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  1. Hi Guys, it´s four weeks now since my entry post here. Had some time to build but no time to post yet. But here is my progress... First: Closed the rear quarter windows to make a wide C-pillar and rescribed all the panel lines... Second: painted the headlights and cut out the hood to make the engine visible... Third: Changed my mind on the wheels ( choosed some self-designed 3dprinted Racing Hart with different offset on front and rear) Fourth: Made the Impala interior fit the Nascar chassis... Fifth: Created a new front end... Last but not least: Tuned the rear end... That´s all for now. Hope to get some mor done soon... Greets, Rico P.S.: Congrats to the finishers. You cars are looking killer.
  2. Hey Joe, I already noticed your need. You can simply send me a PM here. Rico
  3. Thank you guys. Ideas are always welcome although my spare time is still very limited and many requests are left to fullfil. On the other hand I want to give it a try and take part on the CBR to build and finish at least one model kit this year. It´s been a very long time since my last finished build.
  4. Hey guys, orders have been cancelled. I had to rework the sprues. Did this today and will upload the new models this evening. Rico
  5. Hi guys, after my fail or even non existent participation because of moving to another town in 2019 I would like to take part this year with these. Chevy Impala Police Car body on top of the chassis from the Western Auto Monte Carlo. Will try to put the Aoshima SSR Professor wheels on it. I already found out that I have to lenghten the chassis for correct wheelbase. Greets, Rico
  6. Hi fellow modelers, a long time project is finally done. I designed grilles for the 1/24 scale kits of the Chevy Blazer and the GMC Pickups from Monogram and Revell. I did three model years for both and they are now available at my shapeways shop. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ra-sti-acute-s-scale-accessories Here some pics of the painted test prints I ordered to make sure they´ll fit. They are all open and made out of six seperate parts (grill housing, grill insert, headlight lenses and turn signal lenses). I added a seperate lens of each if one gets broken or lost. Best regards, Rico
  7. Hello fellow modelers, many of you know me already and requested or even bought some parts trough my shapeways shop. I want to take the chance and thank all of you guys for your support and much more for your patience. Last year I moved with my family far away (325 km ?) from our old hometown, changed my job, and started to renew our "new" home. It was a very, very busy year. On the other hand before I started with my shop I never thought that the ammount of requests would become so much in such a short time. Meanwhile there are some members here waiting for parts already two years now (especially BobbyG - who sent me a body and parts of MPC´s 69 Plymouth Barracuda). It´s really hard to explain why I didn´t finished these parts yet. That´s why I wanted to let you all know that I will fulfill all the requests. I do all the designing and drawing as hobby beside my regular job which takes about 40 up to 50 hours a week and my family. Because I have three weeks of holidays over XMAS this year I want to finish some parts over that time. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas. Rico
  8. You only have to type your letters aus you do in any other software. You can even set the distance between the single letters and after you are satisfied you can convert them into curves with two mouseclicks. As Peter said: Inkscape is a free vector drawing software. You can import your jpg and convert it into curves. The only problem is that you have to smooth the automatically generated curves. It's a learning process but it works too.
  9. Vector graphics can have a transparent background. 950 mm = 37,4 inches, that's the maximum width at decalprint.eu It's your choice. I only wanted to let you know that I could.
  10. Hi David, first of all you´ll still in need of a vector file in CMYK format. As I told you I can do this for you. I only need to know which font you used for the "AMERICAN ORIGINAL" scripting. I ordered decals from Carsten several times even with color gradient. They all turned out very nice. Now to your questions: White will be printed in CMYK 0,0,0,10. Normally a Corel Draw file has a white colored background (CMYK 0,0,0,0). It´s not necessary for printing. Fonts have to be converted into curves to make sure you´ll get the font you want. Sometimes you may use a font he doesn´t have on his computer and then Corel would replace the font by another one. That´s the reason for this. The decal sheet could have any size up to a width of 950mm. He prints his decals from a roll. If you need only a sheet of DIN A6 (105 mm x 148,5 mm) you only have to pay for that size (minimum = 6,25 €) + shipping. With Corel Draw you have the possibility to use the automatic vectorization function. The problem is that the automatic vectorization function generates to much dots and curves. That could make the file size really big and that´s why the file would become unprintable. As all the others here told you before pixel graphics are not really suitable for decal printing. You can combine vector and pixel graphics but it´s not that good and you won´t be satisfied with the result. I hope this helps for now. If there are any questions left feel free to ask. Rico
  11. I don't really know if they are laser printed. I only draw these. They were printed from Carsten Glaubitz. His homepage is www.decalprint.eu I can draw you the decals in any size you want. Pantone or CMYK is all possible. I use Coral Draw X6. The company I mentioned above can print them. They also offer worldwide shipping for a shipping fee of 7,50€. Greets, Rico
  12. Hi David, here´s a decal sheet I already have drawn for another member here. Printing costs were 12,50 € for a sheet of DIN A5. I think they are laser printed so you have to clearcote them after appliyng but as you can see white, grey and silver isn´t a problem. And here a sample of yours. On the left your last BMP - on the right a screenshot of my vector drawing out of your avatar. Rico
  13. Hey Bill, there´s no need to type your message at shapeways. You can do this even here although I´m not so often online at the moment... ? Rico
