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  1. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic 62 pontiac grand prix   

     Hi Yes go to Missing  Link email Kevin I have one of his 62-GP kits Damm it's nice you get the body and the rear grill and the side plates pluse the right inner panels and front buckets very nice the AMT doner kit fits right in.
  2. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic Perrys Resin info   

     Hi I want to add one thing to this I have got a lot of items from Perry's a few years ago and it was all very good quality I was happy with all of it it's to bad he let the site good bad that being said I just for the hell of it checked back with the site last year and you guys are right it has not been updated the last date is 2008 but be very careful if you do go to the site it has been hacked when I hit on a couple of photos my McAfee lit up like a Christmas tree.
  3. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic Not grampas ol' 53   

     All right I have not seen anyone do one of these in a long time I love this ford great body style for custom or drag and your's looks awesome keep the pictures coming I have a couple of these kits in stock I'm going to have to pull one out now.!!!!
  4. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic What cars interest you in resin 1/25   

    Hi MCW makes the 68 and 69 2 door Biscayne in resin I have both and they are very nice it's a small change to make a Belair out of them the 68 takes the AMT 67 chevy kit as the doner and the 69 takes the AMT 70 chevy kit as the doner.
  5. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic 1967 Ford Galaxie   

    The kit from Motor city is a great kit it's a repop from AMT and it looks like a plastic kit I have 2 of them all you need is the AMT 66 to finish it and when you order it you can ask Jeff to have the parts chromed he will do that for you.
  6. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic Hot Wheels Tribute builds   

     I love it that's awesome keep the pictures coming.!
  7. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic Missing Link 70-71 cyclones   

     This is a awesome kit by Missing link I have one and I have the org by MPC it is a perfect copy of the MPC for anyone that loves these 70 and 71 Merk's this is a must get kit.!!!
  8. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic 40 Ford   

     Awesome very nice it's right on 50's or 60's street rod.! I really like the way you placed the turn lights and the rear lights that's a nice touch great color combo.!!!
  9. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic 1969 Chevrolet Corvair Monza convertible   

     For a quick build I think it came out awesome very nice. !!!!
  10. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic Modelhaus going, going Gone !!!!!!   

     I for one like all the other modelers on here will miss Modelhaus very much I never passed up a old glue boom or a old promo knowing that I could get what ever I needed to rebuild or restore that old boom or just fix something I had in stock and I want to thank both Don and Carol for the many years of very high quality work and parts they supplied to all us model nut's. That being said I also want to say I'm 64 I have been building models from the age of 10 so that's 54 years and I will still keep building till I can't or just don't want to any more I know there is a lot of younger guys on here that are not happy to see them go but like my self I retired at 60 after 40 years in the work world you just have had it all the fun maybe gone and you just don't care any more and every one need's that time to do things you have dreamed of or want to do it's your time now life is short every one deserves this. Once again Good lock God bless and enjoy your retirement Don and Carol Thanks You.!!!!
  11. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic 68 Chevelle front & rear bumpers and grille   

     When Modelhause come's back up to take orders you can get a 68 trans kit from them I have 2 of them it has all you need the dash hood frond grill and bumper rear bumper and red tail lights all you have to do is a little body work on the back of the 69 and your home free it's the time it take's to get the parts and do the work.!
  12. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic 65 Rambler Classic, Restoration   

     Wow ! awesome save that came out nice I love anything AMC.
  13. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic 1969 Corvette   

     Wow ! that is awesome. The paint the wheels everything it all fit's just right nice very very nice.!!!!
  14. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic '67 Corvette Roadster   

     Wow ! The wheels that is a hard one I love both this is a car that looks great with stock or the Ralleye's I guess it will come down to what color you are going to paint the body and if that does not work put a picture of both up on the wall and fling a dart at one.!!!!!
  15. rickcaps55 added a post in a topic 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille   

     First off you did a awesome on the restoring of that Cad I love those old Johan models I have one I'm doing now but this is why we will have a big problem if we lose Modelhaus  with out them it's going to be very hard or imposable to restore a old glue boom I really hope someone picks them up. Again you did a awesome job and that Cad.!!