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  1. Finally got the doors hinged!!!!!! I'm loving the way they sit
  2. Wowww! Those are very kind words, thank you!
  3. I’ve got everting in for the most part, just need to connect the stuff
  4. I got the rotors on the rear last night, as well as the nitrous bottles in. I ran out of braided line so all I can do is wait until Friday hopefully to finish the interior up. The schematics for the electronics have been made, I just need to carbon fiber the panel and they’re in...
  5. I used 1/16 or smaller brass tubes and glued them together at about 90 degrees or so
  6. More mock up pics, got the fuel log fitted, should be done later on today
  7. More progress from yesterday, I am trying to get the writing and stuff done this week so all I have to do is paint next week then ship it out
  8. I’m still chipping away at the detail on the motor but I’m very very close to finishing it. I need to figure out the configuration on the throttle linkage and a few others and then it’s ready to drop in
  9. Detailing off the car is way easier!!! Getting ready for final assembly
  10. More updates, I got the distributor in and the carbon panels in as well.
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