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  1. Got started on the wiring and also got the wheelie bars put together, I’m hoping to have it done by the end of next week.
  2. It didn’t look good and there were a few minor gaps
  3. Got the engine detail started, I need to run the electrical lines next
  4. Haha that’s the plan, steam rollers on deck
  5. So I just finished most of it, I’m still waiting on some headlights but I did a photo shoot with it
  6. Im 90% sure it won’t but there are always anomalies.
  7. Waiting for the front window to dry but I got the chute and dZus fasteners on the deck lid
  8. Wrapping it up so far, have a few bars to make and then the wheel tubs
  9. I got some more work done on the chassis, this may be the quickest chassis I’ve built so far.
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