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  1. That is one very nice build of your Mercedes SL 320 Thomas, and the Zero Paints colour is accurate of course. Nice detailing also. Well done ! David
  2. Thanks Tim . . . I have tried this method of applying shoe polish to a matt plastic surface previously, and as you can see, the finish is quite realistic. The front and rear seats have been treated, so now I am working on the detailing of the dashboard and also the picnic tables. David
  3. Yesterday I picked up some KIWI neutral shoe polish, which I have applied to the interior seating of this model, using a cotton bud. Then after allowing a few minutes to dry, the seats were buffed using a microfibre cloth. The leather upholstery effect is quite pleasing to the eye. This is shoe polish over matt grey primer (not sanded). So far, I have treated the rear seat with shoe polish, but not yet the front seats . . . David
  4. Over in the bodyshop at Hooper & Co., the second coat of Rolls-Royce Shell Grey has been applied to the upper body of the Silver Cloud. One of the bodyshop workmen and two of the managers are checking on the progress of the building of this fine motor car. The paint finish at this stage will be allowed to dry and cure for a further five days, before the polishing stage begins. Presently, the lower body is still in black primer, and ready for the top coats of Velvet Green. David
  5. There's an enormous amount of detail in your diorama Steve . . . You have put all this together within a very short time frame, so you have clearly worked hard on this model project. I am sure you will get lots of comments on your topic . . . Well done indeed ! David Watson (England)
  6. I have been quite busy with all sorts of things over the past week, but I am pleased to say that the progress with the Rolls-Royce build is nice and steady. The chrome parts that were airbrushed look really good, and I shall leave these untouched for the full two weeks. I have painted the dashboard in a ' burr walnut ' mix over black primer, and this will be coated with yacht varnish later. The body parts had a final wet sanding with 2000 grit before applying one coat of the Rolls-Royce Shell Grey on the upper body, boot lid and bonnet panels, with the lower body masked off. Following 48 hours drying, the Shell Grey has been wet sanded with 2000 grit, and is now ready for a second coat of Shell Grey . . . This procedure will be repeated for the lower half of the body, in Velvet Green. Probably after around 5 days the body parts will have Tamiya Polishing Compound applied, following the three stage process of Coarse, Fine and Finish grades. I intend to use the wiper arms and blades from a Tamiya kit of the Jaguar MK 2 for the Silver Cloud windscreen. These are nice quality chrome, and appear identical to the Rolls-Royce wipers. Certainly this will be a big improvement on the moulded wipers that were on the Revell body. The Autopaints of Brighton Shell Grey is clearly more accurate than the Zero Paints from Hiroboy, but then I am using an entirely different procedure for applying the paint this time. David
  7. One of the following photos shows the windscreen of the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud from the inside of the body, and this has turned out to be quite a nice fit. All of the grey styrene parts that need to be chromed, now have a coat of Plastikote Black Primer, as well as a coat of Yacht Varnish. The Molotow Liquid Chrome from a 30 ml refill will be applied by airbrush, over the high gloss black surface of the parts. Picked up some Tamiya Polishing Compound on Ebay, which is three 22 ml packs of Coarse, Fine and Finish grades. The polishing compound will be used over the top coats of cellulose paint, which is two-tone Shell Grey (metallic) over Velvet Green. Thanks for reading my posts on this topic guys . . . slow and steady is the way to go here ! David
  8. Harry . . . Sorry to hear that your Mother has passed away, and my Mother has also passed away peacefully during June this Summer. I found that my continued building of scale model cars and dioramas helped me a great deal during this difficult time, so I do understand. The 1:32 Airfix kits are mostly very good, and I am pleased to hear that you found the Alfa Romeo that you wanted. Your work in this small scale is truly inspiring for me . . . I shall keep coming back to read your posts, and study your photos ! David Watson ( England )
  9. After dry sanding the body of the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud with 600 grit, there was a single coat of Halfords white primer applied, followed by wet sanding with 1200 grit. . . I have decided to go with Plastikote black primer from this point onwards, but at this stage it was important to fit the windscreen, which will only be glued in place once all the sanding, masking and painting is completed. The windscreen part is not the one supplied in the Minicraft kit, or the Revell kit. I am using the windscreen from a 1:24 Franklin Mint 1955 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I diecast model car. This seems to be the most accurately proportioned windscreen at my disposal. Several lengthy sessions of filing by hand were necessary to enlarge the opening of the body to allow the Franklin Mint screen to fit properly. While Minicraft and Revell expect you to insert the windscreen from the inside of the body, I am of the opinion that the screen should be inserted from outside the body, just as it would be on the real full size car. Over the next few days there will be further wet sanding of the body parts, including the boot lid and bonnet (hood) panels, and continued application of the Plastikote black primer, with more wet sanding with 2000 grit. The grey styrene parts in the Revell kit that need to be chromed will have a coat of black primer, followed by a coat of yacht varnish brushed on, and then Molotow Liquid Chrome will be airbrushed over the varnish from a 30 ml refill. The liquid chrome pen tends to leave the odd streak here and there, so I shall try airbrushing this time around. David
  10. Nice idea Patrick, and I wasn't even aware that Aoshima produced an estate version of the Subaru Impreza . . . or is it a Legacy ? David
  11. Well, having not posted on this topic since 31st March, so a 6 month break if you like, I am now back on track. Due to various distractions, which included the European tramcar build from the kit produced by Miniart of Kiev in Ukraine, also the JFK Love Field Airport garage diorama, as well as the Airfix Jaguar 420 and the Airfix Triumph Herald, followed by the Hasegawa Suzuki SJ413 Samurai . . . I am now fully committed to the next part of this Hooper & Co. diorama. Previously, I have built and painted seven 1:24 scale Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I model cars. Only one of those cars came close to the level of model building that I am striving for. Now I have started to build the eighth Silver Cloud, and this one is going to be something special. To the best of my ability I am aiming to produce a professional standard model. This time I am following much more detailed and lengthy procedures with regard to the preparation of the body parts before painting, and indeed the paint finish has to be a true representation of what you would expect to see on the full size Rolls-Royce motor car from the 1950's. Already I have taken delivery of the two 400 ml aerosol cans of the custom mixed cellulose paints that are the chosen colours specific to this car, which is a 1958 Silver Cloud registration number VWX 1, and finished in Shell Grey (metallic) over Velvet Green . . . Currently, three different primers are undergoing tests, and these are white primer, grey primer and black primer. The kit that I am using is the 1:24 scale Revell Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II in black styrene. This model car will have pride of place in the Hooper & Co. showroom when it is completed. David
  12. That is an absolutely beautiful build, Chang . . . The paint colours are simply wonderful, and what a combination of two-tone. Your photography and lighting really helps to show the true colours of this model Hudson. I particularly like Moebius kits, having built one 1953 Hudson Hornet, with one more still in the box. You must have enjoyed building this one of yours, and I know I did. The parts in Moebius kits usually fit together extremely well. David
  13. Thanks . . . and here's what happens when they go rusty (near to the sea) . . . Not mine ! David
  14. Oh I see, thank you . . . Presumably if the shore is eroding, as all shores do, the remains of old vehicles will be washed out to sea eventually . . . David
  15. Thanks Bill . . . The Hasegawa kit for the Jimny is really nice to build, and of excellent quality. The following photo is of the full size vehicle, showing the wheels. David
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