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  1. Man you did a fantastic job Gregg and Larry! I especially enjoyed the write ups on kit releases.Brilliant color too! Thanks for that great surprise!
  2. I blundered into these guys a couple months ago.The singer is fair at best but the musical expertise is great. Again
  3. Hey,  Happy Birthday Bear! Enjoy your special day as much as you can. Best wishes to you and yours too!       hack-n-whack

    1. PorkChopPaws


      Thank you. I appreciate it.😊

  4. A long time ago I was a crew chief on a UH-34D . It was a great helo and was known for its overall reliability and an ability to take a lot of punishment in combat and still fly you home.On most models of this bird I have noticed the tail rotor blades are backwards.See below for correct position.
  5. Cool dude for sure, I remember when they used to have those contests between the networks he got really mad because he lost a sprint race to Gabe Kaplan(Welcome back Kotter).
  6. You made an unappealing body style look fantastic.Now I want to do one.
  7. Really nice work. Where did you find the wheels and tires?
  8. Can anyone tell me what make and year this model is? Thanks
  9. Beautiful rod and congrats for making it into this issue of Scale Auto!
  10. Excellent work all around Thiago!!
  11. Absolutely stunning work my friend I hope you enter a contest with that.
  12. OK tell me what scale this is so I know how much to feel inferior.....
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