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  1. I like it. Work with what you have and make lemonade. Might want to stick a driveshaft in it.
  2. I like it. Nice, easy, simple, FUN rendition of early years stockers. Don’t forget the top radiator hose.
  3. Another simple, but effective, method on this model T frame with a “homemade” roadster 1931 Ford A/SR that I am building a replica of.
  4. The original mounting for the early Oldsmobile and perhaps some other engines used this bracket that was mounted to the front of the engine and a rubber biscuit that was attached to the oem crossmember with 2 studs. Just another mounting possibility.
  5. 91 isopropyl alcohol soak overnight and light scrub with tooth brush has worked great for me for the past couple of years. Did you soak it overnight?
  6. I like it. $4.58 on Amazon & HomeDepot. You can order 1 on homedepot with free shipping.
  7. Because of some bmf issues, decided to try out the Dspaie chrome marker for all the trim work. Had less than stellar results (not the pen’s fault, but my shaky hands). Time to move on to #3 AA/SA. Will post some more pics in the finished section later.
  8. Shifter and gauges installed. Tried out coated tweezers on distributor cap install.
  9. Weight box that didn’t pan out and side windows (made from .010” clear sheet) that also didn’t work out. The windows interfered with the interior pan fit, so took them off..
  10. Oh, yes, I almost forget. You learned a valuable life lesson about competition and “the heartbreak of defeat”.
  11. Wow! Hard to imagine the amount of time, effort, research (lot harder in those days), passion, and workmanship a 16 year old put in to this drag racing creation. You certainly understood the workings of a funny car. Kudos, sir. Thanks for posting.
  12. Nice! Stockers rule. By the way, Walt Toew who passed away in 2017 was the engine builder on this car. His wife, Ann, currently races a 1969 Camaro in n/sa.
  13. Sorry for miscue and Mark is dead on. I had not looked at the kit from the end view. From my perspective, I would think it could still be shaped and used as Ace said, but Mark is equally right in his suggestion of purchasing another set. Again, sorry if I led anybody astray.
  14. Thanks, Joe. The Tamiya ts spray cans are a bit pricey, but work great.
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