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  1. ttdriver added a post in a topic Paint or Airbrush problem?   

    Well gave it another go today and found the same thing happening So I turned the air down a bit to around 20 psi and hey presto gone! So I am gonna wait until after the weekend and sand back the coat I laid today nice and smooth and then re shoot the colour again.

  2. ttdriver added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    Hi all,

    I drive an Audi TT coupe 225. It has had an ECU re-tune to around 270-80 horse power and also has a sports exhaust and a carbon induction kit. It will hit 60 mph in about 5.5 secs bst bit is the Audi Quattro system
  3. ttdriver added a post in a topic Paint or Airbrush problem?   

    The other coats had been done prior to the coats today with a few days between, I also wet sanded between coats. I am thinking that as you guys say its probably some kind of contamination. I will clean out my airbrush again and wait for the car to dry. I will then sand it back and get some pre-paint wipes from an autostore or something.

  4. ttdriver added a post in a topic Paint or Airbrush problem?   

    I wiped it down with white spirit before painting, I wonder if that had anything to do with it? I also shook up the little pot that the paint came in could it be trapped air in the paint???

    Its the first time this has happened and I have sprayed a few coats prior to this with no problem.
  5. ttdriver added a topic in General   

    Paint or Airbrush problem?
    Hi All,

    Juts been spraying a model in my garage and for some reason the paint has gone onto the surface with lots of air bubbles. The paint is premixed Revell airbrush paint, the airbrush is a badger 200 nh and I am using a Revell compressor with a moisture trap.

    Does anyone have any ideas what has gone wrong?

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  6. ttdriver added a post in a topic Amazing   

    Thanks for your thoughts guys. I am going to sand down the finish a little tonight as it has brought out a few imperfections, bad prep I guess

    I suppose I should have had an old piece of plastic to practice on as getting a good finish as its different with the airbrush. Never mind though I am having fun which i the important part.

  7. ttdriver added a topic in General   

    Well finally got my airbrush running tonight and laid a good coat of paint of my F40 kit. I am totally amazed at the quality of the finish. So much smoother than using rattle cans and deeper colour. It will need rubbing down and another few coats but looking not too bad so far.

    So glad I went for a compressor as using a propellant can was just of no use to me.

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  8. ttdriver added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I had a drive through to Edinburgh City and picked up a compressor, a magnifier light, some Krystal Klear, an Airbrush cleaning station, cleaning fluid and and a little measuring syringe.

    This is all stuff I need as I am getting back into the hobby, trust me on this I won't be spending £160.00 ($320.00) every week

  9. ttdriver added a post in a topic Paint fumes   

    Thanks for the replies guys. I was a bit ignorant prior to reading the forum. I always thought that if a paint came out of a can it was best to work in an open environment and with a respirator if possible but never thought the same was true if spraying indoors with an airbrush.

    I am going to have a look at a paint booth but in the meantime I will get a respirator and stick to painting in my open garage.

  10. ttdriver added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Paint fumes
    Hi Guys,

    I have just been reading through the paint booth thread and it has go me thinking. I am just getting back into this hobby and never really thought about paint fumes etc.

    I will be airbrushing with a compressor and plan to use acrylics as often as possible. There will be times tough when I will need to use enamel and other types of paint in the Airbrush.

    My question is what precautions do I need to / should take?

    I was assuming that a lot of the problems with paint fumes were down to the fact that a lot of modelers use aerosol cans and not airbrushes, is this the case?

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  11. ttdriver added a post in a topic Revell Ferrari F40   

    Hi Robert,

    Its a 1/12th scale by Revell, pretty big at 30 cm I think. Its a shame the detail is not there with the kit though. Even basic obvious things like the F40 logo on the spoiler is not there and the engine detail leaves a lot to be desired in comparison to other models I have seen.

    It is fun though

  12. ttdriver added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Revell Ferrari F40
    This is the kit I am working on just now. I haven't built a kit since I was a kid so I guess its kinda like my first all over again.

    The rear was a bit of a pain as it comes in three parts, clam shell, spoiler and rear light cluster/grill. This meant a bit of filling and sanding but its there

    Just waiting on the primer to harden and then I will sand it ready for the colour coats.


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  13. ttdriver added a post in a topic panel lines   

    Chris no worries, you helped me out

    Bob, Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

    I am quite amazed with this forum, there does not seem to be any badness around unlike some other types of forums I got to for help..........

    So in that respect thanks guys

  14. ttdriver added a post in a topic panel lines   

    Thanks Chris, maybe I should have looked around the forum a bit first There is an Art store in my local town that sell those so I have that covered

    I am still curious as to how you deepen the panel lines as the ones on the model I am working on are quite shallow.

  15. ttdriver added a post in a topic panel lines   

    Hey all,

    Jut wondering about the best way to deepen panel lines and what technical pens to use on them once the body is painted?