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  1. 1964 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible

    Very nice build the wheels look great on that car I had a friend when we were in high school had a red 64 with those wheels on it always looked great.
  2. What if Batman drove a Cobra ?

    I will tell you what would happen Batgirl would beat him up and take it from him.!!!! Looks great can't wait to see this one finished .!!!
  3. ´61 Olds Super 88 - John D´Agostino´s "Golden Starfire"

    You did a awesome job on that I love it there's nothing like the old 50's and 60's custom's I have everything I need to do that one my self it's been setting in a box for 8 years I think this will help bring it out ..

    Hi if you click on the photo of the tire it will give you the info these are the tires that are being cleared out of stock it's wahts left I have made two buys already but again click on the photo and it changes to a deferent page and tells you what they fit and what kits they can be used on there all 1/25th and I have tried a butt load of deferent wheels and they all fit as long as they came from a 1/25th kit.
  5. Realistic Speed Racer Mach V - Completed!

    WOW ! that is awesome !! I loved that show you just put new life it .!!!!
  6. 1973 GTO Street Machine, !FINISHED! 6/10/18

    That looks awesome I really like it I wish one of the model company's would make a 73 GTO with LeMans parts to make it a 2-in-1 type of kit.
  7. 53 studebaker magnum wagon

    Very nice it's awesome I all ways loved the 53 studebaker it was years ahead of it's time for looks it was almost out of place when you saw it along side other cars of the 50's and got both looks with what your doing the old and new it's blended perfect can't wait to see it done.!
  8. '53 Rod. Outdoor pictures added.

    Dam that's awesome very 60's street Rod simple the color is right on very nice finish great motor I love the baby moon's NICE.!!
  9. Is Resin Realm in business or not?

    Hi just email Steve at star models I have bought both plastic and resin kits from him for over 15 years he's a very nice guy and safe to deal with it may take a day to get a reply but he works to he never takes any money if the item is not in stock that's why you have to email him first if he has the item you can order it he does not have it he will not take the order.
  10. 53 stud wagon

    Wow !! that's going to be awesome I have always loved the 53 Stude that car was 20 years a head of it's time with looks and drive by using the modern roof it blends right in love it.
  11. 50 Austin coupe chassis

    That is from Parry's Resin I just dug mine out I have not used it yet but be very carful if you try to go to his web page I went to it about 6 months ago just to see if he was still making resin parts and the site has been hacked I was lucky my system got it be for it got to far.!!
  12. 50 Austin coupe chassis

    That is a copy of the Revell 41 Willys street rod and it looks like the one I got almost 15 years ago from Perry Resin from Canada it was to lower the stand on the kit.
  13. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    LOL brother I'm with you.!!! Lets just get the new models out we are model builders so fix and build I have said it be for I'm 66 and started in the model car hobby in 1962 so it's been 56 years and in all that time no one and I mean no one has ever come to my house and looked at the cars I have built and said to me dam that's not right it's deferent from the real car.!!!!! and to all the guys my age be for the net if anyone did complain no one ever know about it LOL I like that way.!!!! Sorry but this is the problem with the young builders they want it all perfect when they get it and that's why 90% can't use tools today learn to fix the problems your self.!!!
  14. My son's first paint job

    Wow.! he did a awesome job with his first paint job I don't want to remember my first one I get bad dreams from it.!!!! nice work.!!
  15. 72 Olds Cutlass Camino..aka El Suprimo

    WoW.! I really was not sure how this was going to look at first when you started it but seeing it now all done it is awesome you really did a great job with this seeing it I think GM should have offered this in there line up back in the day very nice.!!