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  1. 41 Willys - slant six hot rod update 2/19

    Thanks I know what you mean my 1:1 Mustang gets big looks at the local shows in 2013 Mr. Gene Windfield was at one of the shows I was at he liked it and he sigend the under part of my hood I have 6 coats of clear over it. 20 years ago you could not give a six away but try to find one now you will pay big LOL. Can't wait to see your project done.
  2. 1970 Ford police car

    Here is a grate site I use for all car specs it called the old car manual project (www.oldcarmanualproject.com) it has all the factory sales books with all the specs. I have been on this site for 14 years they keep adding to it good luck.
  3. 1970 Ford police car

    Hi your good with a six in 1970 Ford had what they called the big six it was 240 CI and had 150 HP In Chicago 90% of all the police cars were always ordered with in-line 6's.
  4. 70 Buick Wildcat convertible finished

    That's awesome it's nice to see someone open the hood on that kit.!
  5. 41 Willys - slant six hot rod update 2/19

    This is awesome I'm a big fan of in-line 6's I rebuilt a 67 Mustang GT after I retired 5 years ago and went with a built up 200 in-line 6 the factory hp was 125 it now puts out 265 more than the stock 302. I will watch this one keep those pictures coming and as for the new chrome pen's they are the best thing in modeling in years in fact the very first thing I used it on was a valve cover for a slant 6 like you did.
  6. 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

    Awesome !! you have brought new life to an old AMT kit look's great.!!!
  7. AMT Future Releases Interesting

    Your right Dave I'm 65 and I have had and have almost every issue from the first in fact I have a first issue it was never a curbside.
  8. `66 Chevrolet Impala SS

    Wow.! awesome build I love the color inside and out nice tire and wheel combo very nice. !!!!
  9. Star Models

    Hi if no one got back to you on how to get a hold of Steve here is the email I use. (stevekohler@cox.net).
  10. Star Models

    Hi Steve is a great guy I have been kitting kit's from him for over 12 years now and never once did I ever have a problem of any kind your safe your safe.!!
  11. It would be awesome to have a 65 Nova kit out again and one that can be built stock or street or all out drag and if Moebius is doing it you know it will be a very detailed kit but you say it's only been 3D printed and not tooled yet HO BOY so maybe we will see it some time in 2020 or 2021.?????. Hell I'm 65 I may not be able to hold the air brush by then.!!!!
  12. 1978 Dodge Monaco Brougham 1/25

    WoW ! that's awesome it's really nice to see something other than a police car made from these. And I'm a retired cop.!!! Very nice job .!!!
  13. MCW Biscayne

    Hi yes the MCW resin kits are very good quality I have got many of his kits over the last 10 years I have all his Biscayne's he has all of them from 61 through 69 at the time I got his kits I got all my chrome done at little Kar motor co. I think you will be happy with them.
  14. 56 Ford Victoria

    It looks awesome no one would ever know what happen to it.!! I love the color combo and the baby moon's look great on it with the thin white walls very 60's street rod look.!!
  15. AMT Studebaker Avanti 1963

    Wow ! that is awesome very nice that has to be listed as a por-build.!!!!!