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  1. I am in need of any info on how the coolant and fuel lines were routed from the front of the block and pump to the backside of the radiator/fuel tank and where they attached. I have a few pics but most are inconclusive! TIA
  2. The clear coat is so thick that it is hiding fine detail like attachment hardware and is pooled in all the corners. I have one valve cover cleaned up and the detail is Tamiya-esque! Nice and crisp. Beautiful.
  3. OH SNAP that was cool....I posed this question to Round 2 after I posted here and I got the following from them.. Hi Scott, On the final product we could not use the “Ford” logos. Unfortunately we did not realize we had the original copy of the decals shown on the website. We will be updating the website to reflect the correct decal sheet. I am very sorry for the confusion. Doug Ridge Customer Service He must have changed the image on the site after I queried them on this! They removed the "Powered by Ford " logos! WOW!
  4. I have never in 47 years of modeling had a problem removing this stuff.....I have soaked my clear parts from the new reissue of the AMT Ohio George '33 Willys Gasser kit in oven cleaner overnight. The chrome came off OK but that insidious clear gloss paint that is applied prior to the chroming process that gives chrome plating that sparkle, refuses to budge! What do you guys to remove this stuff with out destroying the parts? I have tried Tamiya thinner, Diosol, Testors Airbrush thinner......nothing penetrates this stuff! Any hints or help is greatly appreciated! Scott
  5. These are the decals that are shown on the On the AMT - Round 2 website http://www.round2models.com/models/amt/ohio-george-coupe/amt770-1 The decals in the box does not include the "Powered by Ford" decals as advertised on thier website! This is a case of false advertising
  6. Simply Stunning work! That is one beautifully built model congrats!
  7. Asking for a good friend who is looking for any decals and or photo etch or resin for these kits? TIA
  8. Fujimi Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Spyder
  9. Chrysler had all 55 cars built in Italy by Ghia of Turin.. When the program was finished they were directed by the US Gov to either A; Destroy the cars or B; return them to Italy. They chose the former as it would have been too expensive to ship them back. This was because the entered in the US on a special "visa" and it expired when the test program was completed.
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