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  1. 😎😎😎 Awesome group!!!! Good looking stuff!!!! Keep em coming!!!! DJ
  2. 😎😎😎 What a Super-Good-Lookin' rig!!!! Can't go wrong with that color combo!!!! NICE build!!!! DJ ps= have you ever visited Competition Trailers in Henderson, Tx??
  3. 😎😎😎 That is one clean looking conversion!!!! This really looks the part of a "fleet workhorse".... NICE!!!! DJ
  4. 😎😎😎 Nice clean build!!! The color combo is really eye-catching!!! DJ
  5. 😎😎😎 Love those old "narrow nose" Petes!!! AWESOME job on the build!!! Was it 1965 when they introduced the 358??? DJ
  6. 😎😎😎 A really nice job on the build!!! Enjoy seeing "Euro" type rigs!!! DJ
  7. 😎😎😎 WOW!!! All you wanted to know about a Freightliner but were afraid to ask!!!!! That is FANTASTIC!!!! Only took two cups of coffee and a bowl of popcorn to read it all!!!! THANK YOU so much for sharing your knowledge. Drove the old things (back in the 60s-70s) but couldn't remember squat.... Trouble remembering what I was doing 5 minutes ago much less 40+ years ago!!! DJ
  8. 😎😎😎 Anyone out there that can tell me "what" color options that Freightliner had during the 60's on their interiors? Thanks DJ
  9. 😎😎😎 Nice job!!!! Real sharp Show-Truck!!!! DJ
  10. 😎😎😎 Beautiful job, especially with the kit you built it from!!!! DJ
  11. 😎😎😎 Really does look "Show room fresh" !!!! Awesome job!!!! DJ
  12. 😎😎😎 Great build, real clean!! DJ
  13. 😎😎😎 Really captured the weathered look!!! Great job!!! DJ
  14. 😎😎😎; Great build!!! I like the color combo too!!! Did you use the kit's 8V-71 or something different?? DJ
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