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  1. Good point about the hazardous materials charge, Mike, which makes ordering from Hiroboy if you are resident in the US a no, no, for sure. The shipping costs from Canada to UK are so expensive, that we just don't do it. David
  2. Good advice from John Brolin there, Greg....... I cannot add any further info regarding the suppliers of Zero Paints in the U.S., but here in UK we are lucky to have a marvellous comapny called Hiroboy...... Steve at Hiroboy can supply almost any colour in Zero Paints, particularly specific paints for F1 cars, also Lotus, Ferrari and London Bus for example. They can also custom mix any colour, as long as you can supply the manufacturer's paint code and colour name, year etc. for the 1:1 car. Hiroboy even managed to mix me a paint colour for a 1950's Rolls-Royce that I was building in 1:24 scale. Maybe I have been lucky, but I have not had any crazing effect with any of the Zero Paints colours that I have used, and I have used lots of this paint over the past 5 years. The paint dries with a matt finish, and needs clearcoat afterwards for a gloss finish. They even do the correct Red Bull colours in blue and yellow, which is actually a matt finish on the real cars. Hiroboy are not shipping to Europe recently, due to Brexit and Covid, but maybe they would ship to USA ? David
  3. That is a very nice model car that you have there John, and with those ' expensive ' wheels that Ron has mentioned. you will have a truly wonderful model when it is finished. David
  4. Many thanks, Bob..... If you see this image as being quite realistic, then I am happy ! David
  5. I used a toothpick / cocktail stick to apply some Vallejo Polished Gold acrylic onto ' Firestone ' tyre lettering, for my Lotus F1 car in 1:12 scale. This procedure does take a long time and a steady hand though, so I am always on the lookout for alternative methods ! All the suggestions in this topic are useful, so thanks guys. David
  6. Okay, Pat....... I think you are right, the diorama must be 1:12 because of the fine detail on the kit boxes, for example. Incredible, none the less. David
  7. I just had a look at the photo of ' The Hobby Room ' using Microsoft Paint, and when you zoom in to take a closer look..... there is a small diorama of what appears to be a kitchen on the workbench to the left. Then when you look down to the floor in the bottom left corner..... you can see bits of plastic and those dropped parts that you cannot find when you are building a model....... this is absolutely mind blowing !!! I would love to lnow what scale this is ? Surely it must be 1:24 ? David
  8. Nicely done diorama, Fabrizio....... I like to see the Group B rally cars being driven on the limit, and your scale model diorama has captured the moment. Brilliant !!! David
  9. Patrice........ I have joined the Roadside Relic dioramas on Facebook as a member. I can see at first glance there is some good work being shown. Thank you. David
  10. ' Stolen '...... Would I be able to ' steal ' from the same source ? David
  11. That must surely rate as the most incredible diorama that I have seen..... The small boy standing up close to the models on the bench, standing on his toes, and the young lady taking a photograph of the workbench scene is also very strong...... while the elderly gentleman who is presumably the model builder himself, is standing back to let the younger ones have a closer look. The composition of the whole scenario is absolutely perfect. One day, I would love to get somewhere near to this standard of diorama building....... this is something to aim for, certainly. Do you happen to know who has built this diorama, Pat ? David
  12. Thank you, Pat....... I have enhanced my first photograph of the scene by adding some light to the second one, and then taking away some of the clarity from the third photograph. I am quite pleased with the final image, as it has achieved the level of realism that I was seeking. David
  13. I have not posted on this topic for a while now, due to various distractions that have included building a 3D printed 1:20 scale Red Bull F1 car and a Tamiya 1:12 scale Lotus 49B , also an F1 car. Yet a further distraction has been a 1:24 scale Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 engine, which is currently being assembled from 57 parts that I have 3D printed...... However, I have found some time to photograph a scene on the 1:43 scale diorama. Sadly, a member of the board of directors at Hooper & Co. (Coachbuilders) Ltd. has passed away recently, and the entourage of funeral cars is moving slowly through the gateway outside the Hooper & Co. factory. Walking in front of the Austin Princess hearse there is a sombre gentleman wearing a top hat, and immediately behind the hearse there is an Austin Princess limousine. It is early morning, and the Autumn sun is low in the cloudy sky. Factory workers are driving past as they arrive for the early shift, while some employees are arriving by bus. Here is........... ' Through the Gateway ' David
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