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  1. Kevin at missinglink resin makes a great repop of the rear bumper and tail lights for the 69 and he also has the flat hood fits like a glove.
  2. I have been using that UV glue for 3 years now i really love it to put windows in and chrome on resin models no haze at all and you can move the part arond as long as you want till you hit it with the UV-LED just don't work in sunlite it hardens like now.! lol you can get it on amazon thats where i get it much less money and you can get 1 and 2 oz bottles of it. the build is looking great can't wait to see this one done.
  3. Awesome i like it.!! do you have any photos of you building the body this is a awesome build .!
  4. I would also love one i have a untouched AMT 68 kit that i would love to make in to a two door.
  5. Awesome restoration you nailed it very nice.
  6. Awesome I love it and that baby blue 53 chevy is awesome also very nice.!!
  7. Awesome group of 60's Fords nice job.!!!
  8. rickcaps55

    1936 ford

    Awesome looks like it came from the pages of Hot Rod Mag.
  9. Kevin at Missinglink also has the dog dish hub caps for that year they look great .
  10. Awesome awesome awesome !! looks like it came right off the pages of a late 50's Hot Rod magazine .!!!!
  11. Hi if you go to brochures or old car manual project you will find all the car brochures from the dealers the 70 T-Bird had the pan painted and in 71 the only big change Ford did to the car was the pan now was chrome and part of the bumper I am 68 I had an uncle that was a T-bird guy that's all he drove every 3 years he got a new one and I remember he got the 70 and when the 71's came out he was glad he got the 70 at the time the thin looking bumper was better looking to people because all the car companys were had gone to the big bumpers starting in 70 well most of them did in 73 when the gas crunch hit I get ride of my 69 Buick Wildcat for a 73 Pinto and that was the last year the pinto had the thin bumper in 74 the bumper was bigger then the car.!!!
  12. Hi yes it does you do have to do a little sanding on the firewall ends and the very back of the frame sides but it works very well I have used that frame on the Johan 69 roadrunner and GTX.
  13. Nice that looks like it will be easy to restore. look at the online model stores and get a AMT 69 GTX converitable kit for the windshield frame and glass it's the same.! I see those kits all the time.
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