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  1. The whole workshop setting comes alive in natural daylight...... and just as you do, Bill, my dioramas are very much like miniature film sets to allow the model cars to appear as real as possible when photographed carefully. Well done with this project of yours! David
  2. Thanks, Pat...... that sounds like a very reasonable explanation. David
  3. Just one question, Pat...... have you noticed the number of views of your topic rising by large amounts, on a daily basis? The only reason I ask, is that since the design and layout of the Forum was updated I have observed increasingly large numbers of views, while there are much less comments on my topic..... in fact, hardly any. The correlation of views to comments does not seem right to me. I would seriously question how valid the number of views registering is actually being calculated. Of course, I may be wrong, and maybe I am just getting paranoid? Not all members keep a daily record of views for their topic, so perhaps that makes me a sad old man ! David
  4. Excellent garage diorama, Bill...... loads of detail to observe for the viewer. This one of yours is approaching completion, as you say........ whereas my project continues as a never ending work in progress. I can see that you must have really enjoyed constructing the diorama, and I do wonder where you might go with your next project? David
  5. Yesterday I made a base for the 1:43 scale Shell fuel pump, by using some card paving material and laminated several layers together with PVA adhesive. This was left to dry overnight, with heavy books to keep it flat. Trimmed the edges of the paving today, then used a grey Sharpie to colour the white exposed edges of the card and cut the corners into a slight curve. Here are a couple of photos that show the petrol pump on the base, just in front of the Little Chef restaurant building. There is a 1:43 scale Ford Cortina MK I by Minichamps, and also the metal figure of a man in a long brown coat, who appears to be about to serve petrol. The background image of summer clouds is quite an improvement on a plain white background. David
  6. Absolutely brilliant work you are doing here, Bill...... just a word of caution on the subject of foamboard. You may be aware of this already, but I put on an exhibition of my Hooper & Co dioramas at a Rolls-Royce venue last year, and it was inside a marquee during mid to late June.... the humidity was so great that my foamboard backing boards warped terribly, and gradually the displayed project tried to self destruct before the very eyes of visitors. You might not be too worried about this humidity factor, in which case please disregard my ramblings! David
  7. Picked up a large sheet of Foamex board, which is a plastic product and 3 mm thickness, and also a high quality scenic photo image of a summer sky. The summer sky backscene was nicely rolled up in a tube, and came with a large sheet of instructions. There are three ways of mounting this scenic photo image onto the Foamex board, it can be glued in place with spray adhesive, or you can use double-sided tape, or if you are very confident you can peel off the backing film and let the self adhesive backing do the job. The instructions warned that this self adhesive is very strong, and if you are unsure don't use this method. I could see that method going badly for me, so I used double-sided tape which I am comfortable with. Using the whole of the kitchen table, which is the only flat surface big enough in our house, the mounting procedure went well. Backscene is in place behind the 1:43 scale dioramas and looks pretty good. David
  8. I am extremely surprised to see that it is even possible to get a London bus into the driveway of an average British semi-detached house of that type. A friend of mine who produces patterns for the moulding and casting of small scale bus models in resin, commented that this man's neighbours are probably not too pleased about having a huge bus in the drive next door! David
  9. The 1:43 scale AEC Regent RT London Bus by IXO did not have any advertising banners on the bodywork, so I have sourced some adverts from a local supplier. These are cut out from a sheet of quality paper, and they have a self-adhesive backing to them. The model bus has the registration number plate KYY 628 and here are some photos of the real bus...... the owner is David Arnold, and one of these photos shows the bus parked in the driveway of his house. This model bus adds a great deal of realism to the diorama setting, both for the factory diorama and also the terraced houses diorama, all in 1:43 scale. David
  10. The new petrol pump that arrived today is better than the one that I had already, it is shorter in height, and it is British rather than American. The taller petrol pump is diecast, whereas this shorter one is either resin or plastic ( resin I think ). Few photos attached that show the new petrol pump near to the Little Chef building, also alongside the taller one, and how it looks inside the petrol pump stand . Some further photos of different cars next to the pump. David
  11. Having placed the Little Chef restaurant building on the grey painted baseboard extension, I am now working on the cobbled road and pavements, over to the far left of the diorama. This road surface will extend Duke's Road by about 11 inches, with the Little Chef immediately to the right of the new road section. A friend of mine who is a model builder and pattern designer, pointed out that maybe the office staff who worked at the Rolls-Royce factory across the road might have gone to the Little Chef for their lunch breaks. Usually, I think a factory such as Hooper's would have had a canteen for the workers. David
  12. The Little Chef building has been brought to the diorama table, and a piece of MDF sheet has been cut to size, coated with primer and painted with grey emulsion. This extension baseboard has to line up flush with the other two diorama baseboards, using blocks of wood because the window shelf is higher than my worktop surface. Later, when the dioramas are on an exhibition table, the blocks will not be necessary. The entrance to the car park is through the white five bar gate, and the car park now extends to the right of the Little Chef building. Need to put the signboards in place, and also add some cobbled road surface with pavements, to extend Duke's Road which runs between the factory and the terraced houses. Today I added a few cars and figures to see how the proportions look in photos. David
  13. Thanks a lot, Eric..... and I quite understand that many members are not checking in as often as previously, due to the current situation in the world. I really do appreciate any interest in my project, and all comments are very welcome...... the whole process of posting on MCM forums and the interaction between model builders is extremely important in my view. Hope you are keeping well yourself. David
  14. Fascinating story, Don..... and apparently W.O.'s wife divorced him around the same time as he was asked to return his personal 8 litre Bentley.... the Rolls-Royce company stepped in to take over the financially struggling Bentley firm, as they regarded the 8 litre model to be a threat to the sales of their Phantom II model. David
  15. You are absolutely correct about the registration number, Don....... W.O. Bentley's car was indeed GK 706, and something else is different about the model that I have. The paint colour of GK 706 was until recently green and black, but a current owner has discovered that the original colour of the car was all black. This owner intended to restore the car back to it's original black paintwork. David
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