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  1. That's a great looking cage. Did it come with the model, or did you scratch build it?
  2. You could also try the stuff designed to buff and clean plastic headlights.
  3. Mike, I don't think the real cars were subject to as much effort as you put into them. Great work, as usual!
  4. 1964 Falcon Futura

    New here, so I apologize for the late contribution. Biante, a brand out of Australia, took this mold and created a racing version. Not sure how many are familiar with the success that the Falcon had in Europe, as well as Australia and other British countries. Here are some comparison pictures between the domestic SunStar version, and the pond-crossing Biante version. I have a spare of the Biante, and the decal sheet, to turn it into this Alan Mann version.
  5. Mike - Genius is never understood or appreciated.
  6. Wanted - Painter/Decaler

    I am looking for someone who can repaint and decal my custom 1/18 scale diecast models. I had an arrangement with an individual previously, unfortunately he passed away. I supply the model, and usually the decals. I can either send the model stripped, to be primed and painted, or you can strip, prime, and paint, at your discretion. I pay shipping both ways, plus whatever your fee is. PM to let me know if you are interested, or if you know of anyone who might be able to help me out. Thanks!
  7. Porsche, as they contemplated entry into the North American Can Am Series (and then ultimately into the European Interserie), created prototypes of their 917, to determine how they might compete. This is a picture of a prototype, that appears to blend the nose from the Longtail version of the endurance 917 and the evolving sprint turbo-charged 917 chassis. I thought it might be an interesting project to try to create, in 1/18 scale, something similar. Mind you, my end product will not look exactly like the example, due to availability of parts, but I will try to get as close as I can. This project to put an AutoArt 917 LongTail nose on a Minichamps 917/10 chassis. I hope many of you are familiar with the Porsche 917/10 Can Am/Interserie model. Both Minichamps and Exoto made them, although Exoto's were limited to those prepared by Penske and driven by Mark Donohue. Minichamps made several liveries and a couple of different versions of bodywork. Here's what I started with. Actually, they are pretty easy to modify, if you want to remove the front bodywork, it's just a couple of screws, and a jeweler's saw. And with that, you have both a body and a chassis. And then let's look at what an AutoArt Longtail front nose looks like mocked-up onto the chassis. As is obvious from these pictures, the AutoArt nose is 3/8" narrower than the Minichamps chassis (not sure how this happens, and haven't researched it, but either the tub of the real 917/10 was wider than the endurance version, or there was a little bit of license taken by either AutoArt or Minichamps). Regardless, this requires an additional surgical step to "widen" the nose of the AutoArt. That will be the next installment.
  8. You are the King, Mike. I love to watch the updates.
  9. Keep plugging away, Mike! I love watching your process. Let me know if you need another donor body, I think I have a spare Gurney.
  10. Yat Ming Firebird Trans Am is in the background. Got my one "mule" chassis in play; replacement GMP Trans Am Camaros are starting to get a little pricey. I just wish I had the patience and talent to create the details you produce.
  11. Hey Mike! Little bit of a hijack, but fooling around with a GMP Trans Am Camaro chassis, and an Ertl 1970 Camaro body. Looks promising!
  12. Great stuff, as usual, Mike! I've been kit-bashing my Maier version, played with it a little bit over the past couple of days. Added a battery and cables to the trunk, and a rudimentary fuel cell (one of the drag versions you see on eBay occasionally), and added a fuel vent and filler tube out to the standard Greenlight outlet, and also a fuel line. I like your back seat idea, need to look closer at mine (hadn't even thought of it). Looks like you cut off the interior behind the roll bar? Keep it coming!
  13. As usual Mike, you are not a customizer, you are an artisan working in a scale model world. To date, my daliance with this model has been to solely swap the racing components contained in the recent Gurney version to the three other Greenlight "Tribute" Trans Am Mustangs. Clearly, mine will only pass the 10 feet away test; yours, however will pass Tech Inspection at the next SVRA race weekend.