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  1. Can anyone help me with 3D printing some parts for me?
  2. I’m bringing this one back. I’m looking for someone that can help me get some parts custom made. I need a sequential transmission and independent throttle body setup 3D printed for me. As always thanks for any help.
  3. Thank you I had them 3D printed and found some centers and adapted them. They are 1of 1.
  4. This is my first build so it’s all new to me I’m learning as I go I just ordered some parts for the engine hopefully they fit so I can make the front suspension. But I’ll post some pics of it when I start in the suspension and I’ll answer any questions the best I can.
  5. The boy is growing up way to fast already but it was all worth taking a break. But on that note im ready to try and start finishing this thing!! Are there any areas anyone’s interested in seeing progress on? Need to order some parts but was wanting to see what areas everyone is more interested in for the next update. Thanks everyone I’m happy everyone is liking the direction I’m headed with this thing.
  6. Yes I’m going to try to scratch build one. As well as a couple oil coolers since I’m not sure if I can find what I’m looking for.
  7. Added some calipers to the wheels. I think I have the nose sorted out now. I still have lots of chassis and suspension work to do. Hope you like where I’m headed. As always suggestions welcome.
  8. Sorry for the slow progress haven’t had much time. My son is 1 finally so with any luck I’m gonna try to plug away on this thing. Lol Ive started addressing the blocky-ness of the front end. And added a fuel filler and rear window frame. I haven’t decided if I wanna go with the quick change rear or nascar style. Hopefully the frame will be glue tonight so I can start on something else tomorrow. Thanks for looking.
  9. Thanks for all your feedback it’s much appreciated and helps me grow and progress my build further. If you have any suggestions or critiques I’d love to hear them. Stockboresme I agree with you. I’ve been looking at it for awhile and trying to figure out a way to soften the front side profile. I’ll definitely give the stock bumper a try and see if that helps. Any other ideas to help with this would be helpful.
  10. Hi everyone I finally got to do some work on this project. Sorry for the slow progress. I updated the custom wheels thanks to Rico for all your help. I have a lot of reworking to do but it will be worth it. Here’s some more pics to hold you guys over.
  11. Haha. Thanks guys. I'll start again whe. I get some more parts together.
  12. Unfortunately not yet I'm trying to prepare for me and my wife's baby who's do anytime now. I've gotten parts in some worked some didn't so back to the drawing board. Haha. I'll be starting soon just gotta order another NASCAR chassis and engine parts. Then should be ready to start again. I might try massaging the rear flares back and rework then this week if I have some free time. The front end is from c1 it's actually for a chevelle. It had the basic shape I was dreaming up in my head so I tweaked it to work for the Cuda'. If anyone knows someone that could do some 3D printing or cut me some styrene. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again.
  13. Slowly getting stuff together. 1 thing I really need that I can't get nor find in the right size is the wheels. I saw in another post that the eightyone81 d hole wheels were the perfect shape got them in BUT they are too SMALL!! Is there some out there I'm missing or I'd be willing to pay if anyone knows of someone that could 3D print or cut me some out of styrene? I'm really only needing the spoke area if that would make it easier. Any help on this would be great.
  14. Thanks a lot impalow and drkerry this is helping out a ton. Sorry for the late response. I posted in the middle of moving into my new house. I finally got some parts in and going to start again on this soon!!
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