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  1. 😎😎😎 Real Sharp!!!! And the color combo grabs your attention!!!! DJ
  2. 😎😎😎 Very impressive!!! Great job!!! DJ
  3. 😎😎😎 This turned out magnificent!!! Would make any O/O proud to be seen in!!!! DJ
  4. 😎😎😎 Beautiful job on a unique vehicle!!! Super job on all the conversion work!!! DJ
  5. 😎😎😎 Sure is a sharp build!!! Great Job!!! DJ
  6. As Tom said... I think we need to see a LOT MORE pictures of the different trucks in the show cases!!!! DJ
  7. 😎😎😎 That's a whole FLEET of rigs!!! Beautiful bunch of trucks!!!! DJ
  8. 😎😎😎 That color combo really POPS!!! Very sharp!!! DJ
  9. 😎😎😎 As Tom said: Is worth the wait!!!! Good looking build, and the Cat V8 is perfect power!!! DJ
  10. 😎😎😎 Have always enjoyed your builds, clear back to the old "short track days".... This one is EXCEPTIONAL!!!! DJ
  11. 😎😎😎 I'll second that!!!! DJ
  12. 😎😎😎 Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Sorry to hear about the job situation.... Lots of folks in that same boat.... Also understand the "portion of work day at the model bench"..... That's all I've done for the past several weeks too.... (just gotta get things set back up to be able to post pictures...) Anyhow, GREAT JOB!!!! DJ
  13. 😎😎😎 Turned out Fantastic!!! LOVE the "wax job" on the truck too!!! DJ
  14. 😎😎😎 Was sorta like JT.... wasn't too sure about the color combo until I could see it all put together... Really looks good!!! Cool project!!!! DJ
  15. 😎😎😎 Again, Great Job!!! Those make a sharp couple!!! DJ
  16. 😎😎😎 That is just SO GOOD LOOKIN' !!!!! Lotta work into this one, and it really paid off!!! DJ
  17. 😎😎😎 Gotta love the Red/White/Blue !!!! That is just one Sanitary looking rig!!! Great job!!! DJ
  18. 😎😎😎 Great job on the build!!! I like the color combo!!! Keep up the good work!!!! DJ
  19. 😎😎😎 Definitely one good looking truck!!! Nice build!!!! DJ
  20. 😎😎😎 FANTASTIC JOB on the miniature!!! Ya still got the talent!!! DJ ps: the 1/1 is super nice too!!!
  21. 😎😎😎 The conversion work is AWESOME!!! And all of the detail work really turn this one into a "show-stopper" !!!! DJ
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