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  1. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic MCW   

     No problems with MCW over the past 14 years I think I have got just about 3/4 of what he sells and I am very happy with all his kits and he has the Ford in line 200 6 and the mid 60's Chevy in lins 6 both I have got many of them all very good.
  2. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic Johan 61 Olds F-85 wagon   

     Awesome I love the hole thing the color and the wheels it really came together very nice.!!! Thanks for posting the rear photos.
  3. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic James Bond Aston Martin DB5   

     Awesome very nice work. I was 12 when Goldfinger came out I would have killed for the real car I saw it at the 65 auto show in Chicago I wish I would have taken pictures back then.
  4. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic 1975 Ford Gran Torino   

     Very nice that came out awesome it's about time we start to see this made up into some nice street cars. I'm still looking for the wright color for my build I love the color in side and out on yours.
  5. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic Johan 61 Olds F-85 wagon   

    Dam ! that is awesome ! please show the back.! I have one of those kit's setting on my shelf for 15 years I never did any thing with it because I kept running in the a wall on what to do it's like new all the parts are still on the three and the chrome is like it was made yesterday Will I think it's time to open it up.!
  6. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic 66 Ford Galaxie 500 7 Litre brought out from the shadows   

    Hi that is a awesome build I love the color combo I had a as one of my first cars a 66 Mustang GT hard top it was emberglow and for your records the interior color is called Parchment it came in light or dark tone's .I have a 1-1 67 Mustang convertible it's the new ford color that's close to the Emberglow with the LT-Parchment.
  7. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic Parts needed.   

    Ho yes yes Harts Parts I have got 4 of his trans kit's he has some very nice quality resin and I have the kit your looking for fit's like a glove and for a resin guy his delivery is fast for the most part I got my orders with in 10 to 15 working days. Very happy with his stuff.
  8. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic 1970 Chevelle (built by my Wife)   

    Awesome she did a great job for her first your lucky she is taking part in your hobby.! Hell if my did she would still be around.!
  9. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic '56 Ford custom   

    Awesome start I love the paint job very simple but very 60's keep the pictures coming.!
  10. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic `68 Olds 442   

    Hi yes they closed down for a couple of weeks to get all the back orders out and get ready for the show as soon as they reopen you place your order I have been buying from them for a very long time get the parts when they open if they do close next year it will be a big blow to the modelers I hope someone will take them over and keep the company going they have every part that AMT ever had in there kit's. I wish them luck in there retirement they had a great run and a great product.
  11. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic `68 Olds 442   

    Modelhause has the conversion kit I have it it's a nice kit and Bandit resin has the resin body if you do not want to rework the 69 body I have the bandit resin body it's a very nice kit and the Modelhause has all the chrome the dash and hood and tail lights in it's kit. You can go to Kieth Marks for the decals.
  12. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic JoHan Maverick Pro Stock Grabber   

    Hi I have 2 of those kit's I picked up about 5 years ago at the spotlighthobby site this kit is a repop and is only drag. if you want to go stock you can get the JoHan resin 200 in-ling 6 from MCW Dave Doge I have delt with him for 15 years very nice guy and it's $10.00 you have the stock hood but you can get the complete stock interior and stock wheels from Missinglinkresin Kevin I have also dealt with him for a good 12 years also a great guy to deal with he makes the complete kit buy will sell the parts.  
  13. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic Resin 1969 Mustang Coupe / Revell (9/20 Clutch Slave, Fuel Pump)   

    Hi the resin kit you are showing is from a resin guy called AF/X Resin I have 2 of those kits I got from them 8 years ago they were $20.00 each he was a great resin guy and had a ton of deferent hoods and other trans kits but they started having all kinds of problems and people were not getting orders they faded away. It's to bad they did make a nice product.
  14. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic 65 Impala Convertible   

    Nice save ! Awesome blend of AMT and Rev parts nice color combo. Just right for a true 60's custom.!
  15. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic Moebius 1961 Pontiac news   

     So when will we see them at the store !!!! I have a order ready for 6 of them as so as they are out I'm 63 will I see them be for 93. !!!!!!!!