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  1. I have a 12" piece of Stainless Steel 316 Hypodermic Tubing, 22 Gauge, 0.028" OD, 0.0215" ID, 0.0035" Wall, . What I need to know is what size do I need, that this piece will fit into to make a two piece antenna?
  2. Well, it's August 23rd and still no magazine What's up? ,
  3. Going to put this one aside for now. 😝😒
  4. ok, trying this a different way
  5. Wow. They look great! It's like my "Cherry "Bomb" mufflers.
  6. Welcome David! Retired also. Got alot of projects and no money,lol. But do enjoy model building in the evenings. I belong to the same model club as Jim above me, To be exect, he's the president of the club. The name is F.A.S.T. and we meet the first Saturday of the month in Ocala florida. Welcome aboard!
  7. Know of any other place besides Micro Mark. They're always too expensive
  8. Thank you for all the suggestions. I heard somewhere that wax or bee's wax works. Anybody else hear or use that?
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