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  1. Ok. What went wrong? The paint turns dull and rough. The one on the left is decanted Testors enamel, the one on the right is lacquer. Both went on good. Humidity?
  2. Does anyone have or know where I could get a 71/72 Road runner hood for a 1/24 model? Anybody do resin/3D printing of this part? Thanks
  3. Do they come with instructions? I don't have a clue how to use that
  4. Anybody know how to make an interior look like crush velvet?
  5. Waiting to see the finish product!
  6. AND, you need to prime over it a bunch. and a good bath. It is a last resort but will work
  7. The question was what to use to get the paint off. I agree Acetone is the last resort, BUR, it will remove the paint. Yes, you're going to have to do some minor putty work and alot of sanding but it will work
  8. Acetone will take anything off! Just don't soak it in acetone. It will desolve plastic! BUT on a rag you can wipe anything off!
  9. OK, this is my second time at "Flocking". Don't think it looks too bad. The big spot the drivers side will be covered by the driver's seat. I'll get better. Heard that "embossing powder" works better. Opinions?
  10. Looks great! "Super" job! Everybody loves Superbirds, even us Ford peeps
  11. Well, Going to use some Ken's Fuzzy Fur for the carpet. Decided to use the black. Be too much "Red" with the Red or Pink
  12. LOL. Of course I had to break one in half to learn...
  13. I put plastic stock as shown in pictures to re-enforce the rockers AND it fills the gap between the frame and body
  14. Well, messed up the paint ...again on the #1, 1970 Challenger,so, put it aside for awhile. Going to work on #2, 1962 Thunderbird for awhile. picture is as far as I gotten so far.
  15. I use "Purple Power" from WalMart. It's right at $5.00 a gallon. I use two gallons in a Home Depot bucket. I leave it in the corner of my garage, (detached). I got a collard er, from WalMart, Bent the ends of 2 "Eye" bolts from Home Depot to use as handles. A tea leaf ball, also from WalMart, added a chain from Home depot. Cut a slot in the side of the bucket to hold the Tea Ball, (for small parts). Found a 5 gallon bucket strainer online. i strain the bucket every now and then to clean out the "garbage" in the bottom NOTE: apparently Purple Power goes bad after about a year. Won't strip anything now. Might try that "Super Clean" ya'll are talking about
  16. Gentlemen, Thank You. This poor thing has been painted so many times I just give up on it. (losing detail). Will buy ne a new one, but am staying away from rattle cans, de-canning, an enamels altogether. Going to stick with lacquers, and acrylics. Going to try "Gravity " paints. Look good and come pre-mixed. See how that goes
  17. Anybody know why my paint job did this? It was de-canned Testor's "Plum Crazy" enamel. It's turning grey in areas? What went wrong? it was primer ed with Tamyia grey primer, lightly sanded with 600 paper. Can it be saved? was going to clear it in a couple of days.
  18. Thank you gentlemen. Alot of work went into it. Learned alot for the next one. Like the saying I stoled from one of the posters here here, I put over my work desk, " Each Kit I Build Is Really Only Practice For The Next One". I'll get better! Love the colors you can get with nail polish. The pictures don't do it justice, I assure you.
  19. 1941 Chevolet pickup. Flip Front end. Brake lines to all four wheels. Motor is out of Lindberg '38 Ford Street Rod. Glass Mirror firewall. Suicide doors. "Ken's fuzzy fur carpet, black .Ken's red Fuzzy dice on mirror. Dash from a later model Chevolet pick up. Paint is Pure Ice finger nail polish, "Hit the Floor" #1026. Interterior in Tamiya matte White.
  20. He was an underdog like Alan Kuwicki but I always pulled for him. Thats why i built his car
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