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  1. I went ahead and cut down the inner bed sides because they'll just be in the way later. I also made a new bulkhead and a filler piece for the rear of the bed under the floor. And here is the bed all mocked up. More next time.
  2. It doesn't look like there's going to be any good painting weather any time soon, so I thought I'd get back on this one. I got the rear frame rails bent and boxed in. It was my first time bending styrene with heat, hopefully I'll do better next time. I think I'm just going to raise the whole bed floor, I think a wood bed floor will look good with what I have in mind. I cut the lip off the rear of the bed floor, I'm going to have to extend it anyway and it'll be easier to make it out of one piece and it'll be easier to paint. More next time.
  3. Thanks. The wheels on the '68 are from the Revell Escalade with Pegasus tires.
  4. I built this from the Revell kit. I lowered the suspension over eBay wheels and Pegesus tires. I modified the continental kit from a '55 and skirts from a '57. I used Duplicolor paint. Everything else came out of the box.
  5. I built this Airstream from a slush cast shell. I cut the windows out and added clear plastic for glass with curtains behind them to add some depth. The wheels are just glued to the inside and I scratch built the air bagged tounge.
  6. #3 I got the dash installed. Once the body is on it'll push the cage down and look like it goes through the dash. I also installed 2 fuel cells where the back seat would be.2 more fuel cells would fit in the trunk for a total of 64 extra gallons of fuel capacity. With the interior otherwise complete I went ahead and put on the door panels. It's going to be a couple months before the weather is good enough for painting, so I might not have another update for a while.
  7. There is some pretty impressive fabrication going on in here. #3 I chose some bucket seats from my parts box to replace the single racing seat. They're going to be a lot more comfortable on a long haul and it's easier to fit a second person in the car if there's a second seat. I also mounted the rear view mirror and a CB to the roll cage, both good for spotting cops. The kit came with a pod that covered the gauges and I didn't care for it, so I left it off and used a cluster decal from a GTR. I mounted the steering wheel and column. I also mounted a platform for a laptop, a police scanner and a GPS.
  8. I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's progress. I feel like most of these cars would get by the cops because no one would believe it when they called in that car doing 150mph. #3 The muffler on the Accord is big and very noticeable, I'm considering changing it out for something more streetable. I put in the roll cage so I could start on the interior. And I added some supports to add some rigidity back after I cut out so much of the cage.
  9. #3 I wanted to paint the wheels a neutral color that wouldn't stand out so I chose a dark gray primer and I clear coated them. I really like how they turned out, I'm going to have to remember that color for future projects. I got the wheels and tires installed. You can see how low this thing sits. I have an idea that might help it not appear so low. I think it looks good flat black, too bad I have other plans for it.
  10. I like your build so far. I also built mine with no bumpers and assembled the chassis like you're doing. I'm excited to see yours completed.
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