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  1. The figure in the hat and long coat that appears in the previous photos with the Lincoln is of course Henry Ford, but I am only using this figure to show the size of the car. I have been looking for a 1:24 scale figure of a CIA agent, who could be George Hickey, but so far I couldn't find anything available from the American Diorama range of products . . . There was an agent figure on the Shapeways website, but it was rather expensive, especially when you include shipping costs from The Netherlands to UK. What I need is a figure of a man wearing a black suit, white shirt, black tie, no hat, and not carrying a weapon. David
  2. Thanks David, and the build is already in the ' Under Glass ' section as a completed build ! The Opalescent Silver Blue seems to suit this Jaguar really well. David W.
  3. Well Peter . . . I am pleased to hear that my build of the Jaguar 420 inspired you to tackle this one. My kit did have issues, which included the front end sink marks and also one lower side edge ( sill ) was a bit messy ( left hand side or nearside as we say in England ). The distortion was not as bad as yours on my kit. I would recommend that you try contacting Hornby, because I found them to be very helpful . . . They call themselves ' Airfix Spares Team ', which comes under Hornby, and they were very quick to respond. In fact, they sent a missing part to me in the post, which never arrived due to our random postal service, and the Airfix people even sent me the part a second time and free of charge, which I did receive. You could also try the hot water restoration maybe, while you are waiting for the replacement body shell to arrive in the post from England ? THis is not an easy build Peter, but I would say it is quite rewarding when you eventually complete the build ! David
  4. The inside of the diorama box has been given a coating of grey primer spray paint, and a sheet of hardboard has been added for the base, which also has a coating of grey primer. I have glued a length of wooden dowel to the back wall, which I painted a different shade of grey, and this represents a metal pipe. While the hardboard base was drying outside today there was a rain shower, which caused a mottled ' stone ' effect to appear on the grey paint before it was fully dry. Quite by accident, this effect is rather interesting ! Here are a few photos to show the improvements made so far. David
  5. Thanks Paul . . . We shall see where this one takes me ! David
  6. This is my idea for a diorama scene, which centres around the 1961 Lincoln Continental limousine as used by President John F. Kennedy for the motorcade in Dallas . . . The JFK lead parade car, code number SS-100-X, license plate GG 300, and the follow up car number 679-X, arrived by aircraft at Love Field airport close to Dallas, on Thursday 21st November 1963. Both cars were then driven to a garage beneath the main terminal building, where they were kept overnight in secure parking. All of the Secret Service agents, apart from George Hickey went off to the strip clubs until the early hours of next morning. Hickey was responsible for washing the cars, checking oil and water, and making sure there were no suspicious devices attached to the cars. John and Jackie Kennedy would arrive at the same airport aboard Air Force One, next morning, and travel by motorcade to downtown Dallas. The lead car was a 1961 Lincoln Continental, and the follow up car was a 1956 Cadillac. I intend to build an underground garage scene, with only one car (100-X), a bucket with a sponge and a chamois leather, and one figure which is an agent in a black suit, white shirt, black tie and sunglasses, no hat. The time of day is dawn on Friday 22nd November 1963, with sunlight coming into the garage from a roof window, and the agent is standing next to the bucket and the Lincoln. The title of this diorama will be ' Washed . . . and Ready to Go ' Hickey would later travel in the follow up car, while at some point picking up an AR-15 rifle. According to agent Kellerman, the AR-15 was lying on the floor of the follow up car, loaded, safety catch off and ready to go. I am using the 1:24 scale diecast Lincoln Continental as produced by Yat Ming, and in my opinion it would heve been too obvious to depict the actual shooting of the President on Dealey Plaza, on that tragic day of Friday 22nd November 1963. This diorama of mine will show the Midnight Blue Lincoln limousine waiting overnight in the underground garage, and specifically after being washed by George Hickey just a few hours before the car was to lead the motorcade. Naturally, I have carried out a huge amount of research into what happened 59 years ago, inluding close examination of the many conspiracy theories of course. Like most people, I do have my own thoughts about who might have been responsible for the murder of JFK . . . but we may never know for sure who orchestrated the whole series of events that day. Here are a few early photos of my preparation for this next diorama. David
  7. Thanks Larry . . . and I still have a second 1:24 Jaguar MK 2 in the box to build sometime (Tamiya). David
  8. Thanks, Robert . . . Ken's Pontiac Bonneville model is a 2-door car of course, whereas the Parisienne was a 4-door car. David
  9. Very nice 1965 Pontiac Bonneville, Ken . . . That is a superb paint colour, and this model of yours photographs really well. I love Pontiacs actually . . . I used to own a 1:1 full size 1968 Pontiac Parisienne, which was a RHD car from Canada and a dream to drive in the UK. Sorry about the poor quality of the photo ! David
  10. Thanks for the compliment, R. Scott Aho . . . I tend to specialise in scale model Rolls-Royce cars, but I enjoyed building these Jaguars. David
  11. Thank you Carl . . . Your comment is much appreciated ! David
  12. Thanks Trevor . . . The front end of the Jaguar 420, and also the 420G were nicely done, and indeed the Mk 2 was also pleasing to the eye. David
  13. Nicely built Ford Anglia 105E, Bill . . . The rust is in exactly the right places too ! David
  14. Okay, sorry Bill . . . I just found the page on Shapeways here : http://Okay, sorry Noel . . . I just found the page on Shapeways here : https://www.shapeways.com/product/3NY4QZJND/prisoner-lotus-7-tk?optionId=207755929&li=marketplace Thanks, David
  15. Sorry I meant to say Bill (not Noel) Confused from England !
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