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  1. Hooper & Co Diorama

    The Hooper & Co diorama is now on display at the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club Annual Rally at Burghley House, Stamford. Thursday 21st June was the longest day, setting up everything before the show. Friday 22nd June was the first day of the three event days. Here are a few photos of progress so far. David
  2. Truck Axle Service Vignette

    Absolutely brilliant detail Charles, and what a perfect way to make use of parts that would just sit in boxes and probably never get used. Good luck with the GGG exhibition in Sweden when you go there. David
  3. Hertsi`s Garage *wip*

    Nice bit of 3D printing there Janne, and that is something that I find interesting for creating scale model parts. That Marshall guitar amp is photographed very close up, so from a distance when someone views your diorama the finer detail will not be so obvious, including any minor painting errors! David
  4. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Thank you Jay.... pleased to hear that you like my diorama and the scale model motor cars. I just have time for a few finishing touches to the Fred Astaire Phantom I and then the entire project gets transported to the big show in a few days time. Although I do have several kits that I would like to build and these would have looked great in the exhibition, time has run out and what's done is done! David
  5. Hooper & Co Diorama

    The Fred Astaire Phantom I is seen here alongside the 1886 Daimler-Benz carriage, resplendent in the first floor showroom of Hooper & Co. There are also a couple of shots of the brown steering wheel having been changed to the correct black finish. Apologies for the scale of the Daimler-Benz carriage, because I have to admit that this is actually a 1:16 scale model from Minicraft. Despite extensive searches I could not find a 1:24 scale carriage of any sort to fit my diorama. David
  6. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Thanks Pat..... oh yes, Mr Astaire certainly had the financial resources to do things in style! Every part of this 1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom I shows his attention to detail, even down to the flowers inside the passenger compartment and the contents of the Louis Vuitton luggage trunk. I am hoping my scale model of this famous motor car will do it justice, once it is completed with the fine detailing. David
  7. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Here are some photographs of the Fred Astaire Phantom I, which is very close to completion. The only work remaining is further detailing and this may have to wait until after the show at Burghley House in Stamford, which is now only 6 days away. The bulk of the modification work on this build has been the Louis Vuitton luggage trunk, which is entirely scratch built by myself, using a G-scale Preiser luggage case as the starting point. The LV pattern material is printed to scale and the case is painted in yellow ochre acrylic over the existing brown paint. I removed the original black and chrome plastic trunk that was attached to the Franklin Mint diecast model car, made up a balsa wood base for the trunk and fitted the LV trunk on top. The paintwork of this Rolls-Royce is Revell Aqua Color Dark Green and this matt finish is coated with yacht varnish. The wheel covers are from an Italeri Phantom II and at the moment these are standing proud from the wheel rims, when they should be flush. This will be corrected later, but not until after the show. The real car as owned by Fred Astaire does not have bumpers ( fenders ) at the front or the rear, so I have removed both from the model. The rear licence plate is shown in some photos as being on the offside ( RHD ) and some show it on the nearside. I decided to go with YE 9080 and mounted on the left-hand side, nearside. The car had the bodywork crafted by Hooper & Co in London, before being shipped to the United States, where Fred Astaire owned this car from 1927 to 1950 so it is entirely authentic for my diorama setting as part of the Hooper theme. This is the first time that I have dared to modify a Franklin Mint diecast model car and the process has shown me what can be done with these excellent models. I like to think that you can't tell the difference between the Franklin Mint diecast conversion and the built kit in polystyrene of the Phantom II from Italeri also in 1:24 scale. Thanks for looking guys. David
  8. '66 Buick Riviera

    Clean, well turned out build of this Buick, Tom.... really nice colour choice and I do like the design of this car. You must be very proud of this one. David
  9. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Thank you Anders in Denmark and Eric in Michigan....... All the positive comments from the friendly folks here on these forums keep me motivated when the pressure is on. Lots of good advice from scale model builders who really know their stuff is most encouraging, so I do appreciate your interest and your opinions too. Nearly ready to post some photos of the second Fred Astaire motor car when it is completed, which is a 1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Cabriolet de Ville. This car was ordered in England by Fred Astaire when he was performing in London so it is right hand drive, and also the bodywork was by Hooper & Co Ltd as featured in my diorama. The Silver Cloud he owned in 1956 is the one I have built shown below. David
  10. 1934 Ford 5 window coupe

    That is one helluva blue, Jim....... such a rich paint colour.... Wow ! David
  11. The Queen Anne - 1894 , Finished an lit

