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  1. While the factory chimney is having the brickwork attended to, there was some further progress made with the scene in the office of Osmond Rivers...... the man himself is standing at the window, where he can enjoy the early morning sunshine, before he begins the day's work. On the desk behind him there is a large black telephone, an elegant Tiffany desk lamp, a blue book and some papers. I have now added an ashtray, in which a lighted cigarette emits a thin wisp of smoke. Also, there is a fine Hepplewhite chair, waiting for Mr Rivers to take up his position at the desk in order to deal with the important business matters of the day ahead. Here in the calm sanctity of his private office, Mr Rivers can observe the subtle blend of the warm sunlight streaming in through the Georgian windows, and the soft amber glow from the desk lamp, as his cigarette smoke drifts slowly upwards........ casting long dark shadows over the wall behind. David
  2. Nice selection of completed dioramas, Steve....... and my favourite is the Duel movie chase scene. David
  3. Excellent work on those figures, Charles....... and your distinctive trademark style with the rusted pickup also. How do you get so much going on, with this amount of detail and in such a small space? With me, I seem to need a really large diorama, in terms of actual surface area. David
  4. The industrial chimney that I had ordered, arrived in the post yesterday. This is a 1:43 scale solid resin cast chimney that is supplied unpainted. During today I measured and cut out the hole in the factory roof, where the chimney has to be lowered through. The chimney stands on the baseboard, or on the factory floor to be more accurate. Tomorrow, I need to paint the chimney, which will be aerosol red primer with grey detailing applied with a brush. Measurements of the resin chimney are 380 mm in total height, while the diameter is 46 mm at the base, and 28 mm at the cap. All of the old reference photographs for the Hooper & Co. Acton factory on Western Avenue in London around 1959 show an industrial chimney behind the factory units, and over to the left. This is the sort of detail that I wanted to recreate as accurately as possible. As always, thanks for looking, guys...... David
  5. The second sash window is ready, and now fitted to the upper floor on the Bennet Street side of the Hooper showroom building. Setting up the lighting gantry provides natural daylight through the newly fitted window. The camera is positioned at the first of the new windows, which is on the St James's Street side of the building, and from this location these are some of the photos taken of the interior. Osmond Rivers, the chief designer and managing director, is standing at the desk in his office, up on the second floor. There is a blue tinge to the light from the window panes, which contrasts nicely with the orange glow from the desk lamp. This is where Mr Rivers spends his time talking to wealth clients on the telephone, and also where he would meet them in person when they visited Hooper's to view a Rolls-Royce motor car. David
  6. What a find, Pat !..... The moss is perfect for your backyard diorama. That is some serious snow you have there in Ontario...... we have only a small amount this morning. David
  7. Thanks, Paul..... always seeking more realism ! David
  8. Here are some interesting black & white photos, taken near to the side entrance of the Hooper & Co factory, and showing a few vehicles, also in 1:43 scale. Shortly, there will be some further photos taken inside the factory, which will explore the possibilities provided by the daylight streaming in through the factory roof skylights. David
  9. You are doing a great job on this Austin Healey, Lee....... and this is an old Revell kit that I would like to get hold of, especially now that I have seen your topic ! David
  10. I am quite pleased with the window, Pat..........and as you can see, there are 12 windows on the front of the building, as well as 12 more windows along the side of the building. Somehow, I have a feeling that not all 24 window frames will be replaced, and it's not fair on the workmen who need to be paid danger money! Like you, I try to avoid going up any ladders. David
  11. Having 3D-printed the Georgian sash window to scale, I gave the three parts a coat of Humbrol gloss white enamel and then set about cutting out one of the window openings on the second floor of the 1:24 scale Hooper showroom building. Fitted the new window, second one from the left, three floors up. The window looks quite good with the lower half raised part way, and I had the idea to send a workman up there on a ladder, to get on with the job. He was joined later by a second workman, and the window fitting dragged on into the evening. As darkness fell, these two chaps carried on working, while precariously balanced on the top edge of the bay window below. "It's a long way down, Harry...... Don't look down, Bill..... let's get this job done!" David
  12. Thanks for posting this link, Bill...... and we can all learn a great deal from the great man himself. David
  13. Thanks, Pat...... and I think once the roof structure is in place, along with the workbenches and other factory materials, the light and shadow effects should create a suitable atmosphere. The roof structure will be made up of open web trusses, H-section beams and vertical round posts. I have 3D-printed those industrial lamps, and also put together some lengths of timber. There will be a few car bodies and factory workers scattered around. The reference photos of the actual factory in the late 1950's are proving to be really useful. I particularly like the daylight streaming in through the roof skylights, and I might try putting some lighting bulbs inside the industrial lamps later. David
  14. This just looks exactly like what you would expect to find behind the shop, Pat...... and I really like it ! David
  15. While I am waiting for the two Ebay deliveries of the Plastruct trusses and girders, no construction work is going on at the moment, but I have used aerosol grey primer on the internal surfaces of the factory extension. Also, I have tested a few different camera angles, along with some different lighting configurations to see what might be possible once I get everything set up as I want it. The B&W photos cannot distinguish between red and grey, so the red factory floor blends in with the grey primer ceilings and walls anyway. The 1955 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I is the Truescale model, which is easily the most accurate 1:43 scale diecast version of the car that I have. Here are a few photos showing various scenarios within this part of the Hooper & Co. diorama.... David
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