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  1. Great line up and done very nice i love that show watched it all the time as a kid and still do the only one missing is the 68 Shelby convertible that one will be very hard to find.
  2. Very nice that is a awesome build i love the 68 or 69 in the copper with the white inside.
  3. Wow awesome i have the kit i got it when Kevin came out with it but have not got to it yet now i see your build and i have to get mine going it looks great i love you color combo one of the combos i did think about is a dark gray with the dark red inside. very very nice.
  4. WOW that's a perfect combo of paint wheels .!!!
  5. Looking awesome man i love that color.
  6. All i can say is get it out i can't wait i have wanted this kit for years I am 70 and had it when it first came out the 68/69 are the two best Coronet's in the Dodge line up every time i saw one from some of the guys on the online stores they were between $250.00 and $300.00 I want a couple of each the hard top and the convertible.
  7. Thank you to all that replied i have some good starting points now i will let you know how it comes out i am doing this over the weekend.
  8. Hi Guys i have 2 AMT unpainted promo style cars that had BMF on all the chrome trim how can i remove the BMF so i can paint the body's there both 1960 Pontiac's the cars were from a yard sale i went to about 35 years ago i just never got to them so it's been on for a long time any help would be great.
  9. Very nice awesome build i am also into the middle of one i will be following this.
  10. Nice save i have always loved the Falcons any year great color combo for the body style great look for the wheels i have not seen anyone use those centers in a long time very nice save.
  11. I have wanted to see MPC or AMT put this kit back out for years in 68 i one of each the Vert and the Hard top i will get 3 or 4 of each as they come out i hope they hit be for the end of the year.
  12. Thats a great color i really like it and after seeing that color if it was me i would go with a dark gray for the second color the white will take away from the copper the gray will blend in more.
  13. This is one car i have wanted as a stock build kit for years i will follow this i want one.
  14. Awesome what a great build i love it in that color combo the 67 was always one of my favorites'
  15. WOW ! thats awesome i have to get into this 3-D printing the things i have seen a lot of guys do with it over the last couple of years on this site is great.
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