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  1. 69 z/28 ss 396 convertible

    Of coarse this is for the 68 but I'm sure the options for the z carried over?
  2. 69 z/28 ss 396 convertible

    I chose not to do the stripes over the hood for exactly the reason you said. They're everywhere. Does that mean I don't like them? No. I like them enough.. I just don't see the hockey sticks much.
  3. 69 z/28 ss 396 convertible

    Thank you for clearing that up for me! Please dont think i was trying to disagree with snake. He's got a lot of knowledge and has given me great advice. I'm a huge camaro/firebird fan and have owned a few of them. However mine were a far cry from this example! My cars were 80's cars. After you saying that about z/28 being hardtops jogged my memory back. I knew the z/28 package was just that but.... it was that a whole package. As you've outlined above. Much like the ws6 package on a firebird, or the 1le..... (which I'll give modern gm a lot of credit for bringing that back) but as you've also eluded to gm got a little aestetic with their "packages". My 04 impala ss rings some bells on this one. Anyhow thank you both for clearing that up for me. Now... can I edit the listing? Cuz it's kinda irking me knowing it' not a z lol
  4. 69 z/28 ss 396 convertible

    Wowza I had to dig deep in myclassicgarage for this...
  5. 69 z/28 ss 396 convertible

    Right I couldn't remember if the ss/rs had the z/28 package. That' all a z/28 is. Although you're right. They didnt market it with Z/28. As for the left side above the marker light.... well that was one of those rookie mistakes. The old paint on the finger somehow. I don't remember exactly what I did to get it on my finger but there it is. Right on the side there.... from my finger.... I planned on using the side stripes over the racing stripes. So it's not that I was trying to cover it up. I'll post the inspiration in a minute
  6. 69 z/28 ss 396 convertible

  7. 69 z/28 ss 396 convertible

    The Shelby
  8. 69 z/28 ss 396 convertible

    Thanks David! The brakes will need a little tweaking to work but I'll make it happen. I had to drill the post on the inside of the wheel a little bit to get them to at least fit under the car. I still have to figure out how to secure them but keep them rolling too..... not sure how I'm going to pull it off yet. Realistically it's the main reason I had shelved this project. But I love how this is coming out. I need to put it beside the gt500.... of coarse the 500 is a 2010 but it's not about that. The shelby is in my mind the best I've done so far. Followed extremely close by the 69 vette. But the shelby is a better build. But then there's this.... I started this way before the cobra.
  9. 69 z/28 ss 396 convertible

    Thanks Marty!
  10. 69 z/28 ss 396 convertible

    Never a dull moment at my place. Admittedly I haven't worked on a model in a bit. Been dealing with my 1:1 and possibly having to put a new motor in it.... If only cars were like models and you could just pick this off that and what not..... anyways enough about that.... I decided to do a little mock up to kinda refresh myself of where I left this kit off. I love the way this is coming out. I have a set of vette discs to throw behind the big Pegasus torq 19's. I still have to Molotow the back side of the discs and paint the pads black and calipers red. Then I have to get them mounted onto the wheels. It'll be easier to do this vs mount them to the axle. Some future in the future. Then black out the rear end.... just the panel with the tail lights in it.
  11. Collection pics!

    I was just saying this yesterday over in the open door thread I posted. This is the way I feel as well. I just want to build the car I would buy had it been me at the dealership. But then again there's the builds that are how you would build the car if it were in your garage. Most every time I build a kit, I try to do at least one new technical skill. Doesn' matter how small it may be..... anyways glad to see this is still going!!!!
  12. Trying some open'n doors

    Lol I see what you mean now. I' thinking if I build off the floor I'll chop the fire wall off the tub. This is where it'd be noticeable up front if I slid the tub back. So like I said if I do that, then I can possibly cut the floor out of the tub and mount it to the chasss of the car. That way I could slide the rear seat and deck back to line up with the rear windows like the 1:1.
  13. Trying some open'n doors

    Good points. I really don't like the seats that came in the car. I really want to pro mod it anyhow so building off the floor might be the best option.
  14. Trying some open'n doors

    That's a great idea too. I did really enjoy the fact that the amt 4th generation camaro and firebird models were built from the chasss up. The floorboard was just that. Not a tub. Very cool idea.
  15. Trying some open'n doors

    I couldn't agree more. I have a 5 drawer Rubbermaid bin that I keep all my parts in. Engine/drivetrain, suspension/frame, interior, body parts/bodies, wheels and tires.... always kit bashing something lol many models have lost their lives but their souls live on!