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  1. Man, you do good work. I especially like the tach drive, radiator cap, master cylinder cap (what kind of paint?). Need to move the top radiator hose clamp closer to the radiator?
  2. Your tips always make me think about how to build better models. Thanks so much.
  3. A stick shift mopar bracket car? Lol. Excellent electrical and wiring work. Too late to stick some other slicks on? A lot of effort here on making it right. What tach and bolt heads for shoulder harness?
  4. Excellent thinking, Greg. For those too “challenged”for this procedure, Dspaie offers bladeless pliars for this application.
  5. You will wonder how you got by without the handheld mixer. A word of caution. Some paints (like modelmaster metalizer), are quite thin and will “climb” up the side of the bottle and leak out (ask me how I know). Solution? Put your thumb and forefinger on the shaft to regulate the speed ( might take a little practice).
  6. I like using them instead of brushes to paint small parts and touch ups. Easier and no brush clean up. I have 3 different sizes. I also use them to apply Bondene to hold windshields in, but they do have a tendency to dissolve after repeated use.
  7. More good ideas from John, Peter, and Mike. Thank you for taking the time to reply. That is what makes this forum great.
  8. Thank you, gentlemen, for your suggestions. I will act on your advice, Rick, and thank you.
  9. Yes, that’s akinteractive’s name for a paint strainer for the paint cup on an airbrush. It is listed as 21mm diameter (.827”). I would like to have one for my Paasche H (.750” inside diameter)., but don’t see anything available. Anybody know of anything that would fit the Paasche H or an alternative handy way of straining the paint as you pour it in the cup?
  10. Sometimes, “learning experiences” can be brutal, not to mention, demoralizing. Too neat a project to give up on, though. I assume you will have to cut the hood out? Good fortune to you.
  11. I posted in general section about a month ago. Oddly, not that many people were impressed with the show and, some, incredibly, berated it for kit bashing old kits. Geez, like we don’t all steal parts from other kits that we have. I thought it was a great show and I don’t know how you cannot like Steve and his encyclopedic brain.
  12. Geez. My original reply specified “period correct”. I am well aware of SEGA and other organizations that have “modern “ gassers. He responded he didn’t care about being “period correct”. Great. Some do. My original comments remain historically true, as others have also stated. I am done.
  13. I guess I shouldn’t have said they weren’t around back then. They may have been in business (probably in the “roundy round” field). They certainly were not used on any gassers, stockers, a/fx, funny cars, super stockers, etc., (pie crust or not) in the sixties and probably seventies rarely. I doubt you can show me any pictures of Hoosiers on those cars in that time frame.
  14. By the way, if you’re building a “period correct” gasser, Hoosiers weren’t around back then. Think M&H Racemasters, Caslers, Bucron, or possibly Goodyear’s.
  15. “Building plastic models” by Robert Schleicher. While dated, (published 1976), this book has some of the best basic modeling information I have seen and an excellent reference source. Available on Amazon or EBay for about $6.00 shipped (used). Well worth the money for new and old modelers.
  16. Get some straight duct, at least for the first foot or so and the first elbow. The flexible stuff causes buffeting and back flow due to the ridges. It’s hurting you more than most because of the length and turns you have to make. Consider contacting Pace. I am sure he could guide you.
  17. Just watched the last episode (Little Red Wagon build). Interesting info on the Hot Rod story and the original purpose of the car(truck) and it and the model’s evolvement.
  18. Really don’t understand all the negativism about this show (and kit bashing). Doubt that there are many on this forum who don’t kit bash to make their model fit their specific needs. Watched the third show last night in which Steve recreates his old 1968 hemi charger. How many other tv shows are there that are about building model cars?
  19. I like it a lot. Where did you get the injector velocity stacks? Fuel pump and log scratch built? What did you use for the steel lines? Thanks in advance.
  20. Excellent place to do business with, as is scalehobbyist.com.
  21. Well, I, for one, think the show was great, and am in awe of steve’s Almost encyclopedic knowledge of cars and, more specifically, drag cars. Are his models works of art (like Guy Beaudette) ? No, of course not, but his show will help “popularize” model building. I don’t see a down side.
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