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  1. This is the 1:24 Revell 1930 Bentley 4.5 Litre Blower, almost completed and photographed alongside the 1:24 Franklin Mint 1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Sedanca de Ville........ the Phantom was one that I converted from a 1929 version diecast to represent the motor car that was owned by the great Fred Astaire, and finished in Brewster Green. Some diorama setting photos will follow shortly, and the Bentley Blower is undergoing some finishing touches. David
  2. Thanks, Pat....... something about the way the mechanic appears to be looking out over the rooftops appealed to me while I was taking shots yesterday. This is the first time that I have used this location for a photo shoot, as we only had the VELUX roof window fitted 8 days ago. David
  3. It was such a fine day today....... 15 degrees outside, clear blue skies and hardly any breeze. The 1:24 Bentley Blower build is nearing completion, and this car will be photographed at some point with other motor cars of the same period, within the 1:24 scale Hooper & Co diorama. Today, I opened up the roof window in the loft, and from my workbench I was able to photograph the Bentley in natural daylight and with an interesting background also. I have included a couple of shots of the 1968 Pontiac Parisienne 4-door in the same roof window setting, just to see how it looked. David
  4. Impressive computerised 3D structure that you have produced, Raymond........ and that should translate quite nicely into a styrene sheet, or balsa sheet scale model. For my first 1:24 scale diorama building I made use of plywood, foamboard, acetate sheet and also good quality thick card. Any materials that allow you to create the shape and contours of the particular building you are constructing will be of use in the right areas. Although foamboard is very nice to work with, it does seem to present problems later with warping, and it is easily damaged. David
  5. Nicely done, Paul...... your carefully thought out plan has paid dividends! David
  6. I see, Raymond...... the original B&W photo is excellent, and it looks like you can pick up more detail from the later photo also. I guessed it must be around mid to late 1920's...... let the fun begin! David
  7. That looks to be an interesting choice of subject for a diorama, Raymond....... I guess I am kinda surprised that this is a colour photograph, as I would have expected it to be in B&W...... around what year would this scene be? You don't need to be scared of building a diorama, and you will quite quickly become engrossed in the process as you gain confidence, I'm sure. Good luck with finishing this project! David
  8. I received an email message tonight from the RREC ( Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club ) informing all members that the RREC Annual Rally in June has had to be cancelled, due to the COVID-19 pandemic...... this was to be expected really, and it means that my three scale model Hooper & Co dioramas will not be displayed this June at this prestigious International exhibition. Now I have to re-think my strategy for 2020. One idea that I have been considering over the past week or two, would be to produce a YouTube video with commentary by myself, that takes the format of a walk around the streets of the three dioramas and shows all the cars, the buildings and the figures. The video could include a full explanation of how this project evolved, along with the background story behind the Hooper company and of course interesting details regarding the Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars. I haven't produced a YouTube video before, so this would be a new experience for me. My intention would be to approach the RREC and suggest posting a link on their web site, which would allow members to view the diorama display online, as opposed to viewing the display on a table in a marquee at the live event. Work continues on the build of the 1:24 Revell 1930 Bentley 4.5 litre Blower......... the engineer is test fitting the bonnet panels, having already fitted the handbrake lever, the steering linkages and the spare wheel carrier. The radiator grille and cowling is in place, complete with brass filler cap. The two bonnet panels are being cut into four panels, and hinged along their centre line so that the magnificent engine can be viewed from both sides of the car. The huge steering wheel has been fitted and also the front registration number plate. Shortly, the mudguards for the road wheels will be fitted, and also the fly screens. David
  9. I agree with Gary...... the detail and accuracy of these 1:43 scale model cars is quite remarkable really, and they do photograph well. Those from Minichamps, Truescale Miniatures, Neo, City Vitesse and Lansdowne in particular are excellent models. David
  10. While I am not familiar with Ford Model A's myself, if I am honest, Eric these models are marvellous. I do like Hubley model cars, and they always catch my interest when I am on MCM Forums........ your work on these old Model A Fords is excellent, and something to be proud of. ( 1:20 is an odd scale, sitting between 1:24, 1:25 and 1:18 ). David
  11. Your truck show diorama is really good, Jean Claude....... and what a brilliant idea too ! So many interesting photos, and I can see that you have put a lot of work into this project of yours. Well done! David
  12. You have some serious kit arriving there, John...... this is gonna be GOOD David
  13. Not only is this a very important period of motor racing history, between the late 1920's and the late 1950's, but this kit that has been assembled and painted by your good friend William is also something rather special. You can see the care and the attention to detail that has gone into the building of this scale model car..... which is truly wonderful. The Le Mans 24 hours endurance racing of those golden years is so fascinating, both from a viewpoint of real racing cars and our replica scale model racing cars. Thanks for sharing the work of your friend, Gary....... marvellous stuff. David
  14. Made an offer on this one last night, on Ebay....... which is a 1:43 scale Truescale Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I - 1959 Drophead Coupe by James Young, and my final offer was accepted. I already have two Rolls-Royce diecast model cars by Truescale, and this one is another highly detailed and extremely accurate model. The cream paint finish caught my eye, and the only downside for me is that it is a LHD version with white wall tyres. David
  15. Harold Brown is having his Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud taken into the official Rolls-Royce dealership for a routine service. The service centre are collecting the motor car from his house, and bringing Harold a Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn, for him to use while his car is being serviced. This is all part of the service that you would expect from the Rolls-Royce company. David
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