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  1. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Picked up a couple more for the stash. I got the Ford in a trade and the Super Bee is a $20 eBay purchase. One of the very few items on eBay that are "deals" any more.
  2. Gorgeous build! Extremely neat and clean.
  3. 70's Class and rules info

    See if these two links help you. http://www.nhraracer.com/content/general.asp?articleid=46635&zoneid=132 http://www.nhraracer.com/content/general.asp?articleid=46634&zoneid=132
  4. What Pleased You Today!

    Dad worked out of Local 841 in Terre Haute, IN. He worked mainly south of Effingham, IL the last 25 or so years he worked, but did work north of that the first 15 years.
  5. What Pleased You Today!

    OK. Yep, that operator should have had a much better feel for the rig than he apparently did. Just be thankful there weren't casualties or a bunch of really serious injuries. That's not to say a broken bone isn't serious. Just that it could have been much worse.
  6. What Pleased You Today!

    My dad was a union equipment operator for over 40 years. He only had one bad experience in his career. After that one, he never hesitated to tell a job foreman or company owner that he refused to make an unsafe lift (pick). He was extremely well respected by all the laborers, carpenters, and other tradesman. They all knew they could trust him and his judgement. He was key man about the last 25 years of his career. Wouldn't go out for any other company. By the way, that is a cherry picker, isn't it?
  7. What Pleased You Today!

    Sounds like good news, Nick.
  8. Thanks, Steve. I was hoping I didn't have 3 kits I wouldn't want to build.
  9. What scale do you suppose these are?

    X2. Just looking at the height of the vehicle compared to his height.
  10. Why Can't I Post?

    "too long since the reply was posted". That should be a really useful piece of info for Dave or whoever jumps on it.
  11. This is the first I've read about that kit being that bad. I've got 3 in my stash. My intent was for one to be pretty much factory stock, one as a "Day 2" car, then the third kit is to be a donor for my resin notchback kit, which might be an idea for you. What about you other guys? Is the kit a bad one? I know the chassis lacks detail, but that's not a major concern with the way I'll display them.
  12. any one going to this auction

    X2! WaaHaaaHaaaa!!! I thought the same thing. Great minds think alike. I just checked to see where Fowler is. Not too awful far from me. I might actually be healed up enough from surgery by then to be able to drive there. Got the auction site bookmarked. I'll see when it gets closer to time.
  13. Why Can't I Post?

    What was the line that caused the problem? Enter it in a post here on this thread exactly as you entered on whatever board it was. That's what I tried to explain. The moderators need exact info to relay to whoever the webmaster is so they can narrow down and pinpoint the problem. Simply stating that it wouldn't post on this thread doesn't help the guys at all. Try posting one line at a time on this thread. Each time you are able to successfully post a line here, move on to the next line. When you find the line causing the problem, try posting the first half of that line. If that works, try the second half. Then that final half either will, or won't work, but everyone will know what the complete line is. If absolutely necessary, you may even have to post the words one at a time to finish up. There are other things the guys MIGHT need to know later, but trying to pinpoint a word, combination of words, or a phrase would be first. Dave thought it might be the length of the attempted posting, but it seems that may not be it. They may need to know about your operating system, browser, anti-virus, and other software, but that would be later. It sounds really nit-picky and kind of silly, but trouble shooting a problem like some of you guys are having can be REALLY tedious and the problem (and solution) can be something nobody would logically think of. For now, keep attempting to post exactly the way you have been. If you have trouble, open up a text or word document and note everything you can like the time of day, what board it was on, was it a new thread or were you replying, and exactly what it was you had typed in. If nothing else, you can send that document to whoever needs it. If you think that sounds like a lot of trouble, you should be on the trouble shooting end of one of these problems. It'll keep you up all hours of the night.
  14. What Pleased You Today!

    Got the rest of the stitches out and got rid of the big, old, walking boot. All the big wrap is off the foot and has been replaced with a simple elastic wrap with a removeable rigid splint. Instead of the boot I've now got a much smaller walking "shoe" to wear around the house. I'm supposed to still lay up here in the house, but if something comes up where I absolutely have to go out I'm supposed to put the big boot back on. Doc said to expect some bruising and a lot of swelling each time I try to walk on it. But hey, it's a whole lot better than it was!