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  1. Best Way to Store Molotow Pens?

    Tip up.
  2. Garlits Drag Pak Challenger

    I believe those are model tt63 weld wheels patterned after the old torq thrust style wheels. Hope this helps. Ron.
  3. Photo-etch mesh

    Detail master #2590 is honeycomb style.
  4. Creating NEW Panel Lines

    I like the umm-scr-01 for scribing new lines.
  5. Bob Glidden Thunderbolt

    That car was ran in the early 80’s by Harold Stout , I believe. I can remember reading about it in car craft or ss&drag illustrated. Bob built it, of course, but don’t know if he ever drove it much, other than testing. Bob said that there was a lot of work in that car. Anyway, your model looks dead on, including the wheels (motor wheel flys, I think).
  6. 1962 IMPALA SS

  7. Same reasoning for longer primary and collectors on the exhaust. Longer for lower rpm torque and shorter for high rpm power.
  8. '78 Chevrolet Malibu 4D Sedan.

    Welcome back, Niko. I always enjoy your builds.
  9. 57 Chevy...60’s custom

    Great engine detail. The carb appears to be darker on the base plate (just like the real 4gc carb). What kit did the carb come from? I like the linkage, also (very realistic). Wish there was a better return spring you could use, but beautiful work.
  10. 1974 GTO Nhra stock eliminator

    Some progress on the rear tail lights and license plate area.
  11. 1974 GTO Nhra stock eliminator

    Thank you, Dan. I am working on the rear tail lights now. I have decided to use the ones from the less than average 67 gto kit (with modifications, of course).
  12. 1974 GTO Nhra stock eliminator

    Thanks, Steve and Jeff. Firebird kit is a possibility. Some progress today on rear bumper.
  13. 1974 GTO Nhra stock eliminator

    Thank you, Mike.
  14. 1974 GTO Nhra stock eliminator

    Craig, as with most other stuff on this build, I'll probably have to make them myself (how I don't know yet). The grilles started out as .010" sheet styrene, then 020", wrapped around a wooden plug, then formed with a lighter. Didn't like them, so, glued 2 pieces of 060" sheet together drilled, cut and sanded the inside out to form the taper on the inside top and center of the grille. I tried to make the parking lights, but gave up and cut the lights out of a mpc 1967 gto kit that I bought for the Pontiac motor (it is pretty crappy looking motor and I will probably get another motor later). Honeycomb mesh from detailmaster.
  15. I started this model a couple weeks ago. It is a model of my 1:1 race car. I am using a jimmy flintstone resin of a 1972 Pontiac Ventura. This is my 2nd model I have built since I started modeling back in February (after a 60 year hiatus). My first resin body, first time scratch building, first photo etch experience. I have made some progress, but it is slow going (OCD kicking in, I guess. Grille is almost finished (try to post a pic tomorrow). Help and criticism always welcome. Ron