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  1. Hey Ralph, please give me the dimensions. Have drawn them already. Rico
  2. Hello buddies, I wanted to say I´m sorry. I was so amazed of the idea "Vannonball" and really wanted to participate but my whole life changed with my move in July. Since that time I´m working in my new job and even more to get our new home done. It´s still a lot of work to do. I thank Rob for his energy keeping the "Cannonball" alive. To the modelers who did their job. I like what came out. I hope for myself to possibly join next year again and this time I will try to finish a model. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Rico
  3. Hi Rob, I don´t think that the theme isn´t popular. Maybe there are some other modelers (including me!) who doesn´t have any bench time too. For my part I want to build my 55 Ford Panel but didn´t have any time yet. I really hope the second half of the year becomes better. Greets, Rico
  4. You took the hubcaps in Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic. For this example the base printing price will be $10 without any markup for me starting from next Monday. As I wrote earlier I will try to keep the prices as small as possible. I don´t want to get rich with the parts but a little amount for my work should be possible I think.
  5. Hello everyone, today I got an email from shapeways with the following content included. Quote: "Dear Shop Owner, On Monday, April 29, 2019, we will be releasing a new pricing formula for our Smooth and Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic materials. Below is a set of FAQs to help prepare you for the update. " ... "What are the pricing components in the new formula? The pricing formula is based on the following components, all of which add up to create a custom price for your model: Material Volume – the amount of material needed to 3D print your product Support Volume – the amount of support material required to 3D print your product Number of parts – a part is a piece of a model that can be separated from other pieces of the model Production – associated production costs including labor, quality control, machine maintenance, general utilities, and other supporting services required to 3D print your product With this update, models will need to meet the following minimums: Minimum price per model $7.50 for Smooth Fine Detail Plastic $10 for Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic Minimum price for Parts Bounds Volume* $0.35 per cm3 for Smooth Fine Detail Plastic $0.58 per cm3 for Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic *Parts Bounds Volume is the bounding box volume for each part of a model added together. Models must meet this minimum, which is calculated by multiplying the Parts Bounds Volume by the rate listed above. Why did you make this change? We are sensitive to adjusting prices and are aware that this is never easy on customers. However, we do need to make sure that our prices reflect the true cost of doing business and allow us to further invest and innovate in our business." As you can see there are then minimum prices per model (item) you buy. This most of all affects the smaller parts like hubcaps, etc. I only wanted to let you all know about that because there are several parts I offer at my store which will be affected by this price changes beginning next monday. I´m already working on a solution to minimize the increase of the prices for my parts. Thank you all for your support. Rico .
  6. Hey guys, thank you for your praise. I´m really surprised by myself how fine the details turned out. Rico
  7. Hi John, right here... https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ra-sti-acute-s-scale-accessories Best regards, Rico
  8. Hey guys, sorry for the delay. The caps are now online and some other ones too. Regards, Rico
  9. I thank you all too because without requests and support it´s not that funny... THANK YOU ALL !
  10. Have corrected it. Hope it looks better now... One question left... Should I do the back side flat or should they be hollow?
  11. I know what you mean. Will try to make it better again. Maybe we should do the center deepening a little bit out of scale to make it look more correct. We´ll see. Hope to get this done till the weekend. Will upload new pics when done.
  12. Hi John, now I know which you ment. The wheel covers from your pic I have already modeled. Are you the one who asked me to do this via shapeways message? I think I only have to upload them to the shop. The ones from the ebay listing I haven´t done. But sure I can model them too. Downloaded the best pic for reference. Maybe you have some outer wheels which should be replaced by them (so we can use these dimensions). Regards, Rico
  13. My nail polish remover is with Acetone. But I think I´ve used the wrong words. "Rubbed" may be not correct. Maybe I had to say I dipped the remover with the cotton swap onto the parts and immediately washed it off under floating water. Have taken a look on the parts about 3 minutes ago and they are still clean and not more brittle then before.
  14. Hey guys, I know that there are so much of you who bought parts from my shop. Thank you all for that and for your patience in waiting for other parts that are on my workbench yet. You also may know that I use the parts for myself too. I tried many different ways to clean the parts but nothing really works yet. Today I tried a new thing. I rubbed the parts only a little bit with a cotton swap and nail polish remover. I could see the wax floating away. After that I was holding the parts under floating water to wash away the nail polish remover. Now the parts are nearly as clear resin. Even the headlight lenses from my ´68 GTX grille are now possible to use. Here´s a pic of how the parts look now. Hope this helps, Rico
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