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  1. GT classes were created years ago to allow late model 4 and 6 cylinder front wheel drive cars to be converted to rear wheel drive v-8 cars. GT/AA would have a big block chevy as the most popular combination, but any corporate early model engine could be used. Classification to be determined by NHRA rated horsepower and weight of car. By the way, no tinted windows are allowed in super stock.
  2. Check out twopaws build of Lambeck’s car back in 2013.
  3. I believe the driver of that car was Paul Reinford. Never saw it run but saw it in the drag racing magazines at the time. For some reason, I remember it being a gold color. Anyway, where did the 3/4 ton GM rear end come from that you used?
  4. I just stick my brushes in water as soon as I am done painting, then take to the sink and rinse out and quickly dry them out with a paper towel. This is model master acrylics. Other brands and types of paint are completely different, of course.
  5. I also like it. Now sprinkle on some brake lining dust lol.
  6. As others have said, the 55 is the cheapest way to go. You shouldn’t need anything additional (other than paint, of course) . Scalehobbyist and hobbylinc both show it on back order but spotlighthobbies show it in stock. Price is $23-27 plus shipping. I had just checked on this kit yesterday for a possible f/g gasser build.
  7. Another possibility is the plastruct 90102 butyrate coated wire which I am going to try on my next one. If not, the candle is your best friend.
  8. This is almost too simple. I use tamiya thin cement (with the small applicator brush) a lot and it is awkward at times to take the lid off and on. I put double back tape on the square bottom and fasten the cement to my mat in the spot most useful but out of the way for working. This allows me to take the lid off and on with one hand easily and I am less likely to leave the lid loose for too long as it is easy to fasten with one hand. If I need to move it at some point, it is easily done without much damage to the mat.
  9. Can’t have too many stockers/superstockers on this forum (vintage and modern day). Where did you get the front wheels? Keep at it.
  10. I do not take good pictures, but these came out of the Revell Pontiac parts pack. I don’t think they are as detailed as yours.
  11. That is the 50-520 tool. They also make a 50-540 which appears to be larger with an offset tip option (also more expensive). Thanks for bringing these to my attention. I just ordered the 50-520 from Walmart for $6.99 (including shipping). Ron.
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