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  1. Jeremy added a topic in Under Glass   

    2007 Dale Jr. Budweiser Camo car
    This is the car Dale Jr. ran at the Coca Cola 600 earlier this year. Paint is Model Master lacquer Wimbeldon White, followed by lacquer clear. The finish was polished and Powerslide decals were applied. The car also features a reworked driver's side halo bar that mates up with the body. A scratchbuilt fuel filler was also added. Here are the pics:

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  2. Jeremy added a post in a topic WIP: Rusty Wallace's "LAst call" 2005 Charger   

    I'm glad to see you on that one again as well, Dave!! Your work is truly an inspiration!!
  3. Jeremy added a post in a topic COMPLETE: Dale Sr's "What If" Ride   

    That looks incredible and realistic, Jay!! I wish it was still on the track!!