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  1. Uwe, Great to see you again! As usual, outstanding work!
  2. Bob, Billy Kingsley has a picture of the model you are talking about on the TNMCC Fotki site. Did anyone contact you yet? It looks like the builder was looking to jack the car up and make it a rock crawler... kinda like the models that Gerry from Hurricane Hobbies does...maybe its his? edit: I just checked another model on the TNMCC site that I know Gerry did, and you can see the entry sheets in the pics....the handwriting looks similar.
  3. I never had the pleasure of meeting Bob, but was a fan of his work. Dave, I'm sure he's happy to know that his good friend will be taking care of some of his prized collection.
  4. I know there are many Veterans on this board, as well as those who are still in service to our great nation. From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you. It is because of people like you that I can write this. It is because of people like you that I enjoy freedom, comfort and and the joy of family. It simply would not be possible to have these things were it not for the service and sacrifice that you have made to keep us safe and free. You are all true Heroes. God Bless all of you. May this Veteran's Day and every other day find you healthy, happy and proud of the good work and the good people that you are. Gratefully, Frank Steffens
  5. I will surely do that my friend...I sent away for new clear sheets in Sept., when they arrived, they were FOLDED, creased and all, into my mailbox So I have to order more. Once I get them, I'll make sure you get a sheet. BTW, I placed third in "Shelf Model-Competition"...I was really happy to have placed; there were some REALLY good models in the class. I was paricularly honored that Lyle took pictures of it!
  6. To all Marines, my Heroes: You left your home at an early age and arrived either at San Diego, Parris Island or Quantico. You were "greeted" and told to get off the bus and stand on those Yellow Footprints that so many had stood on before. You accepted the challenge of Marine Corps Recruit Training. After many hours, days, weeks, and months of the most grueling physical and emotional hardship, you earned the Eagle, Globe and Anchor, and most importantly, for the rest of your life, you earned the Title of United States Marine. Not stopping there, you received more specialized training and learned to function perfectly and professionally in what will be your job. At every moment, you knew that there may someday be a time when your country would call on you to defend Her freedom. And when that call comes, no Marine ever hesitates; nor do they wither in the face of any battle, however treacherous. I am the beneficiary of this hard work and sacrifice. I enjoy the freedom and liberty that is a direct product of your service. Because of this, EVERY one of you, from Private to Commandant, is addressed by me as Sir or Ma'am. Happy Birthday Clayton Jones, Sergeant of Marines, Sir. (P.S. Clay, the USMC '55 is making its debut at the LIARS contest today, in honor of Monday's Birthday)
  7. As soon as I saw the author and the subject I knew this one would be killer...and I was right! Great work Dan!
  8. Gregg, what's "pau"? I can't for the life of me figure it out and this is the only place I've ever seen it...
  9. Awesome! I knew this one would turn out great!
  10. Thanks for the kind comments guys!
  11. Great job! Lots of work went into that engine compartment, and it shows!
  12. Nice paint! I like the chrome accent that runs along the side....sharp!
  13. I like the way you exposed the red under the black...and those velocity stacks are killer!
  14. Clean as a whistle! Love the color, and the stance...well done!
  15. That is sweet! Great idea using the Nascar roof....it really does give it that wide baja look!
  16. This is one I slapped together, the 25 T body came from the newly reissued AMT Competition Parts pack, along with the Blown Pontiac 421 engine. The chassis is from a mid 90's reissue Parts pack, along with the steelies. The front tires are from the AMT '62 Belair and I think the slicks are AMT also. Sorry for the bad pics...
  17. I'm 36...it was my father who got me into the hobby at 6 years old when he bought me a Messerschmit Me 109. I'm married and have my own home and my parents still check out all of my finished models whenever they come to my house (once a week). Every present that I've received from them since I was a kid was model related, and they know how much they mean to me. They've always been supportive of my hobby, and are grateful that it kept me off the streets of NYC (for the most part) while I was growing up. I'm also blessed with a wife who supports my hobby as well. She has also only bought me model related gifts since we've been together. When we first met, she actually thought it was cute when I told her that I built models. She even tried to build one (Revell's 67 GTX), but she threw in the towel when the rearview mirror got stuck to her forehead... I have a 17 year old son, but alas, he has never shown any interest in modeling. Its a shame, I bet he'd like it. You are NEVER too old to build models. If its something you love, by all means, keep up with it.
  18. I am always inspired by your work Dave, and this one is no exception. Utterly amazing!
  19. Sweet! I was watching this one progress, and it turned out awesome!
  20. To all those that requested the decals for this one, I'm still waiting for a new package of blank sheets to arrive, hang in there!
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