  14. Do you have the 3d models and only need them printed?
  15. Hey guys, thank you for your feedback. If there are any issues with the parts please feel free to let me know. Maybe you can even tell me if I should do the details not so small for easier painting? @ Tom: I was wondering if you could send me a pic of your finished covers that I maybe can use for the item description at my shop? Rico
  16. Hi JC, have these in my stash with no need for. I you would like to have them please let me know. Only have to get a shipping quote from Germany to US. front: 24,7 mm diameter, 13,8 mm width rear: 25 mm diameter, 17,4 mm width Greets, Rico
  17. Hey Ralph, please give me the dimensions. Have drawn them already. Rico
  18. Hello buddies, I wanted to say I´m sorry. I was so amazed of the idea "Vannonball" and really wanted to participate but my whole life changed with my move in July. Since that time I´m working in my new job and even more to get our new home done. It´s still a lot of work to do. I thank Rob for his energy keeping the "Cannonball" alive. To the modelers who did their job. I like what came out. I hope for myself to possibly join next year again and this time I will try to finish a model. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Rico
  19. Hi Rob, I don´t think that the theme isn´t popular. Maybe there are some other modelers (including me!) who doesn´t have any bench time too. For my part I want to build my 55 Ford Panel but didn´t have any time yet. I really hope the second half of the year becomes better. Greets, Rico
  20. You took the hubcaps in Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic. For this example the base printing price will be $10 without any markup for me starting from next Monday. As I wrote earlier I will try to keep the prices as small as possible. I don´t want to get rich with the parts but a little amount for my work should be possible I think.
  21. Hello everyone, today I got an email from shapeways with the following content included. Quote: "Dear Shop Owner, On Monday, April 29, 2019, we will be releasing a new pricing formula for our Smooth and Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic materials. Below is a set of FAQs to help prepare you for the update. " ... "What are the pricing components in the new formula? The pricing formula is based on the following components, all of which add up to create a custom price for your model: Material Volume – the amount of material needed to 3D print your product Support Volume – the amount of support material required to 3D print your product Number of parts – a part is a piece of a model that can be separated from other pieces of the model Production – associated production costs including labor, quality control, machine maintenance, general utilities, and other supporting services required to 3D print your product With this update, models will need to meet the following minimums: Minimum price per model $7.50 for Smooth Fine Detail Plastic $10 for Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic Minimum price for Parts Bounds Volume* $0.35 per cm3 for Smooth Fine Detail Plastic $0.58 per cm3 for Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic *Parts Bounds Volume is the bounding box volume for each part of a model added together. Models must meet this minimum, which is calculated by multiplying the Parts Bounds Volume by the rate listed above. Why did you make this change? We are sensitive to adjusting prices and are aware that this is never easy on customers. However, we do need to make sure that our prices reflect the true cost of doing business and allow us to further invest and innovate in our business." As you can see there are then minimum prices per model (item) you buy. This most of all affects the smaller parts like hubcaps, etc. I only wanted to let you all know about that because there are several parts I offer at my store which will be affected by this price changes beginning next monday. I´m already working on a solution to minimize the increase of the prices for my parts. Thank you all for your support. Rico .
  22. Hey guys, thank you for your praise. I´m really surprised by myself how fine the details turned out. Rico
  23. Hi John, right here... https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ra-sti-acute-s-scale-accessories Best regards, Rico
  24. Hey guys, sorry for the delay. The caps are now online and some other ones too. Regards, Rico
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