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  1. '69 Camaro Z/28 RS - Show Winner

    Beautiful build! Great attention to detail. That paint is just fantastic. That's a very well deserved 1st place. Yeah, I know. I commented twice. I meant to. It's such a great build I thought it was deserving of an additional comment.
  2. A Pair Of 68 Darts

    They both look really great to me. I sure do love MOPARs. These are a great pair.
  3. Amazon is incredible

    You guys are actually receiving package delivery on Sundays via the Post Office? Must be a bigger city thing. I live in a town of around 10,000 and I can promise you there is no delivery on Sunday or a holiday via our Post Office. That's a pretty nice service to have. I hope you all appreciate it. It's just one more "con" on the list of pros and cons of living in a small town.
  4. Seriously??

    Ditto. Oversized wheels with rubber band tires just won't do it for me. Vehicles with those big wheels and rubber band tires remind me of Donks. Everyone has their own personal likes and dislikes. Foose's designs just don't do it for me. I can appreciate the amount of work he puts into his creations, but it's just not something I like. A factory stock muscle car or tastefully done Day 2 car is much more attractive and interesting to me. And I certainly don't mean any disrespect to anyone that does like Foose's work. If we all liked exactly the same thing it would make for a pretty boring place to be. When I view a model build of a Foose vehicle I simply move on without commenting. Nothing good would come from a derogatory comment, so I make sure to refrain form posting anything negative. I usually appreciate the work involved in creating such a build. It just doesn't appeal to me.Yes, I place a Coddington creation in the same basket as Foose. I know they each have a tremendous following, but it's just not for me.
  5. Never saw THAT before

    This was definitely not a case of miscommunication between auction personnel. You would have to see the whole thing to fully understand, but there was definitely a bid made by the husband of this couple, then the wife stepped in and refused to honor the bid. Apparently she was the actual registered bidder and hubby made a bid she didn't approve of. The helper, or floor person, took a bid from the husband in obvious good faith, then the wife spoke up and refused to honor his bid. I don't think the floor person had any idea he was taking a bid from a guy who technically couldn't make a legitimate bid. The way I viewed it I didn't see any mistake made by auction personnel up to the point they started asking who wore the pants in the family.
  6. Never saw THAT before

    No, it didn't just air. I recorded it a few days ago. It was a Denver auction that aired last Friday or Saturday. I guess it could have been a ploy for the show, but I didn't get that feeling when it happened. Anything is possible of course. Yeah, Steve, my wife and I have always been pretty much equal bread winners. There were times when my business was doing really well and other times when things were slow that tipped the scales one way or the other. We never question each other on small purchases of $500 or maybe $1000. We would have already discussed how much money we were going to be willing to spend at an auction like that. Even if I had overstepped my bounds by $500 or $1000 my wife would never have done what that gal did. She might give me a sharp elbow and say very sternly something like, "That's it! No more!" That would be the extent of it though. And I definitely agree that there were a couple of comments made by staff that were totally out of line. It wasn't professional at all.
  7. Never saw THAT before

    I record several of the TV car shows including the Mecum Auctions and Barrett Jackson Auctions shows. I was just watching one of the Mecum shows and saw something I've never seen before. The bid was $10,500 on a 1926 Ford Rat Rod. Everything seemed to be rolling right along and then the auctioneer was heard asking questions and NOT going on with the auction. The camera and mike feed went out on the floor to one of the helpers (whatever they're called) and you heard a woman's voice say, "I have the bidder's number and I say NO." Then the auctioneer and the helper go back and forth kind of teasing the guy by asking him who wears the pants in the family. He actually pointed to her. And then, sure enough, she made them back the bid up. She withdrew her husband's bid and made the auctioneer fall back to $10,000. The reserve had gone off at $10,500 and when it rolled back to $10,000 the reserve went back on. They couldn't get another bid so had to roll the car through as unsold. Can you imagine just how totally humiliated that dude had to be? She literally emasculated him in front of hundreds of people on site and then millions of people in TV Land. There just had to either be a divorce and/or an arrest for battery. That guy SURELY can't just forget that and go merrily along in his marriage.
  8. '69 Camaro Z/28 RS - Show Winner

    Absolutely gorgeous build. Fantastic attention to detail. That headliner is very sharp!
  9. R.I.P. Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen

    Sad to hear. His name will forever be remembered along with Garlits, Prudhomme, Sox &Martin, Jenkins, and the other kings of drag racing. The battles of "The Snake" & "The Mongoose" were quite memorable. RIP.
  10. another mopar

    It looks fantastic, Bill. I have about a half dozen of these kits in my stash so really enjoy seeing what you other guys do. A question about the Tamiya panel accent wash. I'm not familiar with the Tamiya stuff, but I bought some of The Detailer washes. I bought both black and gray as well. I figured on using gray on lighter colored paints and then black on darker colors. Do you know if the Tamiya stuff is about the same as The Detailer stuff?
  11. 1970 Mustang Boss 429 Grabber Orange

    A great looking Boss. Very nice.
  12. 1956 Chevy Bel Air-Badman bash

    Fantastic looking street freak. Exceptionally neat and clean.
  13. 1969 Coronet

    Great choice on those Cragars. It looks great already!
  14. 1969 Coronet

    Day 2 with Cragars and some big meat on the rear like maybe MT N50s. Just a thought.
  15. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Just picked this up on eBay for $10 plus shipping. Couldn't pass it up.