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  1. I'm currently working on the corvette c7r but I'm building it as the 2016 test car
  2. It's not the greatest but this is my first model I've ever built
  3. Has anyone here ever ordered from hiroboy there website looks good just wanted to see if a tone has Amy feedback on it
  4. Yea I'm pretty upset with it aswell , I just shaved abit off the rear of the intake and seems fine now
  5. Hey did you check with the intake cover on because even after I fixed the areas of the dash the body was still being kicked up by the intake cover
  6. Hey I'm Ryan just wanted to say hi and look forward to get alot of advice and tips from you experts My current projects are Corvette c7r semi box stock build Tamiya fw13b box stock Tamiya porsche 956 Newman livery (haven't decide whethe I'm going to build it or trade it for another kt would mind a scca trams am kit if I cam find one lol
  7. thank you very much I'm very interested in how you did the inner window net , I don't plan to make my own water jug but I did find some clear wire cover small enough that I'm going to run rpm it to make the drink tube , also plan on making some of the electronic boxes
  8. I can't find the c5r or else I would have bought that one aswell
  9. This is my first ever model build so be kind , I race karts here in Canada and I race in a series called the Ron fellows karting championship so it was time I built a car to have him sign when I see him at the races ,I plan on doing a pretty detail build or atleast giving it a shot so any advice or help would be appreciated or ideas A few questions I have what do people use to make the radio antennas as I plan on including those on the car , I know you can buy the parts from hobby shops but i prefer to make them my self
  10. Thanks alot , I have tamiya masking tape would that work amd I'd probably just buy the buckles amd such from a company as I'm not that skilled yet lol also what did you use for the window net I bought some styrene strip amd was going to use window screening cut to size I know you don't see these things in the car but I know in my head what the car looks like so I'm picky that way
  11. Was wondering where you got the seat belts from I'm building this kit as we speak amd I'm doig a full detailed build but new to this model building stuff is there a website you buy the belts amd that from ,car looks awesome aswell what colour did you use for the exhaust
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