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  1. Can someone tell me how to reduce the size of my pictures? Way too big and blurry
  2. When I post my pictures they are way too big. How can I reduce the size?
  3. Made my own "Cherry Bomb" Mufflers
  4. Thank you. In my teens and twenties in the muscle car era. Must of my builds will be jacked up in the back with big tires and mags
  5. Motor in frame. Got to paint exhaust before I stick them on the car
  6. Tires and wheels ae done. Next I'll need to learn to do disk brakes.
  7. Thank you for your advice. I'll take all the help i can get. I'll get good at this because I'm opening 99% of my builds .
  8. It's actually more than that. I do one step at a time on a model . if I stay on one model until it's finished I'll start taking short cuts and get in a hurry to finish it. Once I finish the frame on this one I'll go to number two and finish the interior, then #3 and so on. Keeps me motivated to work on each one. I'll go to back to #2 ( #1 is done. It's in "Under Glass), when I finish the frame on this one , and finish the interior on that one. Then #3, 1969 SC/ Rambler, #4 1960 Ford Sunliner, #5 , this one, then #6 Lamborghini, Veneno. Then I'll add #7, which is a NASCAR kit. Have them all numbered.
  9. Thank you Gareth. I work on them like an assembly line. If I stay on one too long I start taking short cuts just to get them finished. I'll finish the frame on this one and then more on to #6, whatever step I'm on with that one.
  10. Tires and wheels I decided on for my 60s/70s street machine
  11. Base coat for the frame. Dupli-color chrome rattle can
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