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  1. Beautiful paint colour combination on that '56 Ford Crown Victoria there Pat . . . I really like most '50's American (and Canadian) motor cars. David
  2. Well done Paddy . . . The 1:12 scale Airfix Bentley Blower is not an easy kit to build, but I see what you mean about the glass and paintwork. Welcome to MCM forums, where I am sure you will meet lots of interesting scale model builders like yourself. David (England)
  3. The bearded male figure with the red baseball cap works really well for you, because he appears to be looking at the Suzuki in a realistic pose. Coincidentally, I have that dog figure myself ! . . . I have just ordered the Hasegawa Suzuki Jimny, which I shall build with optional standard wheels, as mine was a Suzuki Samurai 1988 and not a 1995 Jimny . . . Well done with the figure painting, which I know is not easy, and these figures bring the diorama to life. David
  4. Many thanks Charles, and there are lots of these Hasegawa kits on Ebay, some of which are in UK so I shall probably order one. David
  5. As usual Charles, there is so much going on in your diorama that it is always worth studying each and every detail. The whole thing just works ! Could I ask where you were able to source the Suzuki SJ413 Samurai kit ? Presumably this model is plastic and not a diecast ? I can't wait to see the next stage when you add figures to this fascinating diorama . . . David
  6. Charles . . . I used to own a Suzuki SJ413 Samurai, so I can relate to this latest diorama of yours ! That is one gigantic pile of scrap metal . . . When I opened up your topic this morning I was expecting brilliance . . . and there it is, right there ! I am sure that you will find many ingenious ways of adding those touches of realistic detail that make each one of your dioramas the best. David
  7. Anglia105E

    Mud Trap

    You have some very effective results there Charles . . . The puddles really work, and no CHASSIS . . . ! You have mastered the snow, and now you can say that you have also mastered mud . . . What next? Volcanoes, Jungle, Desert? I like how you can salvage a scale model kit that has parts missing, or maybe no longer has a useful purpose and give the model new life. Myself, and excuse me for mentioning this Charles, but the moderators have decided that my recent topic in WIP: Dioramas ' Washed and Ready to Go ' is actually " Borderline Politics ", so I shall have to delete the topic and forget the project. Luckily, I can continue with my Hooper & Co. dioramas WIP which has been running for 5 years now, and is still ongoing believe it or not ! David
  8. Nicely done parking lot diorama, Steve . . . Without a doubt, your models will always photograph really well when they are in a realistic diorama setting. This is why I wanted to get into dioramas in the first place, in order to bring the scale model cars to life. Even small details are important, such as your cracks around the manhole cover, and any model builder who can produce realistic figures will be able to enhance the scene further still. Figures have to be done very carefully though, because as you know, if they are not of a high standard they appear ' toy ' like and not real. Brilliant . . . Well done ! David
  9. This whole diorama is really good, Steve Tribbey . . . Exceptional work you have done on the pit gate hut and fencing, and I like the motorhome model itself. As another MCM member pointed out, your diorama setting tells a story, and it can do so almost without any explanation as to what is going on. Brilliant job, I say ! David
  10. Well Charles, considering that you haven't worked with snow as part of a diorama before, the whole scene looks really good. All your photos are interesting ! David
  11. That's a good old rusty Cummins you have there Pat . . . Looks like the engine needs a certain amount of restoration. If so, it's in the right place ! David
  12. Sorry for the late response, Peter . . . I have been away on holiday for nearly 3 weeks. I am surprised that the Airfix Spares Team were not able to send you a replacement body shell for the Jaguar 420, and I hope your hot water fix is successful ! Good luck ! David
  13. Thanks David, and the build is already in the ' Under Glass ' section as a completed build ! The Opalescent Silver Blue seems to suit this Jaguar really well. David W.
  14. Well Peter . . . I am pleased to hear that my build of the Jaguar 420 inspired you to tackle this one. My kit did have issues, which included the front end sink marks and also one lower side edge ( sill ) was a bit messy ( left hand side or nearside as we say in England ). The distortion was not as bad as yours on my kit. I would recommend that you try contacting Hornby, because I found them to be very helpful . . . They call themselves ' Airfix Spares Team ', which comes under Hornby, and they were very quick to respond. In fact, they sent a missing part to me in the post, which never arrived due to our random postal service, and the Airfix people even sent me the part a second time and free of charge, which I did receive. You could also try the hot water restoration maybe, while you are waiting for the replacement body shell to arrive in the post from England ? THis is not an easy build Peter, but I would say it is quite rewarding when you eventually complete the build ! David
  15. Thanks Larry . . . and I still have a second 1:24 Jaguar MK 2 in the box to build sometime (Tamiya). David
  16. Thanks, Robert . . . Ken's Pontiac Bonneville model is a 2-door car of course, whereas the Parisienne was a 4-door car. David
  17. Very nice 1965 Pontiac Bonneville, Ken . . . That is a superb paint colour, and this model of yours photographs really well. I love Pontiacs actually . . . I used to own a 1:1 full size 1968 Pontiac Parisienne, which was a RHD car from Canada and a dream to drive in the UK. Sorry about the poor quality of the photo ! David
  18. Thanks for the compliment, R. Scott Aho . . . I tend to specialise in scale model Rolls-Royce cars, but I enjoyed building these Jaguars. David
  19. Thank you Carl . . . Your comment is much appreciated ! David
  20. Thanks Trevor . . . The front end of the Jaguar 420, and also the 420G were nicely done, and indeed the Mk 2 was also pleasing to the eye. David
  21. Nicely built Ford Anglia 105E, Bill . . . The rust is in exactly the right places too ! David
  22. Okay, sorry Bill . . . I just found the page on Shapeways here : http://Okay, sorry Noel . . . I just found the page on Shapeways here : https://www.shapeways.com/product/3NY4QZJND/prisoner-lotus-7-tk?optionId=207755929&li=marketplace Thanks, David
  23. Sorry I meant to say Bill (not Noel) Confused from England !
  24. Okay, sorry Noel . . . I just found the page on Shapeways here : https://www.shapeways.com/product/3NY4QZJND/prisoner-lotus-7-tk?optionId=207755929&li=marketplace Thanks, David
  25. Hello Noel . . . I visited Portmerion about 40 years ago now, and I remember it was a very interesting experience. I thought it was tastefully done, bearing in mind that this place is now a tourist attraction. Certainly, anyone who followed the TV series would find the opportunity to walk round the place where it was filmed, most absorbing. David
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