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  1. Pay It Forward-Round 2-Let's have FUN!

    Here is my offering,the girl is not included.
  2. Pay It Forward-Round 2-Let's have FUN!

    I'll take the woody and post my offer up tomorrow
  3. Jaguar type E Gasser

    I made the mistake of helping a room mate change the motor in an XKE in my young bachelor days. I got so sick of it I moved. Now if he had decided to make it interesting like you did I would have hung around!
  4. 66 chevelle

    Sweet, I'm doing a tubbed 65 Malibu. Looks awesome Bill.
  5. My Pathetic 2017 Class.

    Looks great to me
  6. Completed builds 2017 - variety is the spice of life!

    Really clean builds and sparkling paint,
  7. Why are realtors nonchalant ?

    Four days and still no pics from the realtor....and this is with being a friend of my step-daughter. This is why I told the wife I don't want family to "help". ....it seldom works out.
  8. 65 Malibu & 2006 Dodge Magnum.

    Thanks, see above. The reason I posted 2 wip together because I didn't want to take up more space posting two threads.
  9. 65 Malibu & 2006 Dodge Magnum.

  10. 65 Malibu & 2006 Dodge Magnum.

    65 Malibu has the a Nova chassis to allow it to be tubbed. Pretty much done except the the engine which will be a duel quad 396.The paint came out good but I pretty much screwed up the badges so I may or may not use them.. I never should have tried for so much detail having just returned to the hobby after such a long layoff.Which is why I decided to start and slam the Magnum so I could relax a little.It's box stock with no motor or drive train. Needs decals and glass installed which is not my strong suit. Glad I youtube on Roku for all the tutorials.
  11. Crazy Weekend...

    Man you are a hero.I hope you and your mom get better real soon.
  12. Why are realtors nonchalant ?

    I'm looking in NW Pa. maybe she would cross the border? LOL
  13. Why are realtors nonchalant ?

    You know Bill I have almost come to the same conclusion. I guess being an old guy I expect certain things like courtesy,punctuality and effort. I find myself saying to myself" I'd like to see this turd do my job when I worked". I worked blue collar my whole life but I always tried to do my best.
  14. The wife decided she is going to retire next year so I was ordered to find us a nice retirement place back in Pa where all her kids and grand-kids live.She had planned on continuing to work but after 12 years of fighting with the VA much to their chagrin I didn't die and I finally won my claim and we had a small windfall.So I have been looking around ,getting pre-qualified etc.She decided we should use this realtor her daughter knows.So he finally gets off his duff and takes the daughter to a couple places over the weekend and she sends us about 50 pics of each.One was a dump and the other was nice but too small.We also have horses and need at least 5 acres. Both of them got a little ticked with us when we said no but this is going to be our last move and I'm not about to be pushed into something .I made it plain if I see one that really is what we want I will go back there and buy it after I check it out. .So today I was looking around and found a seemingly perfect place and I called the realtor.We had never talked so he was surprised to hear from me I guess because he mentioned he thought the daughter was handling this. What? So I told him about it and turns out he's the realtor on this piece . He then mentioned he had some pics of the place on his phone as there were only a few online.He said he would forward them to me and we hung up. So I waited .After 4 hours I texted him and he replied that "he was now driving and that he hadn't gotten around to looking for them. " What the frig? Now it's the end of the day and still nothing.