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  1. Hey there NJ, Is there any chance you could produce a decal sheet for the AMT Dodge Ram 2500/3500 snappers and promos? Something along the lines of the outstanding Chevy C/K series set you produce?
  2. We think along similar lines, Mr. Snake. The color is Natural Green Pearl. Upper left of posted image.
  3. Tamiya, Duplicolor, Testors, PlastiKote. I use these for the fine spray pattern and short dry time. All of these have a wide recoat time, so I never worry about lifting when using these products. Walmart Homeshades gray works well, if you follow the recoat times as indicated in the directions.
  4. Can someone address how Tamiya Polyester Putty compares to Bondo Professional? I have used Tamiya Polyester Putty several times and have found the mix ratio to be very forgiving. There have been no setting problems despite my inability to have a consistent mix ratio. (In my estimation). I have not had good results previously, using automotive polyester putties on real cars (not models). I tend to mix the stuff wrong and it kicks way too early. No such problems have appeared with the Tamiya putty on plastic and resin models. How do these products compare in mix ratio latitude? I generally mix batches the size of a pencil eraser, as an indicator of my usage.
  5. Sheer artistry and inspired thinking. Always a thrill to view your creations, sir.
  6. Forward Resin Salt Flat wheels; Baby Moons and steelies from Deckoco; Wheels from Steven Zimmerman aka The Zman on Facebook;
  7. It never occurred to me that a modern diecast's tires would cause this age-old problem. However, upon examining my Welly 2005 GTO today, I found it stuck fast to the case bottom. The case floor is what I assume to be clear acrylic that now has tread shaped divots melted into it. The tires themselves were undamaged. I thought I would give a heads up as something to be aware of. Below is the case I have.
  8. I ordered and received a wheel/tire combo from Modelhaus Tires. They are copies of the tires/wheels found on the AMT '93 Chevy 3500 Dually/Doolie. The wheels are excellent castings, and the tires are nothing short of jewels. My experience was wholly positive and I recommend doing business with Modelhaus Tires. My apologies for the photo quality, but the tire detail is plainly visible at least.
  9. Finally, the '69 Chevelle hardtop. That and some replacement taillights from Missing Link will have me quite happy.
  10. I've been very pleased with the products and service from Morgan Automotive Detail. Kris Morgan is a member here, so you can PM him that way.
  11. I think you are referring to t.m. resin. https://www.ebay.com/usr/t.m.resin It's not unusual for him to stop selling for a period of time and then continue. Keep watching, he will most likely be back.
  12. Great job on the Skyline! I think it looks just right. Gojira looks ready to rampage through the streets
  13. A very well done Skyline. The Hobby Design wheels are a superb addition and look very authentic.
  14. That is beautiful. The wheels and tires are a fantastic upgrade. Well done.
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