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  1. Ok, a little progress on the interior. I decided to use old scrap leather, from my first office chair I bought when I was thirteen at Best Buy I save everything, unfortunately. I used the suede side on the headrest and seat area, and painted center piece the leather side blue. Used aluminum tape to chrome the bumper. I've been quite busy with life, helping with home painting/garage.
  2. I used to buy the clear years ago, was the best aerosol clear I've ever used. I buy the flats, and glosses all the time. Still have some orange an yellow on the shelf.
  3. I used the aluminum foil trick several times and prefer that method to bare metal foil.
  4. We certainly do! I love vans, wagons and trucks! I saw a Gvan in need of a good home for sale awhile back, should've bought it. Do you have any build threads on your vehicles?
  5. Figuring it out looking at 1:1 photos. But tackling the front to change 4x4 to RWD is going to be a beast. May have to use my '99 f150 SVT
  6. I've been building models since I was a kid. But I don't know some of the basics for instance I'm great at cutting open hoods, trunks, gas door and doors. Using either a x-acto or the bare metal scribber. But I can never get the doors mounted where they stay on with open/close motion. I've for the last few years have been obsessed with lowered/body dropped trucks. And I absolutely love anything square body. So, I bought the AMT 1984 Desserter kit to build a sorta replica. I can't figure out how to lower it since its a 4x4 kit. I want it to lay rocker. Thought maybe of buying 2016 camaro and elongating the chassis or maybe sub frames. Any advice is extremely helpful and appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Went to wally world and found a jada trans am, wasn't sure about the scale but worked out ok for the price. Thinking about using the interior as well since it has racing buckets.
  8. Yep, I thought it looked like a '78 to me too, but bought it on ebay it was listed as an '82. Building a replica of my first car which was a '78! Thanks for the advice guys!
  9. Thanks guys for making me feel welcome!
  10. Not my best paintwork but the color is starting to grow on me. Interior will be light gray w/royal blue accents. I hate these snap kits! Quick question, is Castro superklean still available at Walmart in the gallon? And new to laquer paint but does it strip it off models like the enamel?
  11. Wondering if anyone on here have a set of 1/32 chrome wheels w/tires (anything similar to the torque thrust rims) they would be interested in parting with?...thought about going to toysrus and buying a diecast just for wheels but then I'm stuck with a model with no wheels. Payment via Paypal. Thanks.
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