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  1. Outstanding; beautiful paint and great overall look. Now, my ocd kicks in. Please call it a AA/SR, as there was no BB/SR, only B/SR (unsupercharged). Did you put a small clear windshield on later, as you did on the A/SR? And, that pesky fuel hose fell off the tank in one of the photos.
  2. That’s the Mr. Muse I referred to (aka Mr. Whyte) in my post.
  3. I considered purchasing one of these a few months ago (thanks, mr. Muse). There is a generic and Paasche brand available. These would have to be used outside or in the garage and definitely respirator use. Different types of media are available for different surface requirements. I don’t know for sure about compressor requirements, but doubt a large compressor is required.
  4. Not as good as Greg’s suggestion, but I used tamiya’s lp65 (rubber black) on the slick on the right (sorry for lousy picture).
  5. Well, I like the “zoomies” in this new picture, even though they would not be as historically accurate on an unblown car, of course. Evidently, the Eelco style gas pedal was “de rigueuer” in that time as it was also used on the replica I am currently working on (albeit, stalled at this time, for a number of reasons). Thank you for your prompt and informative replies.
  6. Mr. Caudell’s model has some interesting features: injector ball plugs; head rest; weathered parachute; nice formed tonneau (seat) cover, etc. But, the most interesting thing, to me, is whitewall tires on the inside on the driver’s side, and, on the outside, on the passenger side. Either that, or, whitewalls inside and out?
  7. Thanks so much for replying. In this pic the hose appears to go to the fuel block, so, let’s call it a fuel pressure gauge. One of the dash gauges is probably a tach, ok? Seriously, great work, and thanks for sharing.
  8. Once again, your outstanding builds raise questions. I like the fuel pressure gauge on the cowl, but why the (appear to be) partially cut off windshield posts? Wouldn’t they have normally been just taken off completely? Don’t the rules require a hood (though the sides can be removed) ? Does the car have a tach? The card on the right says AA/SR. Does this apply to the other gentleman’s car as this would be a supercharged car? Do you have any more pictures of the other car? The headers appear to be fender well type. Did you scratch build or are they off a Super Stock type car? I very much appreciate your posts on this forum.
  9. I use a cordless variable speed drill with a large coarse grit drum sander or a right size pill bottle with sandpaper wrapped around with a back and forth twisting motion. This is, of course, after tracing the slicks or tire I am going to use on the fender with a sharpie marker.
  10. I like the dspaie pin vise set that uses the circuit board style bits with large shanks.
  11. So much knowledge and model building craftsmanship. Thank you for sharing.
  12. My 1966 Chevelle super stocker and replica I made 5 years ago.
  13. Nice replica, complete with flames. Maybe tone down those “chrome” super tricks to make them look like aluminum.
  14. I use the Donn Yost method. Hold windshield in place tightly, apply Bondene with those small fuzzy things (can’t think of the name), hold for a few seconds, and done. Ok, smartalecs, micro applicator brushes.
  15. I use the Donn Yost method. Hold windshield in place tightly, apply Bondene with those small fuzzy things (can’t think of the name), hold for a few seconds, and done.
  16. And, the 87089 Tamiya airbrush cleaner is (almost) exactly the same formulation as the cement. Hence, a cheaper way to buy the cement.
  17. Nice Ferd Napfel rendition. Seems like I remember him and Gene Moody’s d/g 55 went to England in the Sixties and match raced each other.
  18. Really nice job (complete with period correct Class and Eliminator Finalists stickers). In the 1:1 pics the muffler has been replaced or removed?
  19. Thank you, gentlemen. Your replies are very much appreciated.
  20. Thank you. I just found some in the Moebius Golden Commandos kit.
  21. As the title implies, which kits might have this type of wheel in them? Most of the wheels that came on the cars of the Sixties, Seventies, and others had cooling slots in them, yet I have not seen the holes or indentations on any of the model kits I have looked at. It seems strange that the model companies would have overlooked this fact. If all else fails, I will slot the wheels myself.
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