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  1. I thought I had an f body obsession lol.... I love this!
  2. Awesome builds everyone!!!! Cant tell you how excited I was to sign on after a couple months and seeing this brought back from 2017!!!!! Hope to see more beautiful f bodies posted!!! And thank you to all that have. Your rides look great!!!!!!!
  3. This is the wheel in my shortbox which didnt come from the 93 kit...however if you find someone with a mustang gt kit it should be in it. And I'm more than sure I have the wheel somewhere. I had the mustang trio kit. It came with a 93 cobra, (which is where I got the wheel you're looking for), the 95 mustang convertible, and the 69 super cj.... I'll keep looking.
  4. Took a look... the wheel I thought I threw in the shortbox that came from the mustang kit is not the same. It's the more rounded wheel.
  5. I believe I also have that wheel in my f150 shortbox that I kit bashed. In which case I'll gladly part with it.
  6. I have the Taurus kit however its sitting on my shelf... however... if I recall correctly... I have the wheel from the 93 mustang kit.
  7. I'll look and see what I have but am 98% sure I have this wheel I can part with if you still need...
  8. Even has valve stems in the rims!
  9. Your attention to detail is amazing! I love what you've done with the brake booster. Not just the lines but the whole booster itself! Great work all around! Are the valve covers resin?
  10. I'm actually rattle canning and polishing the gloss. I dont like that route but that's what he wanted. I was thinking of alclad too. And since it's already going to have a coat of gloss black, it already has the base coat in theory. I havent used BMF before but do like the idea of polishing it and blending it to make it seemless.
  11. It's a project I'm working on for my friend. He has an audi s4 he's done some work on. He asked me about painting his dash. I told him what I know to get a decent job. I paint plenty of plastics obviously. So he went to it.... well needless to say he ended up painting everything. He got real hung up on his second coat and when he pulled off the masking he didnt like what he saw so he blasted the whole thing gloss black. He said he was just going to buy a new one. I said dude you drive a new audi... you aren't just going to pick up a new dash unless you pay an arm and a leg and possibly 18 teeth.... so I took it from him. I need some advice on painting a silver trim on the gauge housing. As you can see I started going around with a molotow pen but it doesnt transfer smooth enough. I've stripped the paint off and sanded and primed. Painted the face panel but need to smoother it out and shoot a second coat on that. Then I sanded and primed the gauge bezel and GPS housing. The bezel will be gloss and the GPS will be semi gloss.
  12. I'm excited to see that as well.
  13. Yeah that hood is pretty wild. Luckily I work at a machine shop so I can get shim stock to have a rigid work piece. Although I'm more than sure I'll need a couple hoods to get it.
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