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  1. I havent been on in quite a while. Ive spent alot of time working on my real car, and now I would love to build a model of it, maybe put it in the car when I go to shows. It is a 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse, and, for the life of me, I cannot find a model of one, other than diecast. Does anyone make one that I can build?
  2. Not trying to nit pick, but, it's Red Mist, not Red Spirit. I had also thought of building that car, Id love to see it if anyone else does, Ive had no motivation lately.
  3. You guys building these old Mercury's never fail to impress. Great work, great color, love the look of this car!
  4. I dont get in on the Auto ID to often, but I usually get in on the R.O.M. "quiz". The last 4 or 5 have been real, Im seeing a trend, how bout we shake it up a little? Throw a model in there once in a while. Even though Ive only been right once the whole time Ive been a member(it was a Mercedes), Id like to go on something other than stats for my guessing?, or are your just trying to throw us off?
  5. I dont know the color code that Mitsubishi uses, I know its in the VIN somewhere, but I dont know how it breaks down. I can tell you that the GM color that comes close to it is atomic orange metallic, and that my car looks more red in the picture than orange....it really is orange. The GM color you can get from Scalefinishes.com, and he seems to be able to make any color you want, I'm sure even the Mitsubishi shade. I got a bottle of VW Mars Red from him, and it wasnt on the site till I asked for it.
  6. Got this on the way home last night. First time ever paying more than a $1000 for a car.
  7. It make some sense now, I always thought it sounded kinda stupid though, and I agree, most companies probably have never done the research.
  8. This Monday I will be working on a Fiat 124 Sport Spider, not sure what year, but thats not to point. Im wondering why so many manufacturers call the convertible versions of their car spider, or spyder. Ive looked and seen on the Porsche forum took credit, but so did the Alfa Romeo forum, ect, ect.,ect. Does anyone know where this might have come from? It just doesnt make any sense to me to call a convertible a "spyder" (or spider).
  9. I'm definitely annoyed by this, although not at Sony. Ive heard 2 story's. 1. a group of hackers that Sony took to court did it, but are denying responsibility, anonymous...some thing or other sounds like the name I heard for that group, but I'm not sure. 2. A different group of hackers tried to steal credit card numbers, buy Sony "cut the cord" before they could get expiration dates or security codes. Good thing if that's true, I use mine on PSN. Either way, can get mad at Sony for it, it may suck to be denied access, but, either way, they are protecting there users, and that fine with me. Ill still never switch to Xbox.
  10. I was afraid that's what Id hear. Thanks for the info guys.
  11. Ive been building models on and off for about 20 years, so alot of the parts in my parts stash come from old build that I held onto. Alot of them also come from build that I got so frustrated with that I wanted to throw across the room...come to think of it....a couple I did. I also have a couple that the dog decided tasted good while I was at work. Biggest though...save all of your extra parts, they'll build up pretty quick. Also be on the lookout for everyday stuff that "looks like" it could be used on a build. You'll have a huge stash in no time.
  12. Ive been looking for some late model BMW kits. All I can really find are the Z3 kits. are there any late model BMW kits out there, say 2004 and older 3 series, maybe the 1 series?. The newer "curvy" style?
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