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  1. Looks like Chuck Boerner’s handiwork. Check him out on Facebook (Chuck’s 60’s-80’s drag racing decals). Quality workmanship.
  2. Try LPH 1320 Model products on Facebook. They make fantastic 1/25 and 1/16 drag racing parts. Top notch people!
  3. Started in 2020, but finished in 2021. Revell 1/16 FED with Chuck Boerner’s excellent decals....aluminum tie rods...Scale Repro magneto...modified rear slicks w/foam...Tamiya paint...wired and plumbed...SpazStix mirror chrome...metalizer paints.
  4. Just finished mine. Chuck Boerner’s decals, many mods.
  5. Finally finished this one....Garlits Wynnscharger FED....392 motor from SWC Willy’s....Chuck Boerner’s excellent decals....potoetched parts (front wheels, levers, etc)....Tamiya and Alcad paint....lots of fun....
  6. Finally finished this one.....392 motor from Revell’s SWC Willy’s....Chuck Boerner’s excellent decals....photo etched parts (wheels, levers, etc)....Tamiya and Alcad paint....
  7. Getting back at the bench after knee surgery. My LHS didn’t /couldn’t get the MPC kit so I used the Garlits kit with the 392 chrysler motor from the Revell SWC Willy’s kit and Chuck B’s decals.
  8. Stephen - built one a long time ago and found the Testor’s Dark Blue enamel was the closest match at the time. Still looks pretty good from photos and the Facebook page.
  9. I’m using the Garlits kit with Chuck Boerner’s decals and the 392 from a Revell Willy’s kit.
  10. Got some bench time these past few weeks on the Royal Canadian Dragster. Chassis has been modified and painted metallic burgundy - started constructing a new fuel tank - chromed the rear end and seat - working on the Aurora 392 engine. Slow but making progress.
  11. Has anyone picked up the new MPC Tom McEwen FED kit and any comments? I know it’s a reboot of the Garlits kit but was curious what you think.
  12. Finished up in time for yesterday’s TAMS annual show. Best out of box for Straight Line.
  13. Check out Chuck Boerner on Facebook. He makes the best funny car & dragster decals out there both in 1/16 and 1/24 scale.
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