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  1. Hey Brian, nice looking Stang. It´s very clean... Pat, your patina looks amazing again... And Hakån, your work on the headers is looking good.
  2. Hey guys, after a long time without getting the hands on mine here´s a little update. Primed and painted the body with rattle can paint. Color is BMW Hockenheim-Silber. After first polishing I masked the window frames and painted them black again out of a can. After that I attached some decals and clearcoated the body with the topcoat from the BMW paint. Then another little bit of polishing. Finally installed the head- and taillights and 3d printed an oiltank which was painted with chrome rattle can paint. Here are the pics... That´s it for this weekend. I hope to get it finished this time... Rico
  3. Got a first testprint from shapeways these days. Will try to mount it this weekend to know how it fits. If then all is like I wanted it I will offer it for sale.
  4. New update... Have designed a rear bumper and will testprint it this weekend to make sure it will fit the body and looking correctly. Here are some renderings for a first look. Hope you´ll like it. Cheers, Rico
  5. Hey guys, here are some pics of my latest testprint of the rear panel. Sorry for the rough print but my Anycubic Photon Mono has a resolution of only 0.1mm in X- and Y-direction. I did some changes already on the cross rail and started designing the bumper so I think I can finish this long time project soon. The only thing that bothers me is that there is so much plastic to remove on the inner edges of the fenders to make the taillight housings fit right but that is because of the design of the housings itself even on the 1:1. So here it is... Stay well, Rico
  6. @peteski: Yes, TWO years with no updates but they were very busy for me. This project is still one of my all time favourites so it will definitely find it´s way back on my bench.
  7. These should be nearly what you´re looking for. I think I would only change the center of the rims and design the hubcap and then these should be ready. The fender side scopps should be possible to design too. Best, Rico
  8. Hey guys, I proudly present a new update... After a long time of try and error and busy times with a lot of work in any direction I now totally redesigned the ´68 GTX rear end. First tesprints on my Anycubic Photon Mono showed the last issues. Now I think I have this one done. Before this is going into my shop I will order another testprint at shapeways to make sure this will work. The only thing left to do for completing this is to connect the taillight housings on the underside and use this connection as mounting area for the rear bumper which I also want to do next weekend. Here are some renderings of the new design. Hope you´ll like it, Rico
  9. Hi Tom, I had designded them per request some time ago and they are still available at my shapeways store... https://www.shapeways.com/product/6K9CZZZ2M/1-25-1959-cadillac-taillights?optionId=106113942&li=shops Rico
  10. Hey guys, did the next testprint by myself and I´m really pleased with the look. I hope you´ll like it too. Here´re the new pics... And some pics for comparison with the kit parts... I even uploaded the parts already and they are now available at the following link: https://www.shapeways.com/product/PDGTY742K/1-25-1969-cuda-tailpanel?optionId=222013002&li=shops Once again thank you all, especially Bob, for your patience. Rico
  11. Hey guys, I know there are many of you waiting for the tailpanel and I thank you all very much for your patience. After a long time full of work I now have the first testprint in hand. There are some minor issues because the inner panel isn´t wide and the scriptings are not tall enough. I will try to fix this now in a short timeline to make these parts available. And because I now have my own 3d printer I can do the next testprints on my own. Anyway here are two pics of the first testprint. Hope you´ll like it. Best regards, Rico
  12. Four weeks again since my last update and there´s some great progress on every build I can see here. So here´s mine... I´m still hanging on the details. First of all I started wiring the MSD ignition boxes. I choosed a place on the passengers side firewall for mounting them... ... then, because both kits doesn´t have one, I started scratchbuilding my own Optima battery... ... and an ignition coil. After that I started wiring the engine... ...painted the Optima... ... and this weekend I finished the ignition wiring and started the plumbing gas tank, the oil pan and pumps. The fitting still have to become repainted after mounting. But that´s the work for next week. Thank you all for looking, Rico
  13. Found what I was looking for. Thank´s George...😉
  14. Hi George, thanks for your help. Looks like this would be a good choice for what I want to create. Is there any chance to get this one anywhere without buying the whole kit? Hi Hakån, thanks for the infos.
