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  1. Many thanks, Pat......... As soon as I can get the 3D printer repaired, there will be a 1:24 scale grand piano printed, painted and assembled, ready to go into the ground floor showroom at Hooper & Co. David
  2. Here are the results of two photo shoots......... The first batch of photos was taken outdoors, featuring the Hudson Hornet on the raised 4 post lift. The second batch of photos was taken indoors, featuring the Hudson Hornet inside the ground floor showroom of the Hooper & Co. building. Twin ' H ' could mean ' Hudson ' and ' Hooper ' ? David
  3. What a find, Chris...... Who would have thought salt and pepper shakers? ( and so close to 1:25 scale too ). David
  4. You have a very impressive collection there, Jean Claude...... and the American city diner diorama is really good. I can see that you have put many hours of hard work into making these models, and your hard work has now brought you to this result....... Liking your diorama very much ! The lighting is so effective also. David
  5. Thank you, Gary...... and I did try to get the actual Hudson colours, in Meadow Green (Opalescent) and Honey Cream, but they were simply not available in England...... The Rolls-Royce Balmoral Green (Metallic) and Rustoleum Antique White have turned out to be reasonably close, I think. David
  6. The 1:25 scale Moebius 1953 Hudson Hornet build is completed, which has taken 6 weeks and 4 days in the making. Here is a photograph of this fine motor car, along with it's proud new owner. This has been a most enjoyable build, I must say........ I am extremely impressed with the build quality of the Moebius kit, and I do have a second Hudson, should I get the urge to build another pretty soon! As soon as weather conditions improve outside, I shall be taking some photos of this Hudson up on the 4 post hydraulic lift, as a standalone diorama. David
  7. Now that the 4 post hydraulic car lift in 1:25 scale is completed, I decided to take some outdoor photos. For this I used the Hooper & Co. grey baseboard, which has a drainage grate for added interest, and the vehicle is a 1994 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 SWB...... The 4 post lift and small baseboard is a mini diorama as a standalone model. This Pajero model is from an Aoshima 1:24 scale kit. Forgot to show the ramps in the raised position, as time was limited. Thanks for looking, guys ! David
  8. I particularly like the rusted chain in the metal tray, on the red / white fork lift....... and also the yellow bucket loader on the pallet..... plastic that looks like METAL. The scratched red paint along the top edges of the tray, which is how it would be, with the chain being dragged in and out of that tray. David
  9. Thanks for the message, Charles....... and I do have a great deal of experience with these Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud kits. The Hubley promo model in blue plastic was the first, then came the Minicraft kit of 26 parts, and to be fair to Minicraft, they did get the body right. The body does have some moulding issues, as you say, but in terms of accuracy and proportions it is good. Then you have the Entex and Revell versions of the Silver Cloud, and also the Masterkit version from Brazil, these three versions using the same tooling as the Minicraft version. The quality of these kits is almost ' toy ' like, and consequently you do have to go to considerable lengths to build a half decent model. All Silver Cloud kits were discontinued many years ago of course, and they are becoming less available worldwide. Oddly enough Charles, this is the only kit of the 'Best Car in the World' that has ever been produced........ I cannot imagine why? I have also 3D printed a 6 cylinder inline engine in 1:24 scale, that I designed using FreeCAD software. The engine is still listed on the Shapeways of Holland site. David
  10. I did look at the two post lift, but decided that a four post lift would display better, particularly for the larger cars like the Pontiac and the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. Also, the lift has to look right for the 1950's in my case. Certainly, I have enjoyed putting this lift model together, and I learned quite a bit about car lifts from researching YouTube videos and photos of the real thing. This is just one more of the interesting aspects of our hobby. David
  11. The 4 - post hydraulic car lift is nearly done........ The lift is entirely scratch built, and I used lengths of aluminium channel for the corner posts. After coating all parts with red primer, the lift has a final coat of Humbrol Acrylic spray, in red gloss. The two ramp extensions at the front of the lift are freely hinged. I scratch built a control unit for the left-hand rear post, and ran a black hydraulic pipe from the control box to the ramp. Here are a few photos of the almost completed model. David
  12. Nicely done, Walter...... and not an easy model to do on a 3D printer. David
  13. An idea came to me yesterday, quite out of nowhere really....... Maybe if I constructed a 4-post Lift on which to display the Hudson Hornet, this would allow me to photograph the underside of the car, which has lots of interesting detail and carefully painted parts. The 4 post lift would be entirely scratch built, from pieces of styrene and foamex. I did have a look at the idea to 3D-print the lift, but when a 1:64 scale lift comprising 8 parts is scaled up to 1:25 the model is too big to fit onto the build platform of my A8 3D printer. As well as displaying or photographing the Hudson Hornet on this 4 post lift, it would be nice to do the same for any other model cars that I have in my collection, in both 1:25 and 1:24 scales. The 1968 Pontiac Parisienne 4-door would be the largest car to position on the lift, and the 1955 - 1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Clouds are not much shorter. There are 4 post lifts in kit form available on Ebay, but they don't look all that realistic, and in any case they would be too short for the 1:25 Hudson and Pontiac cars. The 4 post lift model should not be difficult to build, as it is a fairly simple structure when broken down into component parts. David
  14. Today I decided to go ahead with the Rustoleum Crystal Clear gloss coat for the Hudson body, and the BMF work will be done over the clear coat. This is a change of plan. For the application of the clear coat, the hood was dry fitted, along with the sun shade and the gas filler flap. Also, while I am waiting for the clear coat to dry and cure over the next four days, I set up a short photo shoot, using the 1:43 scale diorama as a setting. This features the bus stop and the lady pushing the pram. Some of the shots are in B&W and some in colour. Lighting source is one daylight bulb of 100 watts, from a low down position. David
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