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  1. AMT '62 Corvette

    I have been that UV bond for 2 years now and have never thought about using it to from small clear parts or even small parte in general thanks that's awesome it's back to Amazon to order more.!!!
  2. Johan Pro Street Rambler kit question

    Hi I have 3 of those kits what you have is the complete kit to build the SC all you have to do is go to Keith Mark's decals I have used his decals for 15 years he has both sets the one with the sides all red and the second one with just the thin red strip and the bigger blue one.
  3. Revell 1968 Chevelle SS 396

    Awesome build it's great to see this car back in a kit again just be for this came out I was a day away from putting out $ 175.00 for a old AMT kit the 68 was the only year I was missing for my line up I'm glad I held off I got 3 of these and can't wait to start on one you did a beautiful job the same go's for you 69 Boss 302.
  4. Red line tires: How to

    Awesome thank you I'm going to give it a try.
  5. 70 Torino GT Custom

    Wow.! that's awesome I love it I have not seen one of these done in a lone time the total mono black and white works great with your build nice.!!!!
  6. 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 1/4/19) Finished!

    Hi thanks like I said you don't see much so I also took a pin and put a little of the clear red stain in the low area be for I started cutting so between the both it looks good.
  7. 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (update 1/4/19) Finished!

    Hi I thought that they were the taillights so I did stain them red and then I took a small blade and open up the space in between the chrome bars on the tail panel the plastic is very thin there its almost like they wanted you do it that way but never put it in the instruction sheet it worked you can see the lens not much of it but it does show through.
  8. 1962 Lincoln Continental Custom

    Dam ! that's a awesome save very nice.!!
  9. Well with any luck if they are reading this maybe they will.! And I also like the accurate front end it does make this kit look a lot better.!
  10. WoW ! WoW ! the awesome thing I see in this kit is that after all these years Revell has finely started to do a nice set of tires for there kits I love the detail they put in there kits but trouth be told there tires suck I have always replaced them with the AMT parts pack tires this is nice. Now they need to sell them in a parts pack so I can replace a hole lot of tires on there kits.!!! Ho ya the kit looks awesome I will be getting a couple of them.
  11. Straight onto the bench from the mailbox! 1968 Chevelle!

    Hot Damm ! I can't wait to stock up on these from the looks of the way they set up the rear fender caps they already have a 69 on paper just as long as they keep these going it's been way way to long we have only had the 69 I had a 68 in high school I have always wanted to do it in a model.!
  12. '70 Buick skylark hood

    I have not seen any out there yet but I did get the kit with the blue car on the front of the box and there is a stock hood in that kit you just have to fill in the hole for the carbs I have one and its not bad I'm doing it now.
  13. Model Car World Resin

    I have to say I really like MCW over the years I have got a good 30 of his kits I like them and he is fast on shipping for resin and the quality is very good the shipping is a bit high but the product makes up for it. The only thing I do not like he still does all his orders by snail mail other then that he's got a great line up.
  14. AMT '49 Ford 'Gasman"

    If anyone at AMT is reading this you really need to put those WHITE WALL CHEARTE SLIUCK'S into a parts pak for sale very SOON.!!!
  15. 1964 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible

    Very nice build the wheels look great on that car I had a friend when we were in high school had a red 64 with those wheels on it always looked great.