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  1. Checking out the good looking engine bay with the perfect dual snorkel air cleaner covering the dual quads.
  2. Psycho is over the top! Never thought about having the entire body raise up, not just a flip front. Loving the big injection stacks.
  3. Thanks for the wheel painting tip skymnky
  4. Really good 👍 Like the idea of a blue with the blue stripe as an option instead of white with the blue stripe. Clean. When I get around to mine, I hope my wheels turn out good like yours. Thinking that getting the black deep down between the spokes is going to be tough.
  5. I'm going to do redlines as well when I do my build. Looking good. I also ordered the 421 emblems for the front fenders in photo etch but disappointed in them as the photo etch company accidently produced 2 of the same side emblems. The passenger side and the driver's side are different on the real car. All these years of hoping for a source for 62 through 64 style 421 emblems and they messed up.
  6. Loving the oval air cleaner on the 3 carbs. This would have been the hot setup option that year.
  7. I would like the Alfa' Romeo Spider anywhere 1974- 1986. I actually owned 3 of those 1:1 scale back in the day. Sooooo popular world wide yet ignored by the mfrs.
  8. Would love to be able to get a 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix Convertible including the 428 engine and the 428 fender emblems molded on.
  9. Check out the important 421 emblem on the fender just above the Champion Spark Plug decal. The kit manufacturer totally has to include that.
  10. Horrible! sorry for you on this. I was seriously considering buying this 911-was-
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