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  1. Awesome build the colors are spot on for the 70's i think i had 3 dark brown cars in the 70's it was a great look then.
  2. Thats great news i really need to have the paper in my hands when i am in my work shop building and i need the web site in the morning when i am having my coffee.!!!
  3. Nice build i like the color combo and the wheels and tires.
  4. Awesome save on a great old kit looks great i love the lace wheels and nice idea with the taillights .!!
  5. I got my header from Clifford to put a true dual pipe system on the car it sounds like a 289 or 302 till up open the hood people just look and i smile they have the carb plate for the webber but they charge $589 for the carb when the one i had got some big problems is when i went right to webber on line and got the carb for $119 bucks and they set them up for a 6 at the factory for you.
  6. Awesome save i have one sitting in a box for 8 years now it's in bad shape but if it turns out half as good as yours i will be very happy funny i was going with a med blue to.
  7. The factory 1br carb are up there in price but you can have them rebuilt for around $90 bucks or do what i did i got the simple plate that just bolts right to the log intake and put a webber 2br 36/38 it's all a bolt on deal i went right to Webber and got the carb for $119.00 and the plate from clifford for $70.00 and it was one of the things that brought up the HP as well.
  8. Thanks that was one of the things that brought Mr Gene Winfield to look at the car and i have always had a thing for 6's you can do a lot with them this one is built up a bit that took it from the factory 120HP to 185HP not a lot but good enough to sound like a V-8 i have a friend that has a 65 Cuda with the slant 6 in it he built it up a bit to it's a one sweet car his is gold with the black inside and the black strip down the center of the car.
  9. Thank you your right and i do love the old school way today it's about showing off the car not how fast you can go the 6 was hopped up a bit but not looking for speed.
  10. This is my 67 Mustang with a old school built up in line 200 6 the hood was signed by Gene Winfield at a show in Chicago in 2013.
  11. Hi can anyone please give me info on MCW kits i have bought many of them and now i can not find the web page anymore just there paint i am looking for the resin kits our they still making kits. Thank you for any help.
  12. Thats sweet i have the one you started with and i am in for one of these when your done.!!!
  13. Hi i am also rebuilding a 63 and now that Modelhause is gone it is very hard to find replacement parts for AMT kits BUT ! with this one you have a little hope i just needed all the chrome and the front pan there is one of the AFX AMT/Model King drag kits that was made from the 63 Tempest kit the hood and all the chrome and grill and head lites and pans and glass is all stock find one of those and your good i found one 2 mounts on spotlighthobbys.com i payed $ 35.00 for it but it was worth it to do a great old kit like this one good luck.
  14. I am doing a build very much like yours if you want the Old's dog dish caps Kevin at missing link resin makes them he has two deferent years.
  15. Kevin at missinglink resin makes a great repop of the rear bumper and tail lights for the 69 and he also has the flat hood fits like a glove.
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