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  1. Hey guys,

    thank you all for your help. I think this is a disc brake with caliper nearly on top. I will go with this and try to replicate it.

    7 hours ago, afx said:

    The Comstock Racing's Mustangs appear to have the same decal but still can't make it out clearly.

    271780361 3715950151964797 6077890120071522933 nCapture



    The first pic showes it well enough for me. Rico

  2. Haven´t changed my mind on the car but on the kit I´ll use as a base so count me in with my try to create a ´77 Chevy Nova 4 door Pro Touring.

    Body and most other parts will come from the MPC ´79 Nova Street Machine. Some parts like the bumpers will come from the ´76 AMT...

    I also will 3d print a new grille and some original style rims with a larger diameter to get the Pro Touring look.

    Here´s is the base... (a testprint of the new grille can be seen on pic 3 already 😇)





    Happy modeling to everybody who participates and

    a special thanks to Anthony and Mike to make this CBR possible again.


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  3. On 11/18/2021 at 3:00 AM, disconovaman said:

    Or you could just get the Greg Wann resin trans kit. It's a very nice kit and well done. IMO it's more accurate than the MPC Hatchback. I have two...

    I know about this one. Seems to be as nice as the Crown Victoria I have already from him but at the moment I don´t have the bucks to buy it.

    I have the chance to get a 1979 MPC kit from a friend so I will try to do the same conversion Dwayne did for the resin kit.

    Selfmade man...😁

  4. #25. camaro69 - Monte Carlo Nascar disguised as a 2003 Chevrolet Impala. 

    Here´s my entry. It was the second time I started to participate the CBR and the 1st time I finished.

    The title doesn´t say everything. I used the Revell Chevrolet Impala Police Car body on top of the AMT Western Auto Monte Carlo Nascar chassis. Paint is BMW Hockenheim silver.


    What I´ve done...

    Bodywork / exterior:

    1. closed the holes for the light bar,
    2. changed the front bumper using a lot of different evergreen stripes and acrylic modeling paste followed by a lot of sanding,
    3. cutted out the hood and trunk lid (did the water rails in the trunk out of evergreen),
    4. closed the triangle windows behind the back doors and splitted the back door windows using different evergreen and modeling paste again,
    5. added air takeouts to the rear bumper,
    6. cutted out the back door windows, reworked the b-pillar on the kits glass part,
    7. added a rear wing from Revell´s 2005 Ford Mustang GT500 and windshield wipers from the 1999 Mustang Cobra,
    8. used self designed 3d-printed wheels with Aoshima tires and Fujimi disc brakes,
    9. added side windows in different positions out of blister plastic,
    10. added decals from the Nascar and some selfmade too (f.e. the license plates and my avatar logo),
    11. weathered the chassis.


    Engine / fuelsystem / suspension:

    1. wired the distributor and the MSD-Ignition boxes,
    2. added a selfmade ignition coil,
    3. plumbed the oil system in the engine bay and the fuel system in the trunk using Top Studio fittings and braided line (secured the oil plumbing to the roll cage parts using 0,28mm wire)
    4. added a selfdesigned and selfprinted oil tank,
    5. made the rear supension work with real springs and selfmade shock absorbers,
    6. made new front wheel carriers,
    7. selfmade a stock exhaust system,
    8. added an Optima battery selfmade out of evergreen and wired it too.




    1. changed the roll cage to make it mostly unseen from the side (added some evergreen rounds to complete it and evergreen pipes as pads),
    2. casted front seats and steering wheel from the Jada Toys Camaro concept and mounted the seats on to selfmade railings,
    3. selfmade shifter and parking brake lever,
    4. selfmade navigation with the "Finish Line (Portofino Inn)" on the screen 😁,
    5. fitted the interior tub to the Nascar chassis.



    I think that´s it.

    There are some minor issues or maybe things I can do better next time but for the first finished model after many many years I´m pleased with how it turned out.

    Still a little bit dirty but I like it. Hope you´ll like it too.


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  5. Hey Anton, nice color on the Supra!!!

    And here´s my Impala - I call it finished now.

    First of all some pics of the things that were left to do...

    Parking brake...


    Navigation... (used the kits mounting hole for the laptop in the dash)


    Rear view mirror...


    street legal exhaust system (front parts out of styrene, the rest is 3d printed on my Anycubic)...


    Oil piping...


    Fuel lines and license plate...


    And now a little overview...






    Hope you´ll like it, Rico








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  6. Hey guys,

    first of all nice progress here.

    @disconovaman Your Ford looks killer. Like a real sleeper... 😉

    @Mattilacken Wish you get your Supra done till deadline...

    Here´s my next update from the work of the last two days.

    Worked on finishing the interior with the self casted seats and steering wheel



    3d printed shift lever housing, the knob is made out of a needle with a white plastic head.



    The Impala also became a working rear suspension...




    and windshield wipers.


    The inner panels were disassembled and the dashboard rised again to get the engine in place. Once the engine sits in place all can be reassembled again.

    That´s it for today. Still a lot more to do.

    Model on, Rico




  7. Hey Mike, I know that I have the ´69 GTX body. It was just for taking the dimensions. If I really consider to do it as a ´68 I would change the marker lights.

    I asked at the Model Building Questions section and received the feedback that the model body dimensions are the same so the rearpanel I modeled should fit the ´68 kits too.

    6 hours ago, roadhawg said:

    I don't suppose you'd want to do the '68 GTX seats, would you? That, and these hubcaps, and we'd have everything we need.......🙂

    I already had a request for these so it´s on the list.

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  8. Thanks for the feedback.

    This is how the actual assembly looks like.


    There are three parts included (trunklid with taillight housings and lower valance, lightning part and bumper).

    The lower valance with taillight housings can be separated from the trunk lid. Then these would be FOUR separate parts because of the then separate inner taillght frames.

    The taillights can be separated from the center part too. Then you count THREE lightning parts. With the included bumper this assembly would contain EIGHT parts in summary if you separate everything what´s possible.

    Hope this helps for your info. I will put the assembly into my shop this weekend.



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  9. I would call it done. Please let me know what you all think about it.

    There are still some bodyworks to do from the modeler itself, for example make the fenders top fit to the trunk lid and there´s also much sanding necessary on the inside of the fenders.

    But these are issues because of the contours of the taillight housings even on the 1:1 scale.

    If I would change these things it wouldn´t look like the original part. Here are some pics...





    If you say it´s good like it is I would put it into my shapeways shop.

    But please be aware... Only the printing costs without any markup for my work are at about US$26 already for the "Smooth fine detail". The "smoothest" it would even be about US$40.

    I hope you´ll like it anyway.

    Best regards, Rico


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  10. Hey guys,

    glad to you´re still moving on.

    Anton, I hope you´ll find the time to finish the Supra.

    Here some progress on my Impala. Side windows were made out of blister. Wheels and mirrors got color and I couldn´t resist to mockup...😁 Only thing that I don´t like is that the drivers side mirror stand up to the sky???





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