    What a splendid building Ellen..... I keep coming back to the photographs of your work and seeing even more detail. I love it ! David
  12. Hooper & Co Diorama

    I believe you are right Eric.... that scenario could work, whereby Hooper's staff would arrange for their client's luggage to be taken to the nearby hotel. Brilliant! You could use a set of Preiser luggage like this for your '30 Ford station wagon and I'm sure it would be just fine. Here are a few more photos, showing the new tree in place, some brickwork around two sides of the roof area, a new signage panel at the top of the A2 photo to the left of the Hooper & Co building. Also, there is a woman walking a German Shepherd dog crossing the street near the Keep Left bollards. This is the final phase of the exhibition preparation with only eleven days to go. David
  13. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Glad you like the luggage Eric, and it was a small box of Preiser luggage in G-scale which as you know is 1:22.5 scale, so slightly too large for 1:24 scale. There is a large suitcase inside the boot of the Franklin Mint 1955 Bentley S-Type which is finished in Burgundy over Gold. I selected the other two items of luggage to match the colour of the suitcase. I agree that Henry does look very distinguished, as indeed he must have been in his day. Previously, this mini-diorama within the bigger scene had included the lady in the long evening dress, and one of the five Rolls-Royce Silver Clouds that I have built. I tend to move models around a bit when I am taking photos to establish where things are going to be placed. Although I like the idea of the Bentley or Rolls-Royce pulling up outside the Hooper & Co building where a chauffeur appears to be loading or unloading some baggage for a distinguished owner, I have to keep in mind that this is not a hotel ! Why would a Bentley owner like Henry Ford be arriving at Hoopers with a boot full of luggage? Surely he is not intending to stay overnight at the coach builder's premises? Mr Osmond Rivers, the managing director and chief draughtsman of Hooper & Co would suggest that Mr Ford should seek to book into a high class hotel nearby, of which there are several well known establishments in the Piccadilly and St James's area. Thanks Pat, and I think most of us have fond memories of travelling aboard an old London bus. This is such a traditional element of the whole diorama, along with the London black taxi cab and the Policeman on the beat, the red telephone kiosk and the old Bedford lorry that I had to include these elements within the setting. David
  14. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Hello Eric.... I posted a comment on Pat St-Martin's topic concerning the Rolls-Royce Phantom II engine that he has built so wonderfully. I noticed that you have an interest in this topic of course. Yes, the size of the diorama is trying to grow, but I need to work to the confines of whatever size table the event organisers give me on the day. They did ask me what my requirements are, so I asked for a table that has a minimum size of 5 feet by 4 feet. This would accommodate the diorama that is 36 inches deep by 31 inches wide and 23 inches high, with a space to one side of the diorama that hopefully will be 2 feet 5 inches by 4 feet. Will need a fair amount of space to display the five Rolls-Royce Silver Clouds along with their display cards explaining what each model motor car is about. Shortly, a further diecast model will be arriving, which I am hoping to find time to prepare as Fred Astaire's 1927 Phantom I Cabriolet de Ville in Brewster Green with Black wings ( fenders ? ). This would be alongside Fred Astaire's 1956 Silver Cloud I in Velvet Green over Sage Green. David
  15. Detailing a Rolls Phantom II engine - DONE

    What an excellent topic to post Pat..... this is of special interest to me, as indeed it is to Eric MacLeod. During the early days of building 1:24 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud's, mostly from Minicraft and Revell kits, I removed the later V8 6.2 litre engine as supplied ny Minicraft / Revell and instead used the 6 cylinder inline engine from the Italeri Rolls-Royce Phantom II. The Phantom II engine is actually 7.6 litre and the Silver Cloud had a 4.9 litre engine, so the Italeri kit engine is too tall by comparison. This did not stop me fitting the converted engines to my Silver Cloud builds, usually by cutting away the engine bay floor drastically or even cutting the engine down to size ( not good I know ). Later, I designed my own 4,9 litre 6-cylinder straight six engine using FreeCAD software and uploaded the design to Shapeways. So far I have ordered two of these engines which are available from Shapeways to anyone. Your detailing is of course far superior to my converted Phantom II engines and also much more accurate than my 3D printed engine. I shall follow your topic with great interest and I shall pay attention as though it were a tutorial, as your work is an inspiration to me Pat. This Phantom II engine is well worth the time and effort to reproduce an accurate Rolls-Royce engine and it is unfortunate that the engine does not quite fit under the bonnet /hood of the Silver Cloud. The Franklin Mint diecast Silver Cloud does have quite a nice engine but nowhere near the quality of your build of the Phantom II unit. David