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  1. 68 GTX grille

    Hi there, thank you all for your support. After a very busy time I yesterday cut out the trunk lid of my 69 GTX to test fit the 68 one. There are still some issues. The openings for the reflecting parts have tomove down a little bit and the center of the front had to be sanded in shape. Also the top of the lid could be thicker in comparision of the kit plastic thickness. Anyway I´m pleased with the result till now. Will correct the issues in the near future to make this part ready to use. Here are some pics so you can tell me what you think. I want to do the taillights as a complete part set with the seperated rear fender areas. What you think about that? Rico
  2. Hey guys, reshaped the rear of the hood. Hope it fits better now. Added underhood details too. Attached a pic I got from Scott comparing my drawing with the kit hood. Hope you like it. Rico
  3. Thanks Patrick, if you have a special part to reproduce feel free to send me a PM like Scott did it before. I can also try to scale the grilles for the Trailduster and the Ramcharger. Would be great if you could send me a pic of the front end of the 1/25 scale kit. Rico
  4. Hi Scott, thanks for your confidence and for your feedback. @Al: Yes, I do but the hood has to be corrected. It doesn´t fit like I wanted it. Hope to get the corrections done next week. Would prefer you wait awhile. You can find these parts at shapeways. Only search my nickname "camaro69" and you will find everything I already offer. Rico
  5. 68 GTX grille

    Will come...
  6. Revell 2007 SHELBY GT500

    Hello everyone, it´s time to start my first "on the Bench"-topic now. This one is on my bench since about November 2011. It has been in my showcase for five years now, waiting for completion. I used it as a test project for some homemade parts (for example seatbelt hardware) and new techniques for me like flocking, weathering and BMF. A few little things still left to do like shifter, steering wheel, intercooler and over all the paintjob. I hope I finally get it finished this year. First engine pics... And the first mockup after shortening the front bumper... First bumper out of the box ... ... now the nose looks more like a "Stang" to me. The wheels are from an Aoshima Nissan Skyline R34. Suspension adjustment and disc brakes... Because the kit sits a bit too high at the front I decided to lower it in an easy way by using styrene. It´s not the correct way to lower a car but for the model world it´s ok I think. Disc Brakes were covered with BMF and after that sanded a little bit with 160 grid sandpaper. After sanding I applied black water color to make the sanding visible. Now they look like used discs. New exhaust tips... I know they are huge... First time ever... weathering only with enamels The axles are not glued yet because? Yes the driveshaft is still missing... Seatbelt hardware and flocking No comment, my first attempt for all of this... And this is how it stands today... Hope you like it... Any suggestions and comments are welcome and much appreciated. I really hope I get the rest of it done this year. Greeets from Germany Rico
  7. Hello guys, please don´t mind me. I´m here since January last year and now realized that I have forgotten to let you know who Iam. My name is Rico. I´m 41 years old and come from Germany. Most of my kits in stash are the good old muscle cars. I also draw my own parts for 3d printing. Happy building to all of us. Rico
  8. 68 GTX grille

    First of all thanks you guys again. Every suggestion to make these parts better is much appreciated. @gtx6970: The plan is to offer the whole trunk lid with seperate reflecting parts because this makes the conversion much easier. At the 69 grille the emblem is deeper than the rest. Don´t know how it turns out because for myself I have no print already. But two pieces are sold and maybe the buyer takes some pics so I can post them. @VRM: Great idea with the interior. But this will really take some time. I do all of this in my free time after work and all other howeworks. @Claes Ericsson: If you want the grille for the MPC Coronets please feel free to send me a PM. For me the limitation is not relevant. Rico
  9. 68 GTX grille

    Started with the trunk lid yesterday... The red reflecting parts I modeled as one separate piece to put in from the inside so painting would be easier. Any suggestions and comments are much appreciated. Here some pics Drawing printed out and taped to the ´69 body... Hope you like it. Rico
  10. 68 GTX grille

    Hello again, thank you all for your confidence. Hope the parts came out like you wanted them. An important advice for anybody who hasn´t worked with Frosted Detail parts from shapeways yet. Please be very careful at seperating the parts because this material is brittle and the structures are very thin because of details. Hope this wasn´t too late... Because of Bobby G´s request I´ve done the ´69 GTX grill too. Greets, Rico
  11. 68 GTX grille

    Thanks Raoul, hope that the swap will turn out as you want to although your grill isn´t that bad from what I can see on your pics. Did you use the ´68 Roadrunner kit for this build? Hope that the grill will fit this one too. Can´t wait to see it done. Rico
  12. 68 GTX grille

    Hey guys, thanks to all of you. @Raoul: I was so sorry that your first order was cancelled. As I told it wasn´t predictable to me. I really appreciate that you ordered again. To all others of you. You can order the parts directly from my shapeways shop (link above). It´s much cheaper for you guys because it will be directly shipped from US. If I would order the parts by myself and send them to you the shipping costs would be out of proportion. Hope that these informations help you to understand why I´ve done it that qay. Best regards, Rico
  13. 68 GTX grille

    Hey guys, had a cancelled order for the grills today although my own were printed without any issues. Have to thicken the walls of the grills a little bit. Then I will update the models at shapeways. Please be patient because this wasn´t predictable for me. THX Rico Edit: Reworked the grills today for saver printing. They´re in the shop again...
  14. 68 GTX grille

    Hey guys, the headlight lenses are done and the grills with lenses included are now available at my shapeways shop. Here is the link: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ra-sti-acute-s-scale-accessories Hope the pricing is right because it´s so difficult to decide. Thanks again Rico
  15. 68 GTX grille

    Hi guys, great thanks to all of you for your positive comments. Took a look in my stash today but couldn´t find any suitable headlight lens for these. Today I already reworked (shortened a little bit) the indicated lamps for a better fit of the lenses. The lenses I will do tomorrow also for 3d printing. I plan to offer the grills complete with lenses as different sets directly at my shapeways shop. One set will be the GTX grill, one the Roadrunner. I also plan a set of both together. And Bob: The ´69 grill will come. But it still needs some attention. Also the ´68 trunk lid and taillights will come if all goes fine maybe in two weeks. Rico