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  1. 1977 Plymouth Fury Military Police

    Hey folks, thank you all for your replies. @Luc Janssens and @espo : I really appreciate your suggestions with the preparation the body for the decals. Will take attention on this when repainting the body. And yes, the Fury should slide around the corner on the diorama. Hope to get some things done during the next weeks. @Dann Tier: I don´t have any figures at my shop thats why I can´t help you with this. At another forum I was following years ago and what meanwhile is offline we had a guy who does figures. Most of them were casted in resin by scaleproductions. But he never did a John Wayne figure. Last year I asked him for doing the figures for my diorama but after his first answer I never heard from him again. He told me that he´s no longer working with figures. Maybe someday we´ll find someone who does figures.
  2. 1977 Plymouth Fury Military Police

    Thank you Dann. All the 3d printed parts are available at my shapeways shop... And as a german guy I was at the Bundeswehr but that´s meanwhile 18 years ago.
  3. 68 GTX grille

    Thank you guys. But please be patient because the rear parts are not available yet. I want to do another testprint of the reshaped fender parts. When they turned out like I want, I will offer the complete rear assembly for sale too. Otherwise here is the link to my shop again: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ra-sti-acute-s-scale-accessories
  4. Hey guys, this is a long time project started about over a year ago. I thought it would be cool to do a car chasing scene from the TV-series "The A-Team". That´s why it leans to the passengers side. The car should came out of a corner in a little diorama I want to build for both cars too. So let´s get started... The only things of the original AMT Joker Goon Car I use are the body parts and the dashboard. Chassis and Interior pan come from the 71 AMT Dodge Charger. Tires are from the 72 Chevy Fleetside. The grill and headlight bezels are 3d printed parts as well as the taillights, the door panels and the wheels. Decals are selfmade and the interior became a little washing already. The engine bay I cutted out of the charger and glued it to the Monacos body. After posting this at another forum a guy told me that I´ve choosen the incorrect color. So next to come is to strip the paint from the body and repaint it. BTW the wheels color is the one the body will become later too. Also the turning of the front wheels isn´t correct so I have to this again too. But I don´t want to cry because it´s learning by doing... The bumpers chrome I stripped off and redone it with a rattle can. The bumper guards are made out of the inner part of a bicycle tire. Now I let speek the pics... Overview Front wheel Rear wheel 3d printed grill Door panels Monaco dashbord with Charger steering wheel Front again Overview from the other side Bumpers
  5. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Dwayne you´re doing very impressive work again. So much scratchbuilding. Would be glad to have time and skills to do something like this. Maybe I can can ask you for help when time has come...
  6. Hi Dann, great work you´re doing on this one. Would be glad to have your modeling skills.
  7. An accurate 69 Cuda

    Thank you Keith, but I wasn´t really happy with it. Reshaped the center area in hope the next test will fit better.
  8. 68 GTX grille

    Update... Today the next testprint of the rear parts arrived. The trunk lid is now mor accurate and with detail underneath. My only problem are the taillight frames for the fenders they don´t fit like they should so I had to reshape them. Now some pics... At the end the whole assembly consists out of eight sepaerate parts. Hope you like the progress although it took a lot of time. Thank you all for your patience.
  9. An accurate 69 Cuda

    Hi everyone, I´m involved in this project in making the accurate grille inserts and taillights. Today the testprint of the grille arrived. There are some little touchups left to do, especially the upper center parts of the inserts which I have to reshape. Otherwise I would call the grille done. Turn signal lenses are already drawn but not printed yet. Here some pics... Hope you like it. Rico
  10. 68 GTX grille

    Another update... Meanwhile it becomes off topic but I´ve got news for you. I ordered the 68 GTX rear end yesterday and will get it by the end of next week. Today I finished the 68 GTX door panels too so theat only the seats are left to do. The door panels are already available... Here some renderings. Hope you´ll like it. Any critism and suggestions are welcome. Rico
  11. Hi Scott, looking really good. You did a great job on the hood. Thank you very much for your positive feedback for my parts.
  12. @ Scott: Thank you very much for these informations. Maybe you could tell us which headlight lenses you used. In case of the hood your prototype was without the underhood structure. That´s why I really appreciate your positive feedback. After your first message I added the underhood structure so it should be better now. BTW your grille looks fantastic. I really like how it turned out. Is it already glued in? If yes which glue did you use? @Dan: Thank you too. I´m really happy if you are satisfied with my parts. Best regards, Rico
  13. 68 GTX grille

    Update... After a long time of waiting for you guys I finally finished the bracing on the 68 GTX trunk lid. It´s not 100% accurate but it´s very close. Studied a lot of photos for doing this. Hope you guys like it. The bracing will prevent the lid from warping to much during the cleaning process at shapeways and makes the part stronger for itself. The next thing to do is a testprint before offering this at my shop. Will show pics when parts arrived. Any comments and suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks all of you for your patience and your support.
  14. 50 to 100 kits available

    PM sent.
  15. Yes Dan you did... Looking forward to see your pics. How did the parts work and fit?