in the voids).IMG_6256 by Jim Forte, on FlickrHere it is with the decals added.IMG_6257 by Jim Forte, on FlickrI also have decals for the Ram and F-150.
  7. This is what happens when you get in a hurry. Notice the relief where the rear taillight should be.IMG_6038 by Jim Forte, on FlickrNotice how nicely painted the Chevy body was.IMG_6092 by Jim Forte, on FlickrOn both the Ram and the F-150, the taillight detail was incorporated into the diecast mold. For the Chevy, well . . .One would think that three models, for the same racing series, produced by the same diecast manufacturer, contemporary to each other, would share common details.In fact, the chassis are identical (no distributor on the engine, so . . .) and almost interchangeable, but . . .For some reason, for the Chevy, they decided to have a plastic insert for the taillight.I didn't notice it, and didn't point it out to the guy who strips the models for me.His solvent is so strong to cut through the paint on the diecast that it dissolves anything and everything, and in this case, the Chevy taillight inserts.As I reassembled the Chevy, I carefully placed (and glued) the front grill inserts in.IMG_6039 by Jim Forte, on FlickrGot to the back of the model, looked in the Ziplock where I store all the harvested parts, and alas, no taillights.So . . . JB Weld to the rescue.IMG_6169 by Jim Forte, on FlickrIMG_6170 by Jim Forte, on FlickrNice calm day today, got a coat of primer on this morning, hopefully get the color down this afternoon. Plus, these were delivered from Sam Lopez with Three Amigos Decals yesterday.2022-06-18 (2) by Jim Forte, on Flickr
  8. Finished the Ford F-150.IMG_6154 by Jim Forte, on FlickrIMG_6155 by Jim Forte, on FlickrIMG_6156 by Jim Forte, on FlickrIMG_6157 by Jim Forte, on FlickrIMG_6158 by Jim Forte, on FlickrAnd a few shots with the Dodge and Ford together.IMG_6159 by Jim Forte, on FlickrIMG_6160 by Jim Forte, on FlickrIMG_6161 by Jim Forte, on FlickrChevy's next!
  9. Sneak preview of Ford F-150IMG_6146 by Jim Forte, on Flickr
  10. The interesting thing from that era is that, due to the common elements of chassis’s, there was a great deal of interchangeability. The unique consideration being whether you were a Chrysler product and ran the front torsion bar suspension. Not sure when the conversion to front coils across all manufacturers happened, but even before that time, I remember being in the Cup garage and seeing the shock suppliers posting the same settings for all, regardless of manufacturer.
  11. Ford F-150 just got back from the paint shop.IMG_6113 by Jim Forte, on FlickrTwins in the making, decals have been printed and on their way.IMG_6117 by Jim Forte, on FlickrStoring them both on the lift, waiting for the Chevy Silverado to get re-painted (there was a bust at the paint shop).IMG_6116 by Jim Forte, on Flickr Just in case you are curious, paint came out of the same rattle can.
  12. Quick update with all three of the race trucks in the shop.IMG_6072 by Jim Forte, on FlickrFord and Chevy on a lift, waiting for the paint shop to clear out.IMG_6075 by Jim Forte, on Flickr
  13. Donors and PrimersFord F-150IMG_6045 by Jim Forte, on FlickrChevy SilveradoIMG_6046 by Jim Forte, on Flickr
  14. Thanks! Still waiting for my stripper to get the Ford and Chevy bodies back to me.
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