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  1. Very stunning!!!! I love this! Challengers and cuda are one of my faves. This is absolutely beautiful! I'm very glad you posted it. Great job on it!
  2. Well said Pete! That's the exact reason I made the thread!
  3. This is simply incredible! May I ask how you did the nose? I have a kitbashed version of this same kit but nowhere near as nice as yours is. Impeccable attention to detail!
  4. Do it!!!! Doesnt matter if it you think it pales in comparison! Not a competition by any means. I have on model with P.E. parts and it's not even close to being done by any stretch of the imagination.
  5. Guys!!! This is awesome!!!!!! Beautiful craftsmanship!!!!!!!! Let's keep it goin!
  6. Yes!!!!!!! This is amazing!!!! And you're spot on on the last statement hahahaha!!!!
  7. Wow!!!! This is amazing!!!!! You must be good with the tweezers.
  8. This can be any P.E. build. Completely photoetch or dress up kits. If you have some show it off!!!
  9. I've been swamped with home projects right as I started a bronco build. Like I've opened the box and glued 2 parts together now everything is flipped upside down.... anyways.... enough rambling.... Show your Photoetch builds!!!!!
  10. Hope I dont regret this. I'm sure I wont. The grill isnt quite right anyhow.
  11. It is great for sure. But I only know it in the context of machining. And you're not kidding about the arm and leg and 18 teeth price wise. 😫 I'll check out the link for sure! Thank you for the recommendation.
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