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  1. Oak Barrels Whiskey Club

    I don't think it is so much the size of the sign, Yordan..... my feeling is that the problem might be the font. Somehow I think the lettering should be a different type of font. You could try different lettering styles in Microsoft Word or similar, by inserting the same words into the same size sign? Then if you find one that works, you can burn it into the real sign with the soldering iron. David
  2. Oak Barrels Whiskey Club

    The frontage of your building has a very realistic look to it now. Interesting that you have tried a vintage filter on the photo, which is a heavy sepia filter. I have tried sepia filters on some of my photos, and also I sometimes set my camera to black & white mode. The filtered photos can look really authentic for the period feel, but it's nice to be able to see the colour version also. Your diorama has some marvellous colours, which of course don't show up in the sepia version. I find that black & white photographs for my 1958 diorama, and now the 1959 diorama produce a nice effect because most of the photographs you see of the original buildings of that time would have been black & white in any case. You could experiment with a more subtle sepia filter that is not so heavy..... ? David
  3. Oak Barrels Whiskey Club

    I like the frames and the panels on those upper windows. David
  4. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Fabricating the six window panels and fitting them into the bay window frame structure turned out to be quite difficult, as I expected it to be. Anyway, the windows are in place. The Royal crest has been added to the top of the upper bay window board and this will look better once the textured white acrylic gesso blends in around the crest and the filled joints. Some of these photos show the King George V Daimler Double-Six from inside the showrooms of the building. The figure of the man standing in front of the bay window gives some idea of the size and proportions of the structure. David
  5. Oak Barrels Whiskey Club

    I was also intimidated by the airbrush at first, and I was scared to use it, but once you try it you will find it quite straightforward really. The airbrushed paint dries to a flat matt finish also. Airbrushing is an acquired skill and just needs a bit of practice to build up your confidence. You could airbrush kit parts but of course you cannot airbrush the diecast car, not without masking off everything which would be difficult. David
  6. Oak Barrels Whiskey Club

    Yordan..... you were asking earlier how to make the paint finish of your diecast model vehicle flat..... I have two suggestions, one is that you could use clear matt varnish over the existing paint finish if you want to keep it the same colour, or you could use Revell Aqua Color to paint the model in any colour you like, which dries to a matt flat finish. ( I usually give the car body a coat of Yacht Varnish over the Revell Aqua Colour to produce a high gloss shine ). David
  7. Oak Barrels Whiskey Club

    Yes Yordan, I noticed the title of your topic is ' Oak Barrels ' and the sign says ' Oak Barrel ' but I didn't want to criticise your spelling! That is why the wording of my comment was to use what I could see on the sign itself..... hoping you would notice the difference. David
  8. Oak Barrels Whiskey Club

    The slatted roofing above the wall water fountain is a nice feature, especially the way it casts the shadows. I see the ' Oak Barrel Whiskey Club ' sign is ready to go up. David
  9. Oak Barrels Whiskey Club

    Oh yes.... I am liking that door a lot, and the wall water fountain is extremely realistic. That is the sort of level I need to get to. When I look at both of my dioramas, there is very little in the way of weathering or ageing really. I tend to assemble some part of the building and paint it, but then I don't go on to add the kind of textures that you are using. This means that most of my diorama is going to look too ' new ', while I am aware that what is needed is for most of the scene to look OLD. You see, I can learn from you, and others like you. David
  10. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Thanks Yordan and you are already at the same level with your three dioramas..... you have clearly made some serious progress with your work so far. The sky is the limit for us! David
  11. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Yes Yordan, the 1:24 scale Hooper & Co (Coachbuilders) Limited 1958 diorama was exhibited for three days at an International event in England during June 2018. This was the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club Annual Rally, which is held at Burghley House in Stamford and it is the biggest gathering of Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars from all over the world. The event attracts over 2,000 of the finest motor cars dating right back to the 1920's, and even the original Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost from 1907. My diorama was on show in the largest marquee where the The Hunt House have their headquarters, so this was a prime location for my very first exhibit. I am waiting for confirmation that my double diorama is to be booked into this year's event at the same location. My intention is to display the 1:43 scale diorama that is currently under construction directly alongside the larger 1:24 scale model, side by side. David
  12. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Much work has been done with the construction of the bay window structure for the 1:43 scale building, and today this was assembled at the front of the Hooper building. Foamboard has been used, also four wooden posts and balsa wood. The joints where the boards don't meet will have filler applied shortly, and then I can add sign writing, textured white gesso paint and six individual window panes. The L-shaped paving can slide under the ground floor bay window, just like the 1:24 scale building, so the whole building can be removed from the baseboard for transportation. Alongside the smallest model car, which is the 1932 Austin 7 RN Saloon, you can see the largest model car which is the 1928 Daimler Double-Six King George V Brougham. Following the arrival of some excellent warm white LED lighting, I have ordered four street lamps in 1:43 scale O-gauge, and also eight bicycles from the same model railway supplier. The roof will be hot glued to the building very shortly, and the AK Asphalt textured material will be applied to the streets, once the zebra crossing has been put in place. Thanks for looking at my work in progress, which I am enjoying immensely. David
  13. Oak Barrels Whiskey Club

    Yordan..... the exposed stonework around the doors and windows is just brilliant ! - Your 5-step technique, on top of what you have already done, is something I shall make a note of for reference so thanks for that. This is diorama scale model building at it's best and I understand how enjoyable this creative work is. The end result is extremely satisfying when you get it right. David
  14. Another '69 Foose Camaro

    You have made a really nice job of building that Camaro, Doug and I do like your choice of paint colour also. Actually, I like the Foose Cadillac Eldorado, which I don't think is available in 1:12 scale, only 1:25 scale. My builds are '50's British and European cars in 1:24 scale, but I keep looking at the American cars that I find very interesting, again the 1950's period in particular. David
  15. Your favorite manufacturer of 1/24 kits

    I would say Tamiya is best for the Jaguar MK II and Morgan 4/4 in particular; Heller are best for unusual cars that are not available from other manufacturers, such as Talbot Lago, Delahaye and Citroen; Revell I do like also for the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II, which was also done by Minicraft and others. The best kit I have ever made has to be the Revell London Routemaster Bus kit, which at nearly 400 parts and comes in a box that is so large it will frighten the life out of you, is incredible value even at twice the price I paid. Other builds have included Aoshima, Italeri, Monogram, Emhar and SMER....Having said all that..... my favourite kit manufacturer is hard to choose, but I must say EMHAR is by far the best, as long as you like old Bedford trucks and don't mind paying quite a high price. David