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  1. yes, the doors come off the hinges of the cab and the cab comes off the interior pan and the interior pan comes off the chassis. The rollback slides off the rack and the rack can unhinge from the chassis. The wheels are just in place to help me visualize so I can take the tires from the front wheels and the rear wheels I stole from a trailer I'm working on, the real rear wheel set is off to the side... the motor is assembled and painted, lol!
  2. D, Yes, I would like to add cylinders and controls. I'm not planning on plumbing it tho. I'm wrestling with how the cylinders will work and what space I have to work with... lol. I did box in the battery box from the California Hauler as it was hollow using .020" styrene, also trimmed off the step from the front and added a handle. The toolboxes are mounted with 1/4"x3/8" rectangle styrene tube. Next up is to make a backboard/headache rack and some type of square tube or channel rear bumper. The one I had on there originally I didn't like so it's been removed. Also need to look at how to attach one of those tow lifts under the rear frame, and make said tow lift arm...
  3. Thank you all for the kind and encouraging words!
  4. I started a project recently which I realize has probably already been done, this is my version. I purchased a rollback bed from eBay and have proceeded to take it apart and rework it because I found it to be "not quite right"... I stretched the frame 2.625" using .375" I-beam from Plastruct. I absconded a round fuel tank as well as the battery box from a California Hauler kit. All the rollbacks I've seen have a bank of batteries so I figured the "one" from the L700 kit would be inadequate. It's a work in progress... and constructive thoughts would be appreciated. :)
  5. That's awesome!!! I cannot wait to see it finished!
  6. Thank you gentleman! Question, as I have been looking over others builds, is it to late to run lines and such for the motor and or brakes? I also installed the glass before spraying dullcote on the cab, is it too late for that as well?
  7. Hi, this is my first build after 30 years. I'm thinking of nicknaming her "Bloodshot" cause that's what my eyes were after fussing over those doors... this is my humble offering to this awesome group.
  8. Hello, Names Mark, built a lot of models in my teens then got a car and discovered girls... it all went downhill from there, LOL! I'm a tradesman, specifically Tool and DieMaker working in Kokomo,IN. Not going into boring details I find myself with some time thru the work week and I have returned to model building after 30yrs to keep me busy. I have 1/25 cars and trucks as well as 1/35 armor to choose from. I look forward to learning from others and making friendships. "Ours is not to wonder why, Ours is but to Tool and Die"
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