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  1. Mirrors painted, ready to be installed
  2. OK. I.m sorry. I can't read all 9 pages to find out if someone already answer my question. So, I live in Florida where the humidity is just plain ridiculous. I paint in a detached garage. My question is, if I paint a model in this high humidity then put it in a dehydrator will that save the paint or am I screwed already before I get it into it? I need to find a cure for this problem. Appreciate all the help I can get
  3. OK, it's raining here in Florida. Can't do any painting so I thought I'd work on some things. First, i realized the mirrors for the Challenger have to be painted. A tip I got somewhere, I drilled a small hole in the bottom of the mirror and glue a piece of small wire in the hole. Use my clips to hold the mirrors while I paint them . When I go to put them on the car I will cut the wires off leaving just a small piece on the bottom of the mirrors. I'll drill a small hole in the door of the Challenger , where I want the mirrors. The wire will keep them from moving, sliding or falling off!
  4. Ok, I'm going with this. Shoot a couple of clear coats and buff/polish out and see what happens.
  5. Went with black embossing powder then over that with black paint. Came out better than flocking but looks too thick. Back off on the paint next time
  6. How do you make leather interiors look more like leather than plastic. Have seen pictures of interiors that looked almost like real leather
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