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  1. WOW ! this is looking awesome the custom look using the car was not that good but now that your doing the Dora style set up it's going to be awesome can't wait to see this one done very nice.!!
  2. Hi I like the sport roof to and I am doing a 69 and 70 now go to MCW resin he has the trans kits for both and you use the guts from the 70 for the 69 .
  3. Just cut out the hood it's easy and you can drop the in the guts from the AMT 63 Ford Galaxie that's what I did it all fits great.
  4. This is the one I like to I just per ordered two kits from modelroundup yesterday you can get the 70 dog dish caps from Kevin at missinglink resin this is going to be a nice kit 5 years ago I was trying to make one form the split bumper kit that is out now I had got the full bumper and turn singles and grill from modelhouse but there is a lot more body work that has to be done then you think anyway this is a nice move by AMT .!!!
  5. Awesome very nice save love the color good pick.
  6. Awesome very nice I have one of those kits I have to sit down and build it this winter you did a great job on that one I love those old JoHan kits I have been buying them as I find them they were simple but looked good and they did a lot of cars that the other company's did not do
  7. Nice awesome job on both I am a ford guy and you them proud I love the in-line 6 on the Fairlane and the look of the dog dish caps on the 500 very nice .!
  8. Hi thank you I used the AMT 58 Plymouth Belvedere you can also use the AMT 57 300 both take the same amount of work to fit and it's not bad but I found the 58 Plymouth the best.
  9. I think that's a great thing I will be watching this one the 64 is one I have always loved I am 67 I have two daughters one liked cars but not in to models I have 3 grandsons 5,6 and 10 I had hoped to get the 10 year old in modeling that's when I did my first model it was the AMT 62 Fairlane 3-in-1 two years ago I found one at a garage sale in the box unbuilt I can't believe I got it for $10.00 bucks it's on the bench for this winter but like I said I tried with the 10 year old and he only likes those dam tablets and video games can't get them away from it I hate to say it but I think we are the last of the model builders with in a few years it to maybe gone.!!!! one thing is for sure as lone as I can drive I will never buy or drive an electric car if it does not run on gas it's not a car.!!!! I want to hear the pipes.!!!!
  10. This is awesome I can not believe how great it is turning out I love it.!!!
  11. I like were your going with this I will be following this one I have one I started 2 years ago but stalled out I will get back into it again this winter.
  12. That is awesome I do remember see this some time back when you first showed it I just love it it's perfect the car the color the wheels it all fits just right.!!!
  13. That is a awesome awesome build the color the wheels and tires everything it's perfect !! i'm 67 JoHan was the only model company that really put out a lot of Mopar and AMC kits I try to find as many as I can and over the years I have found many but now they are getting more and more money for the old kits it would be nice to see some one remaster these old kits and bring them out again I know 90% of the JoHan molde's were lost over the years so someone would have start over from the ground up.
  14. Awesome build !!! Dam I love the color it looks like it just came out of the pages of a 60's Hot Rod magazine very very nice.!!
  15. That really came out awesome I love the color and it looks very 50's with the dog dish caps and wide whits very nice.
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