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  1. I use a short piece of 2x4, drill appropriate size holes. Very stable.
  2. Just curious, what wheels and tires did you use? The NHRA number would be 4 digits starting with 5, by the way.
  3. Simple, clean, but meticulous and accurate.. Great job.
  4. Great job. What paint did you use on the wheels?
  5. I am currently building a 1965 Chevelle wagon (amt surf wagon kit) replica of my first chevy race car (283 super stocker in the mid 70s). The instructions do not say anything about it but there is a tailgate panel on one of the sprues that covers up the rear screw holes in the interior. Take a look.
  6. I have to ask. Who makes the shoulder harness/belt brackets? What material is used for the harness itself? Did you scratch build the “leather” flap on the end? If so, what paint is used to resemble leather? Thanks again, Ron.
  7. Great pictures. Thank you for trying to help others. The blue tape is one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” .
  8. Get the xuron2175, you won’t regret it. There are others (even the harbor freight one isn’t bad) that are ok, also. They make taking the part off the sprue a joy, usually require only a quick hit with the sanding stick afterwards (depending on how picky you are). Most good quality sprue cutters will stop small parts from “launching” when cut.
  9. Chuck, that info is very much appreciated. Bill, your answers are always accurate and appropriate. Thanks to all that have replied.
  10. Once again, thank you all for your efforts to help. Bill, the 1950-1956 Oldsmobile and pontiac rear ends are “hogs head” style (no removable rear cover and center section comes out from the front). I had a 1953 Oldsmobile NHRA stocker and actually pulled a 4.30 gear from a 1950 Pontiac hearse and put it in my car.
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