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  1. Vista-ish Mustang wagon

    You are working wonders here Mike.... this is such an interesting project for you and a very tricky conversion I can see that. Looks like the whole idea is coming together as you want it to. Some time soon I am attempting to convert a 1936 Tamiya Toyoda into a 1957 Austin FX3 London Taxi, so I am watching your work in progress and hopefully learning something from your techniques and methods. I shall continue to follow your posts on this fascinating topic. David
  2. Wire wheels needed

    Tamiya Jaguar MK II and also the Tamiya Morgan 4/4 both have the best chrome wire spoked wheels in the WORLD, and they have really nice Dunlop tyres too! They are 15 inch diameter on the 1:1 cars..... David
  3. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Many thanks, Anders.... I am adding a few more figures to the scene and a very interesting new vehicle will be arriving later this week. Watch this space! David
  4. Hooper & Co Diorama

    The desk and telephone has been moved into the ground floor showroom in order to produce some test shots, just to get an impression of this composition. Also, one of three new figures for the diorama has been assembled and painted, this first one being an engineer. These figures are actually from a Henry Ford set and they date from 1913, which is 45 years before the 1958 Hooper & Co building as it is portrayed here. The other two figures will follow shortly, these being a businessman and Henry Ford himself. The figures are produced in Ukraine and they do seem to be of the correct height and proportions, which is more than can be said about the telephone!. David
  5. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Thank you Dennis.... all compliments welcome of course! Glad you like it. David
  6. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Your comments are always very perceptive and also very amusing Eric, so I look forward to each one. Absolutely no scattering of papers on the showroom desk and what is needed is a high standard of tidyness and professionalism. Since I posted the photographs of the empty desk I made two sheets of A4 paper in 1:24 and also a book which is cerulean blue in colour. Now you've set me thinking...... " leather bound portfolio " and " hardcover sales brochure " and " gold lettering "..... this is where I should be going with this. Osmond Rivers, the Managing Director of Hooper & Co (Coachbuilders) Limited ( by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen) is standing beside the showroom desk while speaking to a wealthy lady client who is arranging for some extensive bespoke coach building work to be done on her 1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Cabriolet de Ville. The polished mahogany desk is resplendent on the highly polished crimson wood flooring in one discreet corner of the ground floor showroom, with fine framed paintings on the walls and an imposing vintage clock face that demands attention. The atmosphere in their St James's Street showrooms is somewhere between that of a fine tailor's and the waiting room of a distinguished physician. Better? David
  7. Welcome New Mods!

    Welcome Dan and Mike...... I have found this forum to be the best in the World.... MCM is the best scale model car web site on the Internet.... seriously !!! This is all thanks to the hard working team who created MCM and continue to maintain the forums. Good luck gentlemen and many thanks. David
  8. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Here is a short update because there is a lot of work going on at the moment. The Jaguar MK I build is nearing completion, and today a 1:24 scale old style telephone on a small table arrived in the post. I have built a nice office desk around this piece of dolls house furniture and painted it dark brown, with the telephone at the far corner of the desk. Still need to give the desk a coat or two of yacht varnish to produce a polished high gloss finish and also add brass handles to the drawers of the desk. The telephone is supposed to be 1:24 but it appears to be slightly oversize, so I shall make sure that when the desk is in the corner of the Hooper & Co ground floor showroom, there will be a figure or two in the foreground, which should make the telephone look less out of scale. There will be some papers scattered on top of the desk and I need to find a 1:24 scale chair to go with it. David
  9. Eddie Putera - instagram

    Very interesting work by by this chap, Chris.... which gives us all inspiration of course. David
  10. What kind of car is this

    Yes I am remember this Vauxhall Cresta as a child, and thinking then how American the car looked! The two-tone paint and the whitewall tyres add to this appearance. Quite a nice design I think, even now, and the similarities with the '57 Chevy are there, as others have said on here. David
  11. 1950 Alfa Romeo Alfetta

    What you are doing here Shaun is truly wonderful..... and posting these fascinating photos is the best way to record your progress during the build. All this experience with how to overcome problems and get things right is going to be so valuable to you when you tackle each build in the future. This Alfa is a wonder in itself, and I keep coming back to look again at your work in progress. As you say, this building of scale model cars is so relaxing, and so rewarding too. David
  12. Morgan 4/4

    Morgan chassis and engine looking good MIchael, and good thinking on your part to line up the fuel filler neck because if you wait until the instructions tell you to fit the part...... it will not line up! ( I seem to remember I used a cocktail stick through the hole and made adjustments before the glue set ). The Triumph TR3A sports car kit that Minicraft produced is very basic, so just imagine if Tamiya had produced the TR3A.... David
  13. Pontiac Kit Wanted

    Okay Brian, I am taking note of the '67 Chevrolet Impala SS by AMT, and as you say the current kits are reasonable prices. It is just the shipping cost that is usually an issue for me.... some of the sellers on Ebay for example are asking big bucks for the shipping, especially when they are using USPS priority mail International. David
  14. Pontiac Kit Wanted

    Now that is a positive suggestion Brian, and just looking at your small photo I can see the close resemblance between the '68 Impala 4-door and the 4-door Pontiac Parisienne '68. Thanks for the helpful comment and I shall check out Page Resin on Facebook. Getting hold of a busted up '68 Bonneville kit from junkyard sources is proving to be difficult, but then I did expect this to be the case. I understand that I need to be looking at the '67 Chevy engine and chassis, rather than th '65 Pontiac Grand Prix, as the Parisienne had a Chevy engine apparently. David
  15. 68 Firebird 400

    What an outstanding job you have done here Steve...... this interior detail on your Pontiac Firebird is up there withe best I have seen on this forum. Until someone pointed it out, I had not noticed the key in the ignition.... now that's DETAIL for you ! David