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  1. Rotors spindles done. Come back to this later
  2. Yup. Add reinforcing the rocker panels and you have alot of fabricating to do
  3. Did some checking online. This is , in real life, a 4.5 Million dollar car. Somebody has too much money!🀨
  4. Thank you. i appreciate that!
  5. Well, going to start #6. Looks interesting. Lots of pieces, small decals and instructions are in Japanese! πŸ˜•
  6. Finished the motor for my Belvedere
  7. Super28

    Bumper jack base

    I've never seen one. Anybody sell them separate?
  8. Super28

    Bumper jack base

    I saw one in a picture of a model. It was in the truck on top of the spare like they use to be in real life. Anybody know who makes this? Thanks
  9. 20190902_151917.mp4 20190902_151917.mp4 20190902_151917.mp4 20190902_151917.mp4 20190913_234013_Trim.mp4
  10. Super28


    Well, that sucks! But appreciate the response. When I get better at this model thing I may have to try detailing one of these simple kits
  11. Super28


    Does any body make a detailed model of the Ford Pantera? All the ones I've seen are simple kits with no motor and very little detail
  12. OK, Cut the doors from the interior tub. Now comes the modifying the body to get the interior tub to fit and making the door jams. Oh joy, (not!)
  13. Working on the wheels. Anybody got any suggestions?
  14. Well, other than the driveshaft, I think I got the frame finished.
  15. #2,#3,#4,& #5 together. Work on each one a little at a time so I don't get too Frustrated. About to start #6
  16. Ok. Hung doors , hood and trunk. Aggravated me enough for now. Back to #1NC ,(NASCAR)
  17. Finished the frame. Need to move on to something else. This one is irritating me😁
  18. OK, change of plans. Going with mag wheels
  19. Super28

    Master Cylinders

    Need to find some one who sells aftermarket master cylinders, 1/24-1/25. know of a person or company that makes 'em? Thanks in advance! terry
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