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  1. 61 Impala

    Wow ! great job on the body so far you nailed it. this is looking awesome. were did you find the tool you used to remove the chrome on the sides I like that it looks like it really cuts down on the sanding.
  2. 1969 A12 Roadrunner (I will need some advice)

    I'm 66 I bought them when they first came out and in the 60's they were $2.00 each and a lot of store had them for as little a $1.00 even today I try to fine and buy any JoHan kit I can I have a good stash of them now but I always loved there kits it's to bad that 90% of there tooling has been lost or sold off for scrap it's truly a lose.
  3. 71 Mercury Cyclone restoration

    Hi get a hold of Kevin at missinglink resin he makes the repop of both and has all of the parts your looking for and he has them chromed I have the two kits from him you cant tell them from the plastic kits.
  4. 1969 A12 Roadrunner (I will need some advice)

    WOW.! guys I just got my GTX grill and a couple of set's of his 63 Ford dog dish hub caps I got to tell you they are awesome well with the price and the delivery was just bout two weeks very nice.!
  5. Modelhaus Resin Tires

    Jump on it my friend I already have had 6 orders with him very very very nice and they have been shipping with in 3 to 6 days and I have had 1 or 2 orders ship the same day .!!!!
  6. 1988 Ford Crown Victoria

    Hi that came out awesome very nice build looks like a nice resin kit. I have a quick and easy fix for the windshield for you I use it my self get that 5 second bond UV glue put a couple of small drops between the glass and the frame and use a toothpick and push the glass up through one of the side windows as you hit it with the UV light in 5 sec your done and you can't see the fix this way you do not have to take it apart.
  7. Anybody else also a fan of Juha Airio?

    I'm a big fan of his to me he is Mr. Model.!! I wish some one or him put a photo thing together of all his cars with front and back and motor shoots.!!
  8. Replica of Dad's 66' Pontiac Lemans

    Hi that's the hood I used for the 67 Tempest I'm doing but it's to small for the Rev 66 I'm also doing a 66 I just cut out the hood scoop and filled it in and used a small piece of evergreen plastic strip to make the center line. I have also done a 64 Tempest and a 68 Tempest. here are some pic's of the 68 and 64.
  9. Replica of Dad's 66' Pontiac Lemans

    Wow.! I'm doing a 67 my dad had a 67 the same color with the black top the only thing deferent he had the OHC-6 this was the car I took my drivers test on in june of 67 .!
  10. Ho yes I remember them I'm 67 and I had one that was factory radio combo on my 69 Buick Wildcat and my 80 Scout my grandfather even had one in his car they were all over in the 70's and the first couple of years of the 80's.
  11. 1949 Ford - sectioned with a fade

    That's awesome !! it looks like something you would have found in a model car mag back in the 60's I love it .!!!!
  12. Modelhaus Tires

    I just placed my forth order with the new Modelhause tires I have to tell you I hope they stay around for a long time the tires are perfect the same as they always were and the delivery unreal I had them with in one week.!!!! I'm getting ready to place a new order.!!!!
  13. Eldorado Brougham, Foose?

    Wow ! that's awesome I have both of those kits I guess I will have to rethink what I'm going to do with them now.!! I can't wait to see this one done very nice.
  14. 1969 Dodge Charger Convertable

    Hi I'm just east of Park Ridge normaly right around the end of April I see it driving around and it shows up at the local small shows I bring my 67 Mustang out about then and show it at some of the shows it's a Resto mod and in 2013 at a show in Niles Gene Windfield sigend the underside of the hood for me.
  15. 1969 Dodge Charger Convertable

    That's cool looking I'm from Chicago there is a guy from around my area I'm by O'Hare area who has a 69 that was converted about 10 years ago his is in the copper color with white in side and strip it was done at a local shop they did a great job on it and it's a big hit at all the local car shows it should have been a production car it would have been a hit back in the 60,s. can't wait to see your project finished.