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  1. CaseyG83 added a post in a topic RATOUTOFHELL--Cranky's 2008 Holloween Build--R U Ready?   

    wow an allison! i did not see that one coming!!!!
  2. CaseyG83 added a post in a topic Sour Apple Vette   

    that's gonna be awesome, I'd kinda like to see one in ford grabber blue too!
  3. CaseyG83 added a post in a topic LHS Love   

    I shop Top Shelf models in Owasso Ok, the guy who owns it, Royal, is the best! Great selection, great prices and very helpful! The only other place I shop is the local hobby town (only cause royal doesn’t carry Tamiya acrylic paints) and because I’m not buying $500 r.c. cars and planes they’d never miss me…
  4. CaseyG83 added a post in a topic What are your favorite car songs?   

    My all-time fav is LITTLE GTO by Ronnie and the Daytona's, then any of the Brian Setzer/Stray cats car songs: who could love this car but me, 49 mercury blues, built for speed, switchblad 327, drive like lightning.....
  5. CaseyG83 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    49 merc
    I got re-started on my merc today. I had it almost all finished but I wasn't happy with the way it was looking. so the whole thing got bath in the purple pond. here are a couple pics of the interior. after seeing so many of the merc's done on the net it hard to one and make it unique. i know if gonna use the same suede color as jantrix's deuce.

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  6. CaseyG83 added a post in a topic '37 Ford Sedan   

    wow that looks awesome! but i have a question, what happened to the center post on the the windsheild? I think i know, if its any like what happened to me 15 minutes ago you broke it polishing oh well i think it looks better with out it! great flames!
  7. CaseyG83 added a post in a topic `49 Merc.   

    very nice! good color choice! whats the desoto mill out of?
  8. CaseyG83 added a post in a topic Blue Suede Deuce   

    that's really slick! i also love the satin look, have you used their satin clear over gloss paint? how well doed it work?
  9. CaseyG83 added a post in a topic 62 Catalina   

    Hypocritical Sinner!!!!!!!!! no really its okay. I kid all in good fun, but i do love my ponchos!
  10. CaseyG83 added a post in a topic 62 Catalina   

    any more progress on this? i really wanted to see this one done! love them ponchos!
  11. CaseyG83 added a topic in General   

    With the new 3G iphone just around the corner I've been think... does anyone on here use there iphone or ipod touch to post on this forum? if so how easy is it for you. i'd like any details i get...
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  12. CaseyG83 added a post in a topic Thanks, Gregg!!   

    well then thanks for nothin'! but still thanks none the less!
  13. CaseyG83 added a post in a topic Wip:55 Chevy Mild Custom   

    man that looks great! i just sprayed some primer on mine not five minutes ago. I couldn't decide between white and orange or white and green. Guess i'm gonna go green now just to change it up a bit.
  14. CaseyG83 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    funny i've been thinkin' about making this same purcase off ebay.

    I got a revell 32 sedan and 3 bottels of alclad color shifting paint for 3 bucks a pop!
  15. CaseyG83 added a post in a topic Name That Car!   

    gumpert apollo, god i want one of those.