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  1. What are you trying to mask, a line where the colours change? Mal
  2. Sorry about that Derrick We are a bit slow this side of the 3rd rock from the sun LOL Mal
  3. Mal.au

    2011 Camaro

    Cool Not what I am into but it looks cool Mal
  4. Hey George No it didn't come with the clear canopy and it took me more than a couple of goes to get it right, of course I didn't cut it before I painted the boat, the thinnest plastic I could find was the plastic in the top of a donut box, the donuts came from donut king here in OZ which it the same as your Dunkin donuts, I ended up making a masking tape template and then transfering it to the plastic, then used thin strips of doub;e sided tape my wife uses for scrap booking ( Thanks Dear ) Mal
  5. Hi David Just wondering what size Tube/Rod are you using for the chassis
  6. You missed a section 5. The all of the above but I don't actually finish any section Thats me
  7. Hi Jim I typed you question in google and it found this Hope it helps http://www.offroadmodels.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=howto&action=display&thread=523 Mal
  8. Hi Mike How do you apply the liquid decal film to the printed decals, I brought some testors decal paper last year, but couldn't bring back the aerosol can because apparently airlines are a bit touchy about that sort of thing Mal
  9. Hi Justin Congrats I Know that the result of that has something to do with you, but I guess there was someone else involved so congrats to her has well. Mal
  10. I love the movie and you model certainly looks the part Mal
  11. "I think it looks pretty good what do you think?" Take my word for it, it would look good if it was painted pink with purple spots. Love your work Mal
  12. Sorry Wayne my apologies Mal
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