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  1. 😎😎😎 My grandson put one of these together, turned out to be a surprisingly neat little kit.... Great job on detailing yours!!! DJ
  2. 😎😎😎 Lotta GOOD LOOKING rigs!!!! Always enjoy seeing what you've built..... DJ
  3. 😎😎😎 Great job on the Road Boss!!! What color is that???? DJ
  4. 😎😎😎 Very nice looking build!!! Sanitary!!!! DJ ps: keep building the trucks!!!!
  5. 😎😎😎 Not trying to get in the middle of something, but.... If you haven't found one Jerry, I have a few of those kits, be glad to get you one out (what I have to build out of them do not have a/c units on them)….. Yours for the asking.. DJ
  6. 😎😎😎 Looks like one of the real workhorses from that area!!! Great job!!!! DJ
  7. 😎😎😎 Very sanitary!!! Like the colors too!!!! DJ
  8. 😎😎😎 Exceptional job on the build!!!! The weathering is very realistic!!! DJ
  9. 😎😎😎 Really OUTSTANDING!!!! The detail and weathering is amazing!!!! DJ
  10. 😎😎😎 That is really one GOOD LOOKIN' rig!!!! Just sorta showcases what an O/O would be proud to own!!!! DJ
  11. 😎😎😎 That is really a NICE build, forget the "first time"..... And the hint about "filling the tires" works quite well, tried that when was posted sometime back..... On to bigger things!!!!! DJ
  12. 😎😎😎 The paint and detail work is awesome!!! Fantastic build!!! DJ
  13. 😎😎😎 Great couple of builds!!!! Nice detail too!!! DJ
  14. 😎😎😎 I had one of those bodies that I bought at a model show in Dallas..... Have no idea who was the "caster" (and I use the term LOOSELY) but ended up trading it away once I got to looking at what it was going to take to get it "somewhere close"..... Have plans to use a AMT kit, and a bunch of Evergreen, to attempt one for myself.... Good luck on yours!!!!! DJ
  15. 😎😎😎 Wow!!! If that don't take ya back in time!! Great build!!!! DJ
  16. 😎😎😎 Like the color combo!!! Nice conversion. DJ
  17. 😎😎😎 Beautiful build!!!! What are you building to go behind this??? DJ
  18. 😎😎😎 One VERY realistic build!!! Detail and weathering is some of the best I've seen!!! DJ
  19. 😎😎😎 The build is great!! Enjoy seeing unique projects like this one. DJ
  20. 😎😎😎 That is incredible building!!!! Fantastic detail !!! DJ
  21. 😎😎😎 Great job on the build.... the story that goes along with it was great, until I got to the part where it burned.....😭 DJ
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