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  1. Guys, I MIGHT still have the html files for those pages that I saved when I left that job. it might take a while to find but...
  2. The first model that I MUST have in a very long time! We are saving up our pennies!
  3. Sat, 3/16/2013 Smoky Mountain Mini-Con 2013 Hollingsworth Auditorium in Ellington Plant Sciences Buildin 2588 E.J. Chapman Drive Knoxville, South East, TN 37996 Registration: 9:00am-1:00pm Raffle: 1:00 Awards: 4:00 Admission fees are $10 for 3 models and $1 for each additional. Raffle tickets: $1 each Vendor Mart - Shopping Wheelchair Accessible Children Welcome Map: http://goo.gl/maps/Iy0cH Contact Information: Larry: 865-769-4236 Vendors: Dan: 865-591-6755 Website http://knoxvillemodelclub.webs.com
  4. Just found out the 2013 dates for the Cookeville show: March 9, 2013. Flier: http://public.fotki.com/Tank33/middle_tennessee/mtma-show-flyer/2012-mtma-show-flyer/2013-show-flyer.html#media
  5. Smoky Mountain Mini-Con 2013 Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Location: Hollingsworth Auditorium in Ellington Plant Sciences Building, University of Tennessee 2588 E.J. Chapman Drive, Knoxville, South East, TN 37996 Map: http://goo.gl/maps/Iy0cH or http://www.freewebs.com/knoxvillescalemodelers/upcomingshows.htm On March 23 the Knoxville Scale Modelers Association (KSMA) will host a public exhibition and contest of models of vehicles including tanks, airplanes, ships, trucks, and cars, as well as figures from fantasy, literature, and history. The event, called Smoky Mountain Mini-Con 2013, will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Ellington Plant Sciences Building of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Parking and admission for viewing/shopping vendor booths are free. Those wishing to enter models into competition must pay $10 for the first three models and $1 for each additional model. Registration takes place from 9 am to 1 pm, with a significant number of models on display by 11 am. For more information, Mike: mwdriskill@gmail.com
  6. The only thing wrong with it is that it is not on my shelf! Seriously, great job... the color is perfect!
  7. Ditto, great choice in color and great job with build! I am going to have to pick up another one of these during Christmas...you have me inspired to build a stocker.
  8. Awesome!!! (but aren't all Broncos?) Seriously, get job with both the buildup, year change, and mud effect. A for the tail lights, you could aways tell people yours was Ted Nugent's Full Size after another upgrade. His is an early 80s with a "simple" front clip change (like your model). I too am converting an 80s to a late 90s Bronco... what a pain. Really wish one of the model companies would do it for us.
  9. I have found that clear fruit containers, like the ones that strawberries and grapes come in, have great "glass". It is super thin (to scale) so it is easily cut and bent, and most panels on the packages are flat. Sorry, the only photo of it I have but you can see how thin it is.
  10. Hey Cranky, how do you "attach" your dirt to the bed? Watered down white glue? j
  11. Haven't posted in a while... things have been rough in our 1:1 so after didn't model for a while. But getting back to building have been therapeutic. So lately I have been building quickly. Want to finish to start another less difficult project. Anyway, here is the latest photos. Finished the interior (for the most part), the body sides, nose/aluminum engine compartment panels: So, it is finally getting close. Very few, maybe 20 more parts to install. The decals on the chrome (thanks Clint, haven't forgotten you) will be a challenge but gotta bite the bullet and get them on in order to finish. And again, that darn super glue! After this thing is done I will be finding another brand! John
  12. Inspiring as usual Chuck! I had been toying with building one of these for an old Ice Cream maker they bring out to one of the local craft shows. I might just start. John
  13. Gang, I bit the bullet this weekend and "just did it". Here is what I figured out: Also, because visualizing can be difficult sometimes I sketched out the why I believe the straps go through the buckles: Keep in mind, the belt widths are not drawn to scale and buckles are not drawn exactly as they are in the set. So the very thin "B" belt is just simplified drawing. Also keep in mind this diagram is based on the buckles that come with this particular set of Detail Master PE belts, not other brands (though they might be the same). Hope this helps someone... it sure would have helped me last weekend. John
  14. Can some explain to me why some auctions say "no reserve" but there is a minimum price that it forces you to use? I emailed ebay about this and got back a "thank you for your concern..." form letter. John
  15. The perfect build to be viewing as I watch the Moto GP I recorded a few weeks ago. Stoner and the Ducati in the lead. Great job! Keep posting! John
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