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  1. VW Bug added a post in a topic Frankie Says Happy Halloween 2007   

    What more can I say than all the other members have not allready...Great job on the build, and the buildup, which I came back to religiously everyday to check on updates. Awesome build, it looks just like the illustration and could be confused for a 1:1. Again very nice job and keep up the good work
  2. VW Bug added a post in a topic My Friend Brian's Charger 300 Concept   

    that is an awesome start on a great looking model. what model did you start out with? keep on doing such a great job, i will definitely be following this!
  3. VW Bug added a post in a topic Enzo Ferrari   

    I think that you did a great job on it. It looks absolutely stunning! I am a fan of the Enzo and this one looks really good! Keep up the good work.
  4. VW Bug added a post in a topic Stripping Paint   

    thank you guys for all of your help. It is really appreciated and I will try to try them all. Hopefully I can work on my model soon, but with school and everything, it might be a while, so don't hold your breath
  5. VW Bug added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Stripping Paint
    Hey everybody,

    still working on that SSR of mine. I'm almost finished, just need to paint the body, but that's where I'm having trouble. Ok, so I painted it a first time, and it sucked, so I somehow got most of the paint off, sprayed it with primer, sanded it, and repainted it. Now it looks like this:


    My question is, how do I remove the paint without damaging the body, and then how do I make it so that the paint actually looks good. I'm using tamiya spray cans.

    Oh, and I have another problem. I inadvertently broke the area surrounding the windshield (hopefully you can see that; it's broken down the middle, kinda split in two):


    Any ideas how I could fix this. I tried glueing it back together, but it just creates a big blob of paint, and when I tried to sand it down, the piece broke again because the glue would be sanded down as well.

    Thank you guys for your help

    Oh, and sorry about the bad quality pics, I'm still trying to learn how to take decent close up pics
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  6. VW Bug added a post in a topic Concept Charger   

    OMFG. that has to be one of the coolest projects I have ever seen! I can't wait to see this one finished!
  7. VW Bug added a post in a topic Vertex S13 Silvia   

    I also think that the wheels fit nicely with the style of the car. It's looking like a great build, keep it up!
  8. VW Bug added a post in a topic New Guy - On My Workbench **update**   

    hey welcome to the site. i am new here, too, and this is a great website for help on anything that has to do with models (thanks to the people that replied to my post by the way, i had things going on and was not able to reply). Your models look great (better than mine do at least), but then again i am a total noob at modeling . i think that you will like it here, as there are many great and talented people who enjoy sharing their tips, and tricks.

    again, welcome to the forum and cool models
  9. VW Bug added a post in a topic Audi R10 TDI progress   

    danggg....that's going to be a clean build. You have a great start on it so far . keep it up. can't wait to see the final product
  10. VW Bug added a post in a topic FINISHED Revell's 49 Custom Merc!   

    very very nice model. great color choice. i also love the custom taillights, gives it a bit of character. oh, and your photography is great, too!

    now i have to ask, because it just seems odd to me, why do you use the rear exhaust and side exhaust (it is a side exhaust, right?)? i don't mean to sound rude or anything because your craftsmanship is great.

    keep up the good work!
  11. VW Bug added a topic in On The Workbench   

    New Guy Here
    Hello everyone. my name is yoann nicolazic, i am 17 years old, i live in minnesota (brooklyn park for all you other minnesotans), and i am french. i moved to the US 8 years ago and so far it's been great. Here is a picture of my first almost done model. the reason that i say "first" is because i've started building other models before, but always found an excuse to stop because i had "messed up". thus, they ended up either forgotten, or in the trash. this one, though, i plan on finishing, so if you guys could give me some constructive criticism (on the paintjob for example, because it looks crappy), that would be really appreciated.

    all right, here it is, a chevy ssr painted flat black.

    these pics are prob too big, so if someone, or the mods, could fix it and give me some pointers on how to reduce picture sizes, that would be nice.

    thanks for lookin'

    p.s. please excuse the bad pic quality, i have to get better at taking pics with my new camera.
    p.p.s. sorry for the double posting, mods please delete this one. thanks
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