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  1. I was the one who told my hobby shop that BMF had somewhat of an expiration date even if it's not written black on white on the packaging. I don't even know how long those sheets were in the store. That might be why it has 0 tack. Louvers on the mustang were flat black, with flat clear coat and the BMF had basically no spot/creases to adhere to. From what I can read, it's basically the worst situation one can have with BMF. I swear, if I blow at the correct angle, I'm 100% sure that thing will come right off the louvers. I'll give it a second try that's for sure. I see some people having great result with it. Guess I'll also try Alcad chrome once I get an airbrush.
  2. Thanks all! My renewed interest in the hobby is growing daily and let's say that with all the great builders on this forum, it's fairly easy to get inspired and help is only a fingertip away. Let's see if I will be able to do more than 4 inch of BMF without losing my mind...(Is this thing supposed to be sticky?!!) I tried it on the Boss louvers and let's just say that I didn't have the courage to do it for all the rest of the trims.
  3. This is the Mustang 1970 Boss 429 I just finished. First model in 20+ year for me and I must admit that I'm quite happy with the result. Far from perfect but I've learnt so many things while doing it, it's only going to make the next model better. Body Color: Testor Competition Orange/Flat Black, Tamiya Clear Coat. (all rattle can...don't have an airbush yet...) Scratchbuilt the battery (and cables),front shocks and spring, windshield washer fluid tank, wired the engine ignition...(well partially...) IMG_9573 IMG_9579 IMG_9545 IMG_9568
  4. Indeed! No wonder people looked at me funny when I talked about those...
  5. Casey is 100% right. 4 barrel Carb and turbos are not in this kit rebox (nor the original one). I'll try to figure out the plumbing from the J 2000 pictures since it's the closest thing I've seen so far.
  6. Hehe, we'll see if they have great customer support, one of the back wheels rim was busted and I had to put in a request for a new one. Ironically, I initially bought this kit mostly for the cage and wheels. I'll let you know about the carb.
  7. It is indeed the kit I have but page 7 seems to have the wrong engine (or I missed the 4 barrel carb on the spruce but i doubt it..). I'll look and confirm this once I get back home. I guess I'm gonna end up having to use various 350 setup picture to get my references and mash'em up together so I end up with a detailed engine that look somewhat close to the real thing. I'm assuming it's an error on the instructions because there are a couple of misidentified items also. (some instructions # don't match the spruce #)
  8. Meh, I should have read the whole thing when I found it...I stopped at the picture because it looked like it was the correct engine but the Beretta is missing the 4 barrel stuff on the front so I dismissed it thinking it was a completely different engine. If its the same engine its an all-aluminum-block small block Chevy 350 with Brodix heads. (according to the Rick Dobbertin's J-2000 brochure) I guess I'll have a lot of plumbing to do on this kit. Thanks for the input Casey.
  9. Hi guys, Couldn't find anything on this on the forums (maybe I just didn't dig deep enough...the kit is old after all) so I figured I could use some experts opinion on the matter. I just got the rebox for the Revell/Monogram Beretta Pro-Street kit and I can't figure out what this engine is. I would love to know so I could go get some reference picture and start the build. Only thing I know for sure is that it's a nitrous,V8, small block with both carbs stretching on the side of the engine. I'm thinking LT1 or LT4 but I honestly don't know. Transmission on the other hand is fairly easy to identify! I'll post pictures once I get back home just in case it help someone identify it. Anyone got a clue?
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