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  1. LEGO Rat Rod

    LOL ! I guess next time I'm at my grandson's I'm going to be playing with his LEGO's !!!!
  2. Reposting some finished projects

    WOW !!! awesome now put all the words that everyone have said behind this awesome.!!!!
  3. '61 Falcon Gasser

    Awesome it's nice to see a 60's Gasser.!!!
  4. 48 Caddy

    Awesome I will be following this one very close keep the pictures coming.!!
  5. '58 Fairlane 500 Semi-Custom! Finished!

    Awesome !! that is a work of art great 50's custom I love the hole thing the color the wheels and the front and rear just right.!!!!
  6. '58 Fairlane 500 Semi-Custom! Finished!

    WOW ! that's awesome looks like it came right out of the pages of 60's Rod & Custom !!!! Really looks great color wheels every thing perfect !!
  7. '70 Chrysler custom

    That build really is awesome ! Thanks for posting it again I have seen your build many times be for when you first posted it and in many photos that other guys have taken at shows after I saw it the first time I got one from Steve at Star models it has been in a box for as long as you have shown your build every time I look at it I just know it's going to be months of work but seeing yours again I'm finely going to get started on it with the hopes it comes out a 1/3 as good as yours.!
  8. My '74 Caprice promo molotow chromed

    Nice promo I wish I would have kept the ones I had as a kid back in the 50's and 60's who knew !!! Those chrome pens are the best tool for the hobby in years I have both the 1mm and the 2mm I love them I just reordered 2 more on amazon!!!
  9. 66 Chevy Nova Fastback

    Now that's awesome very deferent I like it.!!!! nice color combo.!!!!
  10. 1967 Camaro - 3d printed 'interpretation'

    Hi ok I understand a little better now thank you for the reply don't get me wrong I think the idea of doing things with the 3D printer is awesome I guess I'm looking at a more useful way to use it in modeling I'm in Chicago and I am 65 I have been building for 55 years I did my first model at 10 in 1962 it was an AMT 3-in-1 62 Ford Fairlane it was $1.49 the paint was 10c a bottle and the spray can was 59c today the kit is between $ 22.00 to $49.00 the spray cans are $4.95 to $6.95 each and the little jar's $3 to $4.00 each so I fully understand.
  11. 1967 Camaro - 3d printed 'interpretation'

    I can see the 3D printing for wheels and parts but not something like the hole car. Can't just the body be printed out.? and like you said you did lose a lot of detail sanding all the extra plastic off and 11 hours to print it took less time for my kids to come in to the world lol.!! I thought there was someone that was working on doing body's has anyone tried that would be great to be able to make the body you want and use the rest of the kit to complete it.
  12. 41 Willys - slant six hot rod update 4/9

    Thanks I know what you mean my 1:1 Mustang gets big looks at the local shows in 2013 Mr. Gene Windfield was at one of the shows I was at he liked it and he sigend the under part of my hood I have 6 coats of clear over it. 20 years ago you could not give a six away but try to find one now you will pay big LOL. Can't wait to see your project done.
  13. 1970 Ford police car

    Here is a grate site I use for all car specs it called the old car manual project (www.oldcarmanualproject.com) it has all the factory sales books with all the specs. I have been on this site for 14 years they keep adding to it good luck.
  14. 1970 Ford police car

    Hi your good with a six in 1970 Ford had what they called the big six it was 240 CI and had 150 HP In Chicago 90% of all the police cars were always ordered with in-line 6's.
  15. 70 Buick Wildcat convertible finished

    That's awesome it's nice to see someone open the hood on that kit.!