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  1. My purchases from Steve have been primarily at shows. Has always been a FIRST CLASS person. He handles products from (obviously) "different" suppliers...… Some of the things that I have gotten were "thin wall", very nice units....some were "rather chubby" and required some "thinning down", but, all in all, I have ALWAYS been happy with my dealings with Steve. DJ
  2. Period Correct 1940 Ford Gasser

    One FANTASTIC build!!!!! Been watching this from the start, and your "stick-to-it" for staying "period correct" earns you a BIG two-thumbs-up!!! AWESOME JOB!!!! DJ
  3. 1940 Ford A/G or B/G Gasser Build

    X2 !!!! Been following this build, and is some GREAT work!!!!! Can't wait to see the final product. DJ
  4. Ford LTL 9000

    That is some of the BEST looking work I've seen in quite some time!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!! And, as Christian said, It really DOESN'T MATTER whether it was "in service" for the Army or not... The execution of the build and the quality of work are both FIRST CLASS!!!! Either way, GREAT JOB!!!!! DJ
  5. Resin Wishlist

    Early 50's GMC "Cannonball" cab-overs...….. DJ
  6. Tire history?

    In keeping your 40 Ford Gasser "period correct" to 1962, yes the Pie-crust slicks would be correct...…. The "event" that was probably "responsible" for the end of the M&H Pie-crust slicks was in the spring of 1965 when Goodyear got Dick Landy to bring his injected 426/ awb Dodge A/FX car to Fontana Dragstrip for a tire comparison against their new "wrinkle wall" slicks. Landy's car with the "pie-crusts" left the line carrying the front tires about six inches off the ground, then they put on the "wrinkle-walls"...…. The car launched so hard that it literally stood on the back bumper!!! The rest is history...….. DJ
  7. What paint to use for this truck??????

    Got curious about the "PETTY BLUE" so went into Wikipedia"s history about the color...………... According to them, the color was created by the PETTY family (this is according to RICHARD ) when they were preparing to paint a racecar, and there was not enough white or dark blue to paint the whole car, and the "blend" of the two colors resulted in "PETTY BLUE". Cool chunk of history...….. Loved the story!!!! DJ
  8. What paint to use for this truck??????

    Knowing that there is only ONE "Petty Blue",(did not know the correct name for it tho) and that the pictures on the "net" make them "seem" lighter or darker, that's why there was the "" Cool to see another Petty fan!!!! DJ
  9. What paint to use for this truck??????

    Almost think that, if you looked thru Google Images, at the different PETTY ENTERPRISES race cars, you might find one of the shades of "Petty Blue" & white that would work...… DJ
  10. Aftermarket CB radio ?

    Posted in other thread: Check with Dave Natale, AITM part # is HD139 DJ
  11. Anyone looking for a pretty decent CB Radio can find them at Dave Natale's AITM site. They are a part # HD 139. Got several from him on my last order. Come with radio, mic, and cord. DJ
  12. AMT Movin On Kenworth Announced

    Maybe I missed this somewhere, but...... which engine is this kit going to come with?????? DJ
  13. Need Help to find "decal site"

    THANKS! That was exactly the site I was looking for........... DJ
  14. Just getting back into building trucks...... Saw a site that had ALL KINDS of trucking company decals (1/25 scale), but lost it with the old Any help would be welcomed. Thanks, DJ
  15. Been around the Hobby for some time, stayed active with the Local Hobby Club, know several here........... Glad to be back. DJ