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  1. Thanks for your help guys. Found one.
  2. looking for an unbuilt modelhaus 56 lincoln premiere ht.
  3. Hi Alan and thanks! It will be a complete kit with rear facing 3rd seat, tires, glass, chrome ect. It is still in the development stages and Can't give a release date yet. The 78 T Bird is taking much longer than I had planned. It will be available.
  4. The 67 Impala/ Caprice makes a lot of sense. The Family Truckster does as well. With some clever engineering it could also give birth to a plethera of Country Squires and Merc Colony Parks as well as base model wagons. Any new wagon kit is welcome.
  5. There is a ebay seller with Pontiac Can Ams.... Look kind of like Dr. Larrys kits.
  6. Thank you all for your positive input. Very nice and encouraging!
  7. Here's the interior. A good friend did the interior master. His work is the best I have seen.
  8. Thank you all for the kind words! Chris, Molds have been made from the master and a full kit will become available. Paul
  9. Thank you all very much. Yes the Polycast wheels will come with the kit. It will be a complete kit down to the tires, axles, photo etch hood orn. and if I get off my butt, decals..
  10. Put one together. Will have a photo etch hood ornament when they become available. Don't have a price yet and still some work to do before release.
  11. I'll take a 1/8th scale '59 Mercury Colony Park wagon please
  12. Yeah lots of nice cars met the derby fate. Around 1980 I bought a very nice 63 S-55 Merc fastback for 200.00. Metallic Tan, white vinyl top and pearl white bucket seat interior. Drove it all summer then gutted it and ran it at the Intermountain fair derby on Labor Day weekend. Wrecked lots of 57- 64 Fords and Mercs
  13. This was built to replicate a car run circa 1970. Many cars were street legal, driven to the arena kick the glass out and chained up there. Uses a kit roof and thin aluminum body panels. 900 was my number as a derby driver from way back when.
  14. Thanks for your continued interest guys... still only have the one copy I took to the Toledo NNL, and have been waiting for the photo etch work since last May. They will be available, just can't say when.
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