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  1. To me the angle of the engine looks quite good. That's why I think rotating the lower half of the intake should solve the problem mostly..
  2. Great build, Kurt... Just a thought. But maybe you only have to cut the intake headers in the middle and rotate the lower half for 180 degrees so the mounts to the engine become the same angle. Maybe this requires adding some material to the center section of the headers but I think that´s an easy fix. As I said only a thought. Rico
  3. You did an amazing job again. Hope you can help me with mine once I have the time to start with it.
  4. Can become deleted. Got the engine halfes from a friend. Thanks to all for the heads up.
  5. Hi Trevor, thanks for the link, missed that at my search. I know about the different qualities and costs.
  6. Thanks JC. Not that detailed but an option to start with...👍
  7. Thanks Les, but this is not the one I´m looking for. It´s completely different.
  8. No 3d file or printed part at the whole internet. I searched everywhere and only found the Roaster kit and the resin item above...
  9. Thanks JC. I don´t know about any other kit. The pic is of an item at action modeler but it´s currently out of stock. Maybe I have to write them an email if it will be avaiable anytime again...
  10. Hi fellow members, I´ve been searching for this gearbox since a long time now. Today I found out that´s included in the following kit (2013 issue). The gearbox looks like this... But it should be as everytime together with the engine block cutted in two halfes. Is there anybody who would be able to spend or maybe lend for casting these engine/trans parts??? Maybe the rear axle parts too? Thank all of you in advance. Rico
  11. I´m mostly a silent reader on here but your builds are always really enjoying and inspireing to me. Keep up the great work.
  12. Here´s what I made out of this. Sure not 100% accurate but I like it as it is especially because it´s so small on this car in 1/25...😁
  13. Hey guys, thank you all for your help. I think this is a disc brake with caliper nearly on top. I will go with this and try to replicate it. The first pic showes it well enough for me. Rico
  14. Sorry Steve, no updates yet. Everytime I think I would get some more time for the hobby my workload becomes more and more. I definitely will finish it and it´s meant to be cast after all the corrections but it´s a hard and long way to go. I Will keep all of you updated... Rico
  15. Haven´t changed my mind on the car but on the kit I´ll use as a base so count me in with my try to create a ´77 Chevy Nova 4 door Pro Touring. Body and most other parts will come from the MPC ´79 Nova Street Machine. Some parts like the bumpers will come from the ´76 AMT... I also will 3d print a new grille and some original style rims with a larger diameter to get the Pro Touring look. Here´s is the base... (a testprint of the new grille can be seen on pic 3 already 😇) Happy modeling to everybody who participates and a special thanks to Anthony and Mike to make this CBR possible again. Rico
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