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  1. Finally finished this build, I’m very proud how it came out
  2. Got some paint on and fixed the wheelie bar height
  3. A little engine detail, I need to make a few more an fittings then it’s done
  4. Got all the carbon pieces cleared and they’re ready to be put in place!
  5. Got 4 stages of nitrous plumbed, may add another on the inside of the intake runners. Most of the body work is done as well, just need to mount the front end then the chassis and body is ready for paint
  6. Big updates!! It’s rolling fast
  7. Finally got some more work done on this, got the hot side up as well as the exhaust
  8. Got started on the wiring and also got the wheelie bars put together, I’m hoping to have it done by the end of next week.
  9. It didn’t look good and there were a few minor gaps
  10. Got the engine detail started, I need to run the electrical lines next
  11. Haha that’s the plan, steam rollers on deck
  12. So I just finished most of it, I’m still waiting on some headlights but I did a photo shoot with it
  13. Im 90% sure it won’t but there are always anomalies.
  14. Waiting for the front window to dry but I got the chute and dZus fasteners on the deck lid
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