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  1. How many are secretly looking forward to the MPC Wacky Racers Compact Pussycat reissue? Hopefully it have the purple plated body like the original lol.
  2. Here's a few pics of the completed body. The only thing left to do is add the front bumper rub strips.
  3. Hi Jim, yes not thinking it would be a big seller. Would have to be a complete kit as I believe the wheelbase is longer than the 65 kit. Also, the promo body I started with is very very brittle. If you look at it wrong another area shatters. Have beefed it up considerably from the back side but still would probably break again during the mold making process.
  4. Just got mine. nice kit by why the 68 Galaxie front seat?
  5. Thank you all very much!
  6. This was built using a Modelhaus Fleetwood to start with. Grafted in the area surrounding the conv top base from a Monogram 59 Cad. The interior was masterfully scratch built by a good friend. Factory colors and YES a Lavender top was available on an Eldorado!
  7. Wasn't this kit created around the time Monogram merged with Palmer?
  8. working on a 66 coupe but it will probably not get casted
  9. Thank you Dale. Whenever I make a prediction on "when" I get myself in trouble lol. It will be the next master completed.
  10. Yes Charlie it will be available in kit form. Will be a complete kit. Here's the completed master and related parts. The taillights and glass are not shown but will be present. Paul
  11. Have a stock body and headlights for resin casting in the works. Lots of proportional corrections have been made. the sides and wheel opening shapes were so far off I grafted JoHan 77-79 sides in place Just have to add the moldings, pad the vinyl top and do final clean up. It is a bit further along than shown in the pics. Kit will have a body, headlight bezels, clear lenses and stock wheel covers.
  12. Saw a 57 El Morocco in a destruction derby around '69 or '70 at Ascot in Gardena Ca.
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