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  1. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    Ok I have to say this.! I'm 66 and I built my first model in 1962 it was an AMT 62 Ford Fairlane and I have been building for 56 years and I have built just about every main kit out there SMP AMT Revell MPC JoHan and all the new ones I understand a lot of guys that like to see the model look as close to the real car as it can get and so do I but I have to tell you guys something in 56 years I have had friends and family and others look at my models and not one time in 56 years have I had anyone say ho man it's not right the chrome is wrong or the windows are wrong or the dip in the fender is not right it takes to dam long for this companys to get these kits out because everyone is telling them what to do and how to change them your model builders fix it when you build it it's not a perfect science they look great just get them out and maybe if we leave them alone they will get more of the old kits out that everyone keeps dreaming about.!!!
  2. 1962 Chev Biscayne

    Hi you can use the AMT 62 Belair the only real deference is in the trim witch can be changed out easy the AMT has the bubble top if your Dad had the sadden roof you can go to MCW Dave Doge he does the Biscayne with sadden roof his resin kits are very good I have bin building his kits for over 12 years now and his kit uses the AMT Belair as the doner kit. Good luck post pictures..
  3. Moebius /Model king 65'Mercury Cyclone A/FX

    Bin waiting for this one I have min on order already with modelroundup he's taking pre-orders this is going to be a great kit.!!
  4. 66 Country Squire

    That's great I would love one of the kits but also like 2 or 3 of the grills to.!!
  5. My son's first model

    Very good he did much better then I did the first time around keep him going.!!!
  6. '50 Ford dual cowl

    Dammmm! that's so cool it's awesome now that's a custom looks like it could have come out of a 50's or 60's Rod & Custom or Hot Rod Mag.!!! Very nice it's really nice to see a build like that again no one really does them any more.!!!
  7. Lone Wolf Custom's Foose Caddy

    Wow !! that is awesome ! I have seen a lot of really great builds with this model but I have to say this one is on the top of the list I still 2 in the box not knowing witch way to go with them but this has given me some ideas very nice the color combo really set's it off and the motor you did Dam it fits the build perfect.!!
  8. 1966 Revell GTO....

    Awesome job !! the color is perfect and the detail is awesome very very nice.!!!!
  9. 1976 Pontiac Ventura

    Wow ! very nice those 1/32 kits were around had some other cars that I wish they had made in 1/25th you did a nice job . someone already said it the rear bumper is up side down easy fix. I just started on the MPC 1/25th of that model it was in my stock for 15 years untouched I picked it up at a side walk sale for $3.oo it was never built all the parts are still on the tree.
  10. 1973 GTO Street Machine, Up on it's wheels! 6/2/18

    Ho man those wheels came out awesome.!!!!
  11. I'm 66 and can tell you for sure NO ! AMT did not shrink wrap any kits in the 60's I live in Chicago I got and built my first model in 62 it was the AMT 62 Fairlane I got it at the corner drug store for $98c they always had the kits a lower price at the 5 and 10 it was $1.49 anyway the boxes were the old heavy style thin and had two small pieces of tape on each side of witch most were cut do to kids like me that had to look inside that's what lead up to shrink wrapping but not till the late 70's in most places.
  12. 70 Mustang Track Car

    WOW !! that's is awesome I love it.!!!!
  13. 1966 Pontiac TEMPEST

    Hi the head lights are the ones used on the 64 and 65 AMT Thunderbird I had got them from Modelhause. and the tail lights on the 64 also came from Modelhause those are the taillights from the AMT 61 Buick with the ends cut off they were the right shape with the 3 lines in them. BUT.! if you want to do the GTO with the head lights showing you can contact Kevin at Missing Link Resin he makes the parts you need to do that I have them and they look great.
  14. 1966 Pontiac TEMPEST

    Looks great that is one of my next projects I am do a 68 Tempest and a low end 64 tempest now and the 66 67 after that. This were I'm at now and hope to have a full lay out soon.
  15. Spark Plug wire

    I got for colors red black blue and yellow so far all for colors are between satin and flat to me it looks like the low end of flat some call it eggshell one more step and your flat.