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  1. I've been waiting for this for a long time!!. If you make the grill and bumpers separate, you can offer the early and late models. Also please use the best looking wheels ever made.
  2. This, one of my first car kits. Threw it away in the late 80's with about 20 others. Also tried 2 separate times to combine the Johan 60 Desoto with the Plymouth wagon.
  3. As a long time stick driver, I thought that these cars would never even blip on my radar, but with retirement looming next year, I'm starting to think that a very low maintenance, cheap to operate car might make a perfect 2nd car.
  4. I got a glimpse of a Harlequin Golf, at least it was a Golf with all different colors on it.
  5. Found these photos from a local drag race in when I was in high school in Central Pennsylvania.
  6. Looks very nice, check that left front and right rear tire rotation, I wouldn't want it to hydroplane in the wet.
  7. This is a Welcome, Under Glass and What you drive all in one. I've been out of model building for quite a while, and the bug is starting to bite again. This is a model I built 20 years ago of what was my daily driver back in the middle 70's and no I didn't keep it; it was a complete bondo bomb; I got it for $200 and after a summer of work, it was a nice car from 20 feet away After that the rust came back and it literally melted away over the next 3 years. This is an 87 Saab that my wife let me buy this past Valentines Day. I know what I'm in for since I've been driving them since the early 80's.
  8. I wanted to see the difference in the rear window and was surprised by the many body styles available.
  9. My bad, 2 coupes, 2 sedans. But I found a blue, yellow, and 2 white bubble tops; but have not found one on a GM illustration.
  10. I had to Google this car to see what the difference in the back window was, but the more I looked, the more choices I found. 3 different coupes, a four door, wagon and convertible.
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