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  1. Very nice job on the vinyl roof, Gareth...... and I really like these Pontiacs from around the 1965 - 1968 period. Many years ago I used to own a Canadian 1968 Pontiac Parisienne as a 1:1 car, and during this past year I built a 1:25 scale version of the car, which also had a vinyl roof. The Parisienne was 4-door and had a brown vinyl roof over a pale yellow body colour. Did you use Halfords Rubberised Black aerosol to do your roof, may I ask? I had to use a resin cast Pontiac Bonneville 4-door kit from United States, because there was never a kit produced for the Parisienne version of this car. David
  2. The end panel looks really good from the inside, Pat......... you seem to be well organised at this early stage! David
  3. Okay, thank you Michael......... but I am not the only member who is noticing a total lack of feedback on our topics, and the number of views increasing at a huge rate. Thanks for your response, and I kind of understand ( sort of ) ! David
  4. I forgot to mention in my post just now..... there are lots of very old topics being commented on, as Wayne pointed out, so a topic that hasn't had a comment for many years suddenly gets a comment..... such as " awesome diorama " or " very nice job ". Completely random comment, out of nowhere ? David
  5. I am glad that you have raised this question, Wayne....... because something has been puzzling me for some time now. I used to get regular comments almost every day, and my long running topic in Dioramas (WIP) was steadily increasing as regards the number of views. Then, when the format of the forums changed...... suddenly I am getting hardly any comments at all, and the number of views is increasing at a huge rate. There can be 50 - 100 views per day, every day..... but no comments at all. Thought it was just me, so I didn't say anything ! David
  6. Having built an MG K3 Magnette sports car from the 1930's in 1:24 scale, I am now building a 1:32 scale Airfix 1933 MG K3 Magnette, to compliment the 1:32 and 1:35 figures in the dioramas. The 1:24 scale version of the MG was by Finescale Auto Kits and is a white metal kit. Here are a few photos showing both versions of this model car. One photo shows the 1:32 scale MG chassis alongside the 1:24 scale chassis. Also, there are a couple of photos that show the difference between the 1:32 male driver figure that is included in the Airfix kit, and the 1:35 scale Miniart female driver figure. I have this feeling that the lady figure will fit better into the smaller scale MG, and the slightly larger gentleman figure will be more suitable for the Rolls-Royce Phantom I model, which is also 1:32 scale. David
  7. Of course, Tom....... only the best is good enough! David
  8. The garage diorama that I just completed, in 1:43 scale is 12" x 36" x 9" David
  9. Good start, Pat...... and this ' Behind the Shop ' diorama base looks a good size too. Looking forward to seeing your progress with this one. David
  10. Oh I see..... this is what happened to my terraced houses diorama in 1:43 scale, which expanded into a second diorama, the factory. Dioramas that are a work in progress are continuously evolving. David
  11. A " behind the shop " scene such as you suggest would work, Pat...... because you can turn your whole diorama model around to show the back of the shop, I guess? David
  12. Working on the assembly and painting of some 1:35 scale street accessories, including a street lamp, a park bench, a couple of bollards and a clock. These are some really nice products by the Miniart company, which is in Ukraine....... These kits fit together well, and I like the quality of the plastic, which seems to file smoother than many leading brands that produce plastic kits. There are many unusual subjects in the Miniart range and this is one reason why I am trying to mix up the scales a little bit, as I haven't dabbled in 1:35 scale previously. The ICM company is also from Ukraine, and they do produce some 1:35 scale model car kits, but these are mostly German staff cars from WWII. Early next week I am expecting delivery of four more 1:35 figures by Miniart, and these are Auto Travellers from the 1930 - 1940 period. David
  13. Excellent detail, David........ especially the handles on the oil pails ! The whole model is nicely done. David
  14. Yes, Pat..... we can all learn such a lot and be inspired by the work of the brilliant Michael Paul Smith........ You will find the process of setting up one of your dioramas somewhere in town a truly fascinating experience. All sorts of possibilities are open to you, in terms of background buildings, trees, roads and of course the sky. Although at first it is a bit tricky to get the angles right, and also the distance, you will naturally arrive at the best configuration I am sure. Some people, and Michael was a classic example of this, do seem to have more of a feeling for the photography. Even using a very basic ' cheap ' digital camera you can achieve some wonderful shots. As you know, it is all about trial and error, and very often I only get maybe 3 interesting photos out of 100 photos taken in a single photo shoot. By interesting, I mean those shots that come anything like close to achieving that magical realistic effect that we are constantly searching for. All the time and effort is well worth it, when you do come up with a successful image. David
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