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  1. Hey Brian, If you are wanting to achieve more realistic look, alclad is a better option but if you'd like durability, Splash metalizers will do the job. Sam
  2. Awesome color! Would be little bit careful with splash paints over tamiya primer.
  3. Golly! That makes me want to build one too!
  4. How did you apply the carbon to the rear bits? It looks great.
  5. Where can I get some of the Liquid Blue paint?

  6. We are working on some F1 colors for new release shoot me an email.
  7. WOW! Just noticed that color! Seemed familiar I can't wait to see the color!
  8. it's a big one piece PVC back drop. Nothing fancy. The LED Units themselves seems like a cheap module with adjustable brightness.
  9. Peter, I got it off Amazon but I can't quite remember how much it was but it was cheaper than most others. came with 4 or 3 different back drops.
  10. Hi guys, It's Sam from Splash Paints and wanted to help you guys on how to apply the FORD GTLM colors so you don't have to figure it out. The 2016 FORD GTLM Colors worked brilliant over first application of Frozen White. Frozen White > (Red or Blue) > (Blue or Red) The 2018 version however, needs little more detail. As shown in the picture, same procedure has been taken as the 2016 version but due to the White base (Frozen White), it came out little brighter than expected. So I will advise before spraying the Red and Blue, Nardo Grey, or Beluga Black must be sprayed for darker tone of Blue and Red for more accuracy. If not, you may want to spray little more layers of the tint coat to make them darker but it will take much longer without spraying grey or black base. Super fine flakes are hard to capture through the camera! Please excuse the trash in the clear. No paint for babies! Anyways, if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask here! Hope this helped for those who purchased the paint! God bless,
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