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  1. 1957 DeSoto Adventurer convertible

    This was made using a Modelhaus 57 Desoto Fireflite Ht. to start with. The wheel covers are from a Danbury mint 56 Adventurer.
  2. 59 cad sedan de Ville Flattop

    If this kit is a success I will consider doing a six window sedan as well as an all new Fleetwood of the same caliber.
  3. 59 cad sedan de Ville Flattop

    John I like your 60!
  4. 59 cad sedan de Ville Flattop

    Yes Jean Phillipe the proper wheel covers are currently being made via 3 D printing, they will be fabulous. I do need to add a bit more taper to the side molding. The major conundrum I have on this kit is the hood. The shape of the Revell kit hood is all wrong, way too squared off. I would like to offer a corrected hood with the kit but it would be too thin to cast in resin. The other option would be to cast it in place, that would require removing the wheelhouses and fire wall. A lot of builders must have an opening hood. I personally would rather have an accurate shaped hood then an engine but that's just me. Actually, the whole body was too squared off. The Eldorado trim hid a lot of that. I gave the rocker panels more of an undercut, and rounded off the upper horizontal body line running from the front fender tops to the upper rear bumper ends. The center sides of the body on the Revell kit were dead flat. I added material there to continue the rounded look from top to bottom.
  5. '57 VW rag top

    Bill it comes with the open and closed rag top inserts and a hole in the roof. A very nice resin kit as All of his products are. He also does an earlier split window model. This builds with the Tamyia 66 Beetle as a donor.
  6. '57 VW rag top

    This was built using the Best Model products resin trans kit.
  7. 1958 Plymouth Custom Suburban wagon

    Thanks all!
  8. 1964 Oldsmobile Starfire

    Thank you all for the kind words. To answer the question on the roof, it's a slightly modified 63 Olds unit. My parents bought a new Bronze 63 Dynamic 88 4 dr. ht. Always overheated. Left us stranded more than a few times. Traded for a new 67 Delta 88 2 dr. ht in silver/ silver with a black vinyl top. was a good car but the GM laquer paint was dead and flat before the car was a year old and it was a car accident magnet! Always getting hit. Traded it off in 72 on a new LTD, saw it a short time later with the back end bashed waaaay in. Some cars have bad luck I guess.
  9. 1964 Oldsmobile Starfire

    This one was built for a friend as a replica of one his dad had bought new. It started out as a convertible resin kit. Not sure who did the kit 'cause it's the only one I have come across.
  10. 1958 Plymouth Custom Suburban wagon

    Also did the side moldings from evergreen stock.
  11. 1958 Plymouth Custom Suburban wagon

    This started as a Modelhaus 57 Plymouth wagon. Grafted an AMT 58 front clip and suspension. Made a rear facing third seat, re did the seat patterns, cobbled up a wide block 318 by taking molds from a Franklin Mint 58 Plymouth heads and valve covers. Used the AMT Plymouth manifold and block.
  12. I am no longer able to post

    Been posting some of my builds the last few days without issue. Been trying to post another and I get 404 error notice every time. Any ideas?
  13. 1957 Dodge Coronet 4 dr. ht. Texan

    Thank you all very much! Wayne Dodge made Texans from 1956 through the 1958 Model year. I wonder if any La Femme Texans were built in 56? Thanks Guy, At one point, I was putting out roughly 125 builds a year. I'm currently doing about 45- 50.
  14. 1956 Citroen DS

    thanks all!
  15. 1954 Mercury Monterey wagon

    Awe shucks guys thanks!!