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  1. Thanks #33 I got the interior and engine bay done. I got the body out of the purple pond and in primer. Hopefully I can get some paint on it soon.
  2. Thanks Bill. #33 I got the interior pan mated to the chassis. I should be able to get the rest of the interior done soon.
  3. I got the spare engine built. The only part I didn't seem to have was the air cleaner, so I grabbed one out of my parts box. I drilled new mounting holes for the front wheels lower and at an angle to give a little more lift and add some positive camber to simulate extended upper a arms. I also lifted the rear a equal amount by extending the rear shocks and adding some styrene rod on top of the springs to look like hydrolic cylinders. I also installed the exhaust while I was at it. I didn't wait long enough between color and clear on the body, so it's in the purple pond. For a mostly box stock build, I'm not having very good luck with it.
  4. I appreciate the offer, but now that I think about it, I think I have one, I cut up 2 of these kits to make a hearse and I should have the other engine still. Thanks for helping to jog my memory!
  5. My puppy got to the engine. It was completely built, I just had a little detail painting to do. He chewed everything off it, only leaving the distributor. I guess Tony P's Cadillac is going to be curbside. At least it's something I can fix by gluing the hood shut. He's lucky he's cute.
  6. I'm planning on using the Cadillac grill from the Revell '48 Ford chopped coupe.
  7. That came out really nice!
  8. Thanks. I used the engine from the Deserter kit, it's just box stock, nothing special.
  9. Unfortunately Tony P's Cadillac doesn't get much screen time, so I have to guess at some of the details. I'm going with a white interior with black carpet. I have an extra interior from a Donks kit and I feel like the diamond tuck is appropriate. I also added a shifter to the column, I'm not really sure why Revell didn't include one.
  10. Funny you should mention that. I have a gas can I was thinking about casting so I could paint a couple red for fuel and a couple black for water.
  11. Thanks, unfortunately I didn't take any progress pictures of the rack.i just googled pictures of racks and bent some brass rod into a shape I liked and went from there. The ladder sides are made from solder, it was easier to get the bends I needed.
  12. I built this by combining the body and interior from the '66 Suburban kit and the chassis and drive train from the '84 GMC kit. They required some modifications to fit together, but went together pretty easily. I scratch built the ladder and roof rack. I'll continue to add stuff to the roof rack as I come across things that I think will look good.
  13. Thanks. Here's a picture of the kit when I first got it.
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