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  1. I have a "lifetime" subscription! Hope life isn't this short!
  2. I have carpet in mine. Hate to vacuum the room cause every time I do it sounds like a machine gun going off. Never find anything when I dump it, but I know there was something in it!
  3. Think I'm about done with the interior
  4. dash with pedals attached
  5. Pedals from Parts Box with photo etch overlays. Will mount behind the dash and hang down
  6. Kinda try fit. i think it will look great when i finish. Comments? Suggestions?
  7. Super28


    1971 Buick Rivera Bobtail . Aybody ever make one? Anybody got one? Anybody know where I can get one?
  8. Hello! I'm a member of F.A.S.T., a model car club in Ocala Florida. One of our members, Mark Box, sells, trades, buys model car parts. Mark is a super guy, knows all about parts from different kits. If you need a part, want to sell some some parts or trade parts , call Mark. It's Mark's Vintage Plastic Junkyard @ 352-361-6921. Worth the call. Tell him , Terry sent you!
  9. Did the carpet in black embossing powder from Hobby Lobby. Did the mat in Tamiya gloss black
  10. Working on the interior now. Going with black and bare metal foil. Sanded down the molded pedals. Went into parts box and found a set I like. Going with black embossing powder for carpet. Check out pics and tell me what you think
  11. I had a member in a model car club that dells model car parts. He's really seems to know alot about parts in every kit ever made. He has a huge parts inventory. He sells, buys, trades parts. I would like everyone in this forum to know about him and post his contact information , but don't want to break any rules here. Where would be a good place to post this info?
  12. Do you have to have a Laserjet printer to make decals
  13. Ok. the body spent the night in the purple pond. Acrylic clear came off all the way to the base coat, real easy. The lacquer clear coat was harder to get off but a small wire brush convinced it. Funny, the Lacquer silver base coat stayed on. Conclusion? The base coat was on a couple of days before I painted the yellow. The lacquer base coat had a couple of days to "dry", "set" or "gas out" , whatever. ALSO , the silver base coat made the iridescent seem to have a "blue" tint to it. Left the front white. Seems the yellow was a better shade of yellow in the front. Take notes, put in book for future reference
  14. Well , the Lacquer clear over the acrylic paint seems to do alright. No bad reactions to it. Of course the acrylic clear over the acrylic paint did fine. The lacquer clear seems to have more shine. Didn't try sanding and buffing, which I should've done. too late now it's in the "purple pond" Rats!
  15. Naw, going to try to stick with airbrush as much as possible
  16. Interior so far. First time opening doors and trunk , first piping seats, first time trying photo-ectch parts. First time with "Fuzzy-Fur" and first time with embossing powder. Alot of firsts. Gonna get better!
  17. I've been using enamel clear. Been able to and buff out "orange peel", "runs" and "trash" in the clear. Can you do the same with acrylic clears???
  18. Hear, Hear! I can vouche for that!!!
  19. naw. light coats with a hair dryer between coats. thinned with isopropyl alcohol. about a $1 a bottle anywhere. Gonna need a clear top coat. Better than enamel because it dries real quick. mix it til it's about like milk. All my paint jobs will be Acrylic or Lacquer because the go on so easy and dry real quick. Enamel to hard to spray and dries so slow. Also Acrylic cleans up with water. No mess. I bought a hair dryer for $9 at Ollies. Only way to go .
  20. Also, piture does not do the color justice. You should see it in sunlight. Just amazing
  21. Going with that on the body with a pearl white top. All Createx
  22. Make them as high or as low as you need. know where you're coming from
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