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  1. I have wanted to see MPC or AMT put this kit back out for years in 68 i one of each the Vert and the Hard top i will get 3 or 4 of each as they come out i hope they hit be for the end of the year.
  2. Thats a great color i really like it and after seeing that color if it was me i would go with a dark gray for the second color the white will take away from the copper the gray will blend in more.
  3. This is one car i have wanted as a stock build kit for years i will follow this i want one.
  4. Awesome what a great build i love it in that color combo the 67 was always one of my favorites'
  5. WOW ! thats awesome i have to get into this 3-D printing the things i have seen a lot of guys do with it over the last couple of years on this site is great.
  6. WOW ! thats awesome the color is perfect and got to love the chrome wheels with the wide white walls right out of a 60's Hot Rod Magazine.
  7. Awesome build the color is great i love the dark blues on these cars and the wheels are perfect for it and love the build up on the in line 6 very nice.
  8. Awesome thats what i am doing but a two door sleeper stock looking there are no 65 stock Novas out there so when i saw they made both i knew the parts will work with each kit i got 2 of each for now with the one i am doing i took the front bench seat from the AMT wagon it had a pattern close to the 65 you did a great job with it very nice.
  9. Wow very nice build love the color combo it's a great classic from the early days of modeling.
  10. Nice save on the hood scoop looks good.
  11. Awesome awesome build the hole thing color wheels and tires engine interior everything looks like the real car.
  12. Very nice awesome build i love the color combo and the open trunk and vent windows but i really love seeing the open head lights for a change i am doing a 68 GTO with the open head lights now.
  13. The kit had clear red Taillights if you to after market section and go to Harts parts he has the replacement for the 70 MPC kit MPC and AMT are one in the same and the 70 Taillights are very close to what you need i deal with him he has good parts and go delivery times. also check with Keven at Missing link resin i think he had them at one point and i deal with Keven all the time and for many years you can't go wrong with ether of these guys.
  14. Welcome back I have missed your builds you always have done awesome cars looking forward to seeing them again.
  15. I have 2 of each on order form Modelroundup hope to see them soon .!!!!
  16. WOW !! this is awesome can't wait to see it done.!!!!
  17. Ok thank you i ordered mine from the company there most likely sitting on a ship out side CA port .!!!!
  18. Awesome build so far it's going to be a hard choice on those wheels i like both they both fit the build and what you did for the wheel wells looks great nice way to finish the body line off just perfect with the size tires nice.!!!
  19. Hi it looks awesome I ordered a couple of bottles of the GSW just be for Christmas it has not come yet how long did it take for you to get yours.
  20. Nice do you have a photo of the back.
  21. That looks awesome thats one Ford should have done !!
  22. WOW you did a awesome with the detail under the hood i have to try that my self very nice it puts new life in a old kit.!!!
  23. I just per-ordered 2 of each both the 65 and 64 i am hoping to do some switching of the kits so i can make a good stock 65.
  24. Hi your cast came out very nice it looks as good as the ones they made i have started to do small parts my self.
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