  15. Hi Roger, this would be great. But only the stock engine. Don´t know if there is another 327 engine in any other kit...
  16. Hey fellow modelers, like the title says I´m in need of a Chevy 327 engine. I prefer the single carb setup like this one. (picture from: https://www.69pace.com/2/1969engine327_210.htm) Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you all in advance. Rico
  17. Thank you guys, I will give it another try...
  18. Hello guys, I know there are many threads in here about hinging doors, hoods and trunk lids. But all of the hinged parts are nearly straight on the hinged side. My problem is that the trunk lid I want to get work isn´t straight. I already tried the tipps out of the forum but nothing worked like I wanted. Any help would be much apprecciated. Thank you all in advance. Rico
  19. #25 - Update... I wasn´t really happy with my first casting so I gave it a second try. This time I´ve choosen the wrong position for the overfloating pipes. But because I placed them on the lower front area of the seats I was able to fix the issues. They won´t be to be seen once assembled. I also tried to cast the Camaros steering wheel. For my second casting ever I´m now pleased with the results. Here are the pics... After fixing the issues at the seats there was time for some color again... (Revell africabrown matt / glossy white mixed 1:1) After drying I did a quick mockup of the chassis and the roll cage (not glued yet). I really like the color combo. Then this weekend after splitting the rear side windows on the body, cutting the rear side windows out of the glass and widthen the B-pillars I colored the clear part with a mixure a little bit lighter than the rest of the interior. Next will be a tricky thing. Coloring the black surrounding of the front and rear window... I hope you´ll like my progress. Any comments are much apprecciated. Rico
  20. Thanks Pat, I always enjoy your builds. Your weathering skills are awesome. I´m still in the learning process.
  21. Hey guys, there are some great projects going on here. It´s nearly two months ago now since my last post. There were a lot of work and family business to do. But at the last two weeks I had some time to get some things done on my "Monte ´pala" 🤣. First of all the stock Impala seats were not sporty enough to me so I searched my kits stash and found something better. These are from the Jada Camaro Concept Kit and will be casted. Then I thought about doing the oil line routing for the first time ever because oil pumps without oil pipes are useless (first try with 0.4 mm wire). Meanwhile I changed my mind and I will go with 0.6 mm wire. The adapter will be changed too because I think it´s to big. And I will try to do some fittings by myself... After that I wanted some parts to get painted to see some progress for myself... The chassis is already weathered a bit but not ready yet. scratchbuilt roll cage with pads... chassis base colored and weathered... Then this weekend I wanted to cast the Camaro seats. It´s the first time ever making a mold and casting resin. Therefore I think the result is not that bad. Preparing the 1st half of the mold... release the first half... One seat falls into it´s two pieces again and I had to reglue it... first mold piece... second mold piece... ready forc casting... fresh out of the mold... comparison between kit part (left), fresh out of the mold casting (middle) and grinded casting (right)... grinded and primed... We´ll see how they will look once installed. I will try to put them on rails like the real ones. I wish everyone here good luck and happy modelling. Rico
  22. The race goes on... Nice progress here. @pete75: I´m feeling with you. Wish you luck for the second body. @misha: Your Camaro is looking good. Nice details at all. I have done some things too over the last days. Cutted out the trunk lid but on the rear I did a fail 😡 and cutted it above the taillights. Here´s stage 1. Stage 2: corrected it and did the water drip rails... My wife (and me too) wasn´t happy with the Monte Carlo´s roll cage because it would be seen through the rear side windows. So we (I) decided to scratchbuild a new one for a four door sedan... It´s nearly done even with some pads... After finishing the cage I will try to lift it of the chassis for easier painting then reconnect it. That´s for this week. Rico
  23. Hey guys, nice progress everyone. I did some progress too. It took three attempts to hinge the hood but now I did it. Not 100% accurate but I´m pleased with how it turned out. I also corrected the wheelbase... cutted the front frame off from the main chassis and put 1.2 mm of styrene between both parts... then glued together all the things and it turns out great. Here´s the result... open... and closed. Made the wheels steered in but haven´t corrected the steering linkage yet... (don´t worry they are not glued yet)😇😇😇 Rico
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