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  1. Cool as heck. Love the racing stance and engine. The "Dodge" decal in the rear window stands out. You are going to win with this.
  2. Glad someone else has an interest in the 32 Chevy's With all the huge interest in the 32 Ford, seems natural to have lots of 32 Chevy's available in kits. Would love to do a 32 Chevy fenderlss highboy with a dual quad 409. Oh yeah!
  3. Looking forward to it. In 1979 I built a very large scale model of this car by maybe Entex? Wish I could remember the exact scale. Had to be at least 1/12. When this kit comes out, it will jog my memory. Wonderful kit. Even came with clear fuel lines for the injectors.
  4. In 1964, my parents rolled up in the driveway in a new 1964 Grand Prix. Your work on this is spot on and accurate. Super!
  5. My gosh, that shade of yellow. The color of the seats are perfect. The whole thing is killer.
  6. I didn't even know that this was possible! Creative as heck. Thanks for this.
  7. Home Run. So cool to see the full good. Car looks fast. Go RRR.
  8. Totally enjoying this build. Great photography. Having owned 6 Italian cars from a total of 3 decades, its fun to spot the shared components that Lamborghini utilized. Love the classic color. I would be interested in these big builds by these model companies if the full kit arrived at one time and the price was a one time transaction.
  9. This is so very good. My gosh. Thanks for posting. Following.
  10. A real attention getter. Fun to see this little beast. Like that color a lot.
  11. Thanks for this. I'll check my lil Vicky kit for the big headlights.
  12. Have never seen these type of creative modifications of interior and suspension components. Really good. I used to read about the top hot rod show called the Oakland Roadster Show. I think that your model is going to look like one of the 1:1 winning entries. Thanks for this and good luck!
  13. So smooth and attractive! There was a brand new pale yellow one in my neighborhood occasionally. Thanks for the memories.
  14. Great shots. I discovered these machines when I built the AMT Double Dragster kit when it came out in maybe 1962. Fascinating to an 11 yr old that had never seen anything like that in person.
  15. Great details everywhere. The rear is beautiful with the quad tips. Classic color that's probably rare on a Ferrari.
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