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  1. Plymouth wheel covers

    been looking for those for years.... Michael Kroger said he would make them if someone sent him a hubcap. I may have one at the shop.
  2. 50,000 + kits from just one mold ?

    I don't remember if they were missing, but we were going to use a different tire as the ones supplied by Revell back in 62 were pretty bad. Possibly the MPC Goodyear used in the mid sixties.
  3. 1973 Chevy Bel Air 4dr Build

    Wow that's great! Please cast 'em up! Love to do Kramer's car from Seinfeld. I got your PM. Will respond later today.
  4. What do you drive?

    Thank you very much!
  5. 1966 Country Squire in resin. First photos

    Thanks very much everyone. Yes 66 was the first year of the dual action tailgate. Pretty nice piece of engineering! I plan on having a website with direct ordering. Am going to try to keep kits in stock so there is no long wait for shipment, that may or may not be practical, just have to see how things work out.
  6. Yeah if they get the body correct I'll be a buyer
  7. 50,000 + kits from just one mold ?

    No others Casey. Sure would be fun to know what all is out there.
  8. Here's the first casting. An artist is currently doing the wood grain decals. they will be peel and stick. Still no release date or price point as of yet. Working on getting protection for my work and that will add to the cost of the kit.
  9. 50,000 + kits from just one mold ?

    Ten or Twelve years ago I was provided with a test shot Revell 62 Fury To be a box art car. What came out of the mold looked good. Got it painted and the chrome work done then the project was dropped. I can't remember what the reason was. The Revell 62 Newport conv. was also supposed to be there and there was talk on reissuing that but it did not happen either. The 62 Dodge Dart 4 dr became a drag car, who knows where the Valiant, Imperial, and the Valiant based Dodge are hiding.
  10. 66 Country Squire

    That would be an awesome subject. I have heard of someone else mastering a 68- 72 Vista Cruiser but no progress report in a long time. Out of respect to the creator of that kit, I won't do one unless I hear the project has been dropped. And thanks for your appreciation of the Squire.
  11. 66 Country Squire

    Yes, the Country Squires and possibly Country Sedans were available with bucket seats and a console from 1963 to at least through 1970. The last year for buckets in a big Ford was 1971. Have not found any reference if it made it to the wagons that year. I have found Full size Mercury wagons with buckets and a console for 1963 and 64. Not sure about after that, but will research it more as my next Merc wagon will be a 66 Colony Park. The Bucket seats and console will go right into the interior tub of the Squire as the seats are cast seperatly. I have some preliminary castings I will post pictures of shortly. The decals are being created. The 59 Nomad is currently in the mold making process. Will post photos soon.
  12. What do you drive?

    Thanks!, yeah the Impala has original paint, but it is heavily laquer checked. no plans for a repaint i like it the way it is. Heres my 57 Belvedere and 59 Buick. The Belvedere is pretty much unrestored. the Buick has been a long ongoing restoration project.
  13. Corvair rampside

    Wow Bob are you sure that's not a new Tamiya Corvair Rampside? Amazing work.
  14. What do you drive?

    Here's my favorite ride. Mostly original paint. Down with a dead Powerglide at the moment....
  15. Corvair rampside

    Thanks for the review. It really looks like a nice resin kit. Very nicely mastered.