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  1. My deepest condolences for your loss, Vince.
  2. Bill, I'm seeing the '68 for the first time here. What a sweet looking Vette you've built!
  3. I like this idea. Those resin bodies are reasonably priced, making them ideal bases for kitbash projects. I may break out the black Sharpie and the Dremel just to see what happens.
  4. Ah, I didn't know that about the Jo-Han Cutlass interior. I have a complete '75 promo that was planned as a GM-Shoulda 442. perhaps a shift to a light restomod build is in order. As a die hard Mopar guy, I can't fault you at all for choosing the Duster over the Olds 😀
  5. Bill, I'm with you a hundred percent on both the Grand Am car and kit. The example in the photo is such a cool looking car. Imagine a Grand Am with a full performance package and a 455 under the hood! If only...
  6. Tim, thanks for you thoughts and the pertinent info. My first car was a '75 Century, giving me a strong bias toward '73 to '77 GM A Bodies. I recently saw a Missing Link Chevelle for sale on Facebook, I think. Asking price was $499.00.😲 I hope Kevin can cast up a new batch soon, if possible.
  7. Tim, does this car fall within the spirit of your list? This is the look everyone copied for their own GM A bodies back in the day. I would very much enjoy having a styrene kit of this Chevelle.
  8. The Missing Link waiting list is a list I like to be on. I was on the Cutlass list and got what I ordered when it was promised. Thanks Kevin!
  9. Model Car World offers several resin trans kits of various '60's Impalas and Biscaynes. Each trans kit uses a readily available Impala kit as a donor base.
  10. Hey Dann! This came today, a total impulse buy. I ordered it before happening upon this thread. What you are doing is inspiring, yet I don't feel ready to dive into mine. In any case, I'm enjoying your progress and fine work.
  11. Consider these for a wheel option... https://www.shapeways.com/product/7EFYMEX76/1-25-mopar-police-car-wheels?optionId=65026046
  12. Hey there NJ, Is there any chance you could produce a decal sheet for the AMT Dodge Ram 2500/3500 snappers and promos? Something along the lines of the outstanding Chevy C/K series set you produce?
  13. We think along similar lines, Mr. Snake. The color is Natural Green Pearl. Upper left of posted image.
  14. Tamiya, Duplicolor, Testors, PlastiKote. I use these for the fine spray pattern and short dry time. All of these have a wide recoat time, so I never worry about lifting when using these products. Walmart Homeshades gray works well, if you follow the recoat times as indicated in the directions.
  15. Can someone address how Tamiya Polyester Putty compares to Bondo Professional? I have used Tamiya Polyester Putty several times and have found the mix ratio to be very forgiving. There have been no setting problems despite my inability to have a consistent mix ratio. (In my estimation). I have not had good results previously, using automotive polyester putties on real cars (not models). I tend to mix the stuff wrong and it kicks way too early. No such problems have appeared with the Tamiya putty on plastic and resin models. How do these products compare in mix ratio latitude? I generally mix batches the size of a pencil eraser, as an indicator of my usage.
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