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  1. Hi it looks awesome I ordered a couple of bottles of the GSW just be for Christmas it has not come yet how long did it take for you to get yours.
  2. That looks awesome thats one Ford should have done !!
  3. WOW you did a awesome with the detail under the hood i have to try that my self very nice it puts new life in a old kit.!!!
  4. I just per-ordered 2 of each both the 65 and 64 i am hoping to do some switching of the kits so i can make a good stock 65.
  5. Hi your cast came out very nice it looks as good as the ones they made i have started to do small parts my self.
  6. Very nice save the color is great i did like that fade also i have a 65 and 64 glue boom i picked up at meet 9 years ago i got very luck and got replacement chrome and taillights form Modelhause be for they closed up after seeing yours i will have to get both of them out and do them this winter i really miss Moledhause they made it so easy to restore a old model.
  7. WOW ! Issue #211 is the best so far very nice can't put it down keep rolling like that great work guys awesome.!!!!!
  8. Hi i lost track of when my subscription run's out and i don't want to miss any can you tell me when my last issue will be thank you.
  9. Nice i have the MPC kit and the Keth Marks decals it's been sitting for 15 years now were and how do i get the motor and wheels. Please.!!!
  10. The Camaro roof looks great you did a great job on the body work. I have a 53 convertible that i was looking at doing a hardtop custom looking at the 1:1 picture that could also be a 65/66 Impala roof or a 65/66 Buick Wildcat roof i have these body's but i really like the way your Camaro roof loos.
  11. WOW ! I watched this from the start you had a mess to work with but it was worth it it is awesome the color the wheels the motor nice .!!!
  12. Those are all very cool awesome detail hay this is were it all started i enjoyed seeing them.
  13. Awesome build i have a 70 i am doing in that color sweet.!!!
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