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  1. The motor came in yesterday and I got to finally do a mock up. I also got some tubs fitted in as well
  2. It’s officially a double frame rail hot rod the motor and some other parts should be in tomorrow so I can high tail this thing
  3. Thank you! I’m trying to knock this one out the park!
  4. So I got an order in for a customer to do a build on their race car so I’m going all out on this one, I’ve been working non stop for the past few days and this is what I have so far
  5. I finally got around to working on this some more and started on the wheelie bars. The wheels I ordered from protrack also came in and the look really good!
  6. Got the interior, done minus the shoot lines
  7. I went a head and scratch built some bead locks and what not. Here’s a few mock up pictures of it
  8. Thanks! And my camera roll probably glitched out lol
  9. Hey guys, I just wanted to share another build I completed a few weeks ago for a customer
  10. I got some more detail done on the motor and interior, I’ve done more work than I planned on but I might as well make this of high quality
  11. Walmart sells some iron paint for $6 and it’s looks really good, I’d use the rustoleum clear with it tho
  12. Walmart sells some iron paint for 6$ and it looks like powder coating
  13. It’s been a while as far as updates for this car. I’ve got the 4 link all figured out, now I need to build the wheelie bars then I put the panels in and wrap her up
  14. Thank you! I’m trying my best to improve with every build
  15. No I don’t, I used graph paper and my slightly reliable eyeing ability. A lot of rulers and calculators as well
  16. I did a poll on my Instagram (@muurcreations) a few days ago and they wanted me to build barefoot Ronnie’s old nova so I’m giving them what they want lol. I’m my opinion, his car is really under appreciated because it really is beautiful
  17. Yeah, I started a lot a few years ago, It’s about time I finish all of them so I can start building one at a time
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