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  1. dragalley added a post in a topic Looking for pics of George Montgomery's '33 Willys gasser engine plumbing!   

    Try the "Rodders Journal" Issue #20. They did a cover car feature on his Willys gasser. Let me know, I may still have the issue.
  2. dragalley added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Decals - Quickee Too F/C
    Does anyone know if someone makes decals for the Bill Leavitt "Quickie Too" Mustang F/C?
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  3. dragalley added a post in a topic Breaking NEWS Model King/Revell-1/16 and YOU!   

    Enough can't be said about the effort and dedication you, Dave, Jim and Mongoose, have done to get this going on the right path. We (us modelers) will be in your debt for a long time to come. With the increase in aftermarket items the skies the limits as to what we can do. Another name to add to the list is Chuck Boerner who does some outstanding decals for 1/16th. Can't wait to get my hands on a couple/4 of them. More to come??? WAY TO GO!!!!!!
  4. dragalley added a post in a topic 1/16 Engine Build   

    Been away for awhile on business and will get back on it soon. Yes, 1/16th scale. Was originally going to do the early 392 version, but decided to do the 426 from the 71 Indy 'burndown". Will take pictures shortly and post them under a separate topic.
  5. dragalley added a post in a topic 1/16 Engine Build   

    Currently working on a Steve Carbone build-up using Chuck's great decals. Always good to see other techniques/tricks on making it better. Between your effort and Chris's fantastic Army F/C build-up, will have plenty of inspriration to make mine better.

  6. dragalley added a post in a topic "Da Revell Fast Guys"   

    Great project. I too am starting on the K&O car. Hopefully I can figure out how to post pictures. On the anodizing, I've used Tamiya Clear Red over a silver base coat after I stripped the chrome off. Works great. On the roll cage, I glue the roll cage together and then sand it smooth. When I put in the seat/back support piece, I leave one of the ends that glues to the chassis free and spread the rails slightly to fit the seat in. Then glue the support to the bottom rail. Works good for me so far.

    Good Luck
  7. dragalley added a post in a topic TV TOMMY IVO ROD SHOP T/F DRAGSTER   

    I too am in the process of building the 1/16th version and have found the color was actually more a metallic red/deep candy red than it was a solid color. I'm going to go with the Tamiya Mica Red for a base coat and then Tamiya Clear Red for the final coat. Will then shoot a couple coats of clear to seal it.
  8. dragalley added a post in a topic Dunn & Reath .............   

    Outstanding build. That paint job is wonderful.
  9. dragalley added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    California Charger
    New to this forum. Here are some photos of my recently completed 1/16th California Charger. Comments are welcome. Hope the pictures post properly.

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  10. dragalley added a post in a topic Monster Energy   

    Thanx for the info. I'll contact them and have them shipped. Car should be done in a few months.
  11. dragalley added a topic in NASCAR   

    Monster Energy
    Does anyone know if there is a manufacturer that produces the Monster Energy decals? I've been considering building one but need to find a source for the decals.
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