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  1. Anglia105E added a post in a topic EMHAR Bedford Tanker   

    Thanks Ace-Garageguy, and I am really impressed with these Emhar kits. They produce four nice looking model trucks so I might buy a tipper version next. Moving on to my next build which is a 1955 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I, using some of the Minicraft kit parts, some Revell kit parts and many more parts scratch built by  myself. Following closely after the Silver Cloud there will be a Tamiya Morgan 4/4 that will be getting a few coats of Ferrari Giallo Modena Yellow 4305. Doing some more molding and casting in between builds, consisting of lamps for a Minicraft / Revell 1886 Daimler-Benz carriage, also a chauffeur figure from a Shapeways 3D printed figure, and an interior seating module for a Rolls-Royce.
    One photo of the Bedford nearing completion.

  2. Anglia105E added a post in a topic Hooper & Co Diorama   

    Here are some more recent photos of the Hooper & Co diorama, now that I have added the Bedford O-type tanker and also the Morris Minor Royal Mail van.
    Thanks for your comments Tony, and I have just turned 64 last Monday.  Good to hear that this diorama brings back back fond memories of London for you.

  3. Anglia105E added a post in a topic EMHAR Bedford Tanker   

    Here are some more recent photos now that the Bedford tanker is nearly completed. I have added some lettering on the tank sides for Watson Fuels, although a tanker for Watson in the late 1950's would be red not blue ! Engine still needs spark plug leads fitting, the driver's door is waiting for hinges to be fabricated and there are three bonnet panels to fit. I have already made and fitted the hinges for the passenger door from brass. Found that Tamiya Sky Blue acrylic paint is very close to the Zero Paints French Blue.

  4. Anglia105E added a post in a topic EMHAR Bedford Tanker   

    Thanks very much Bob, and you can view more of my posts in the Dioramas forum section if you want to see more of the Hooper & Co 1958 diorama.
    David  ( England )
  5. Anglia105E added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    EMHAR Bedford Tanker
    Building an Emhar Bedford OLB 5-ton tanker truck at the moment and here I have included a few photos of the build at its present stage. The fit of the parts in this kit is exceptionally good, and also the detail is excellent. Finding the instruction sheet very different from the Revell London Bus but easy enough to follow. There is absolutely no flash on any of the sprues, so no excessive cutting to do. Several options are available, one of which is a chassis extension to allow the spare wheel carrier to have an underslung position. This kit is quite expensive and at just under £38.00 is actually £10.00 more than the cost of the Revell bus. To begin with I was under the impression that the work involved to build this Bedford would turn out to be a lot less than the bus build, but in reality there is just as much work to do. The four long hoses that are stored on the racks at each side of the tanker body are rigid plastic as supplied in the box, but I have scratch built some flexible hoses out of boot laces and these look much more realistic. Much more work on the chassis than there was with the bus, and this even includes individual CV joints for the two propshafts! Emhar have four different versions of the O-series Bedford trucks from the early 1950's, so in addition to the tanker there is a tipper truck, a drop-sided truck and a recovery truck. I would certainly build one of the other versions, based on my experience with this one. Colour is French Blue.

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  6. Anglia105E added a post in a topic Hooper & Co Diorama   

    I was experimenting with some cheap battery operated LED warm white lights last night, and I stumbled across an unusual effect. Placed all the lights inside the upper deck of the bus and reversed the bus right up to the back wall. The lights were not arranged in any particular order and the only other lighting in the room was a low energy bulb on the ceiling. What seems to have happened, is that the camera has picked up a green light which is hitting the white foamboard, while the low energy bulb is casting shadows of the tree onto the same foamboard wall. As you can see, this has resulted in an almost photographic image of the tree.... very strange effect.
    Photos displayed.

  7. Anglia105E added a post in a topic LHD Gulf Seven   

    Your attention to detail is something to be admired. Wish I could achieve this level of detail for my 1:24 scale Rolls-Royce builds.
    David  ( Anglia105E )
  8. Anglia105E added a post in a topic Hooper & Co Diorama   

    I am posting a few more pics of the diorama, taken with the interior lights of the building turned off, plus one of a Bedford chassis cab which is a work in progress ( first time for the Bedford in the diorama setting ).

  9. Anglia105E added a post in a topic Racecar junkyard wip -Update 08,Aug.2017-   

    Many thanks Michael for your comments, and I have posted a few pics here. Certainly, a 1:24 scale diorama does take a lot of space but I like the scale.
    Apart from the pic of the Bedford chassis cab which is a work in progress, all the others are with the lights of the building turned off inside.

  10. Anglia105E added a post in a topic Racecar junkyard wip -Update 08,Aug.2017-   

    Very nice work Michael, and it is interesting that your diorama base and configuration is quite similar to my Hooper & Co diorama, in terms of size if not the subject. I have the building in the far left corner, and around 15 vehicles in 1:24 scale, some diecast and some plastic built kits. Look forward to seeing your progress on this one!
    David  ( UK )
  11. Anglia105E added a post in a topic Texaco gas station from Greenlight with old Mopars   

    I was wondering what scale the gas station is too ?
  12. Anglia105E added a post in a topic Texaco gas station from Greenlight with old Mopars   

    Just noticed there's five cars in the gas station
  13. Anglia105E added a post in a topic Texaco gas station from Greenlight with old Mopars   

    Nice little diorama with four interesting cars too. Are you planning on adding another building, or roads? This gas station could be the start of a project. My Hooper & Co diorama started out with just the building but then took off as something larger, and I don't see me ever finishing it !
    David in U.K.
  14. Anglia105E added a post in a topic Hooper & Co Diorama   

    The pigeon has landed! Decided to scratch build a pigeon, which has now settled on the roof of the Bennet Street entrance. Working on two new builds to add to the diorama, one being a 1952 Bedford 5 ton tanker truck and the other is a 1957 Morgan 4/4. Considering the addition of a Police Constable because just like the bus, the taxi, the telephone box and the pigeon, a policeman on the beat would have been a common sight in London during the 1950's.

  15. Anglia105E added a post in a topic Started at the Drug Store   

    I know what you mean about the Welly diecast 1/24 cars. My diorama required a London black taxi and although Revell have produced a kit of the Austin FX4, it is well known that the scale is wrong. Then I saw the Welly Nex version of the black cab, which is perfectly to scale, so at a very reasonable price I had to have one for my London diorama. Most of my models I build as kits but there are quite a few diecast models from Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint and BBurago, usually picked up on Ebay at much reduced prices. There are not so many Rolls-Royces but I notice there are lots of 1950's American diecast cars available and I am very often tempted to buy something like a nice Chevy Bel Air or a Ford Fairlane for my collection.