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  1. Golf MKII GTi

    Yeah, I special ordered it for a replica build. I was a little disappointed, it must have come from the end of the lot or something.
  2. Golf MKII GTi

    A good friend of mine recently took delivery of a 2018 Golf R. Unfortunately no one makes a Golf MK7.5 so I pulled this MKII from my stash. The wheels and tires are from a Revell Civic, the brakes are from my parts box, the paint is a 2014 Mustang color that looks really close to his Golf and I made plates with his daughter's name on them.
  3. 1967 Chevy 4 dr.

    I'm working on a replica of the Supernatural Impala using Page Resin's 4 door '67 Impala. Its a decent kit. It comes with the body, flat non-SS hood, door panels and front bench seat.
  4. Here's a mock up of one I'm working on.
  5. Rereleased Chevy Impala SS

    Someone posted this picture of the kit they just bought. It looks like they at least fixed the mirror.
  6. Rereleased Chevy Impala SS

    What upsets me most about every re-issue of this kit is the suspension. They used the Caprice suspension when the Impala is about 2 inches lower. The optional "lowered" suspension they included in the lowrider version is closer to the stock Impala ride height.
  7. 1948 Cadillac

    Nice job! I like the color.
  8. 1937 Humpback Ford

    I remember seeing this in a magazine. It still looks great.
  9. Nice! It looks just like the real one.
  10. 1959 "Wild Cad" Custom

    I'm looking forward to seeing your interpretation of this. I remember reading that they flew a famous painter in from another country just to paint their car.
  11. Suzuki Samurai

    That's wicked cool, it reminds me of going to high school in Panama in the early 90s.
  12. 1959 Caddy Pro Street

    That looks great, I like it.
  13. Badillac

    I just finished this Badillac. I used the Jimmy Flintstone body. The paint is black primer with Testors gold glitter, a few coats of transparent blue and a few coats of clear. I used parts box headlights and taillights. The grille is from the Chezoom kit with black mesh behind it and a resin intercooler behind that. The wheels and tires are from a Monte Carlo kit glued right to the body.