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  1. I love Cadillacs! I'm excited to see this one progress.
  2. Nice build! I really like that color combo.
  3. I thought it would be fun to make this old Johan kit into a hotrod. It has the independent front suspension from an AMT '32 Ford Phantom Vickie, the independent rear suspension from an AMT '34 Ford, the wheels and rear tires are from a Revell Escalade, the front tires and spare wheels are from a Revell Monte Carlo SS. I tubbed the rear fenders for wheel clearance and grabbed a plate from my spares box.
  4. Thanks. On the roof I used Duplicolor black hot rod primer. I painted it to match my '96 Fleetwood.
  5. I built this from the Testors kit. When I got it, it was a partiality built glue bomb. The exhaust manifolds were glued on backwards and the exhaust pipes were glued to the rear axle. The rear axle had broken at some point and was glued back together crooked. They used so much glue that I wasn't able to salvage any of those parts, so this kit is now a curb side. The windshield frame was broken off and in 4 pieces, so I made a new one out of square stock. The kit hubcaps seemed way to small so I used caps from a Revell '50 Ford F-1. I only had 4 so I used the kit caps on the spares. Despite all the trouble, I think it turned out pretty well.
  6. Nice job so far, I built one a few years back, I'm interested to see yours when it's done.
  7. Great job! I'd drive it.
  8. Is that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre die cast? The mods you made look great!
  9. Nice build! I built one a while back with a lot of the same modifications you did.
  10. The lovers are from a '54 Chevy Sedan Delivery kit. I always thought it was odd that neither the AMT or the Polar Lights kit came with the lovers.
  11. I built this Eldorado from the Johan kit. I added some swangers and Vogues to give it some slab style and I made my own plates.
  12. The only car to ever beat the General. Nice work!
  13. Thanks. While doing the chrome foil on this one I realized it might be time to update the prescription on my glasses.
  14. I've built several versions of this kit, but this is the first time I've built it as Ecto-1. I used an extra antenna from an Ecto-1A, wider axles to push the wheels out a little farther, the hood and rear door louvers are from a Revell '54 sedan delivery and I made my own plates. Everything else is box stock.
  15. I built this from a Fujimi kit. I stanced the suspension and used wheels and tires from Eternity Hobby Supply. The paint is Duplicolor Quasar Blue. I'm not sure what happened to the mirrors, I'll add them later if I ever find them.
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