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  1. Pretty sweet machine! Are those Gabriel Hi-Jackers I see under there?🙂
  2. Nicely done! Your Camaro looks quite authentic. The kit itself exceeds my expectations as well.
  3. I really like the look of this GTX. As written above, it has a 1980's street machine feel to it. Nicely done!
  4. Yes, definitely a loss. I had hoped to pick up some narrow width masking tape. It was out of stock everywhere I searched. Back to the old razor blade and glass plate for me 🙂.
  5. According to Google, Line-O-Tape is "Permanently Closed ". You may consider stockpiling should you have a preferred product.
  6. I couldn't remember Michael's name for the life of me. Thanks for that.
  7. Awesome! Those Keystones are spot on! Nice job integrating the LT5. I like the stock appearance combined with the surprise under the hood.
  8. Happy 3/27! I nearly forgot. 🙂

  9. Matt, I measured 2.7 inches where the gray dots in the photo are. Is this what you needed? LMK.
  10. The first (oldest) product has the Methyl Isobutyl Ketone. The current Extreme Lacquer has the MIBK removed.
  11. Your truck is absolutely great! A unique subject that's so well executed.
  12. Check out 3dscaleparts.com. There are several 1:12th scale wheel and tire sets listed there (slicks and fronts ).
  13. Brian, I went with a 3d printed grille to replace the clunky-looking (my opinion) kit parts. Just a suggestion.
  14. K&S Metals offers 1/16" diameter (.062) music wire, the standard diameter for kit axles. Found at hobby shops and many hardware stores. K&S 1/16" brass rod will do in a pinch,and cuts easier than steel music wire.
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