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  1. Even with the "issues", that really turned out to be a SHARP lookin' GMC!!!! DJ
  2. What can ya say???? But if it's getting a bunch of kits back on the market..... Keep after it!!!! DJ
  3. Really Nice Build!!!! Those emblems would have run me nuts!!!! DJ
  4. Really enjoying the progress on this one!!!! And the "recovery" of the dump bed is Class One!!!! DJ
  5. Sharp job on the Mack so far!!! Have a few of the units from Dave, he really turns out SUPERIOR stuff!!!! Will be following this one for sure.... DJ
  6. Pete..... What did you use to dull the chrome? Dullcoat spray, brush on, ???? DJ
  7. :):):)


    Was looking at the exh-manifolds on the 903 engines that I got from Dave Natalie (they are molded onto the engine) and they look like, I you just had to, could be replicated by taking some off of a 8v-71 that feed straight out the back, file them down, and have a "passible" pair.....  Looked at the images on "Google images" and saw many that resembled what you could end up with.....    Hope that helps.


  8. Great job on all the fabrication!!!!! Class one all the way!!!!! DJ
  9. WOW!!!!! For all the fits that cab gave you, this really turned out great!!!! DJ
  10. Got one outta the new W-925 AMT kits if you want it Jerry..... DJ
  11. All three are FANTASTIC builds!!!! Can appreciate your tribute build (one of my lifelong closest friends lives in Kennewick). DJ
  12. Awesome job on the build!!!! Old Mack looks like it lived on the "back roads" most of it's life!!!! DJ
  13. Great job on the build!!!! (Love the "ice cream" van too!!!!!) DJ
  14. Extremely sharp!!!!! Stripes really set it off!!!! DJ
  15. Really a sharp build!!!! Great job!!!! DJ
  16. Bless yur heart..... whatta bunch of work!!!! Your efforts have proved "worth the hassle" tho!!!! Sharp truck, and fantastic fabrication!!!! DJ
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