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  1. Anyone care to take a shot at how much it costs me per unit to bring this kit to market? Plus near 200 hrs development time. I am unable to make the molds and do the casting. I did this T Bird because of a strong affection for the car. The vendor is doing me a favor by casting these and I do not wish to overwhelm him. Thanks to you who appreciate this. Again, anyone care to take a stab at my cost per unit?
  2. Bill, the Revell Torino is a bit too large both in length and width. That's why I chose the JoHan 72 Torino as a base. It scaled out perfectly. In reality they should be the same but Revell got the dimensions a bit oversized. I don't have one here in front of me but I'm sure, with work, that chassis could be made to fit.
  3. Hi everyone. Here's the first Thunderbird. Don Holthaus is doing the molding/ casting for me. I lightly tacked the bumpers and grill in place for photography. The taillamp, ft. parking lights are done but not pictured. Still have the glass buck to make as well as the interior. Having the hood ornaments done by a well known photo-ecth source as well as pinstripe and seat insert decals. Sorry the photos are a bit blurry I need to go to camera school. No release date or price point yet. Thanks for looking.
  4. Thank you all for your kind comments. The body and exterior parts have been completed. The chassis is JoHan 72 Torino with added catyletic converters. The taillight and front parking lights will be cast in clear resin. The interior and glass buck will be made once the body is cast. The red on the roof is textured paint to simulate a vinyl top.
  5. Thanks all! Upon seeing the enlarged photos on my screen I see a lot crusty corners that need cleaning up, especially around the windows. I've fixed the gap above the right side of the tail light. Yes the interior will be started on soon. The taillight unit will either be cast in clear or clear red resin. I'll have one of each done and see which one details up the best. The front parking light is almost completed, will be cast in clear resin.
  6. Awesome vintage photo Pete! Here's some new progress pics. A little more massaging on the deck lid, front bumper, add headlight cover birds, door and trunk locks and that's about it for the body.
  7. Well as they say, you can't please everybody. First, due to physical limitations, I choose to use my limited time I can work developing new masters and have the masters molded and cast by an outside source. I'm not going to say what my unit cost is per kit but it's more than you may think. Using an outside source for casting I have to be careful not to over run his capabilities. If I sold mail order and get slammed with 100 orders it might take a year to fill them then every one's mad. Prices will fall as demand catches up.. I started the auction for 100.00. Soon that's what they will be selling for. I do need the extra $ I'm getting on the first few sales to help offset the mold making cost. As far as the wheel cover goes, I have not built one with the kit supplied wheel covers yet, otherwise I would have used that photo. I cannot copy someone elses wheel cover and put it in my kit. So a great big I'm sorry to everyone I have disappointed.
  8. A good friend who wishes to remain anonymous did those fantastic seats!
  9. Just listed the first 66 Country Sedan wagon on ebay. The 63 and 66 Squires as well as the64 Country Sedan and 64 Colony Park will be coming soon.
  10. I bought some of his parts on ebay. Beautifully cast and well packaged. First class all the way.
  11. Thanks for your enthusiasm. Lots of progress lately. Today starting the vacu form window buck. Then its down to the front parking lights and crispening of a few body lines.
  12. Maybe the same punk who has been bugging me on and off for about 15 years. I do know his real name, he also uses several aliases. Have seen him post on here using one of them. He uses strange sexual innuendo as well. Has accused me of several crimes as well as using shill bidders when I sell on ebay. States that since I'm a "public figure" he can say whatever he wants about me and there is nothing I can do about it. Oh, he also claims to be an attorney LOL. Found his phone number and called him up to discuss his personal problems and he started shrieking at me like a little girl.
  13. Here's some more progress pics. The last pic are the front fender louvers in progress. The rear bumper is Revell 76 Torino narrowed slightly and the guards moved inboard. Very happy with the grill. The taillight does fit flush at the bottom, in the pic it is sticking out a bit. Not a whole lot left to do!
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