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  1. Nice job! That's a fun kit, I've built several different versions over the years.
  2. In ' 72 they moveed the turn signals from the bumper to in between the headlights. I think that was the only noticeable change.
  3. Nice job! My first car was a '72 Sedan DeVille, I've always wanted to build a replica of it.
  4. I built this using the Revell gasser kit. I cut the side windows out and lowered the suspension. I used taillights from a '53 Belair and headlights from my parts box. The wheels and tires are from Pegesus. The ambulance decals, siren and stretcher are from a Johan kit and the bubblegum light is from a '57 wagon.
  5. Thanks. I just positioned the visor where I liked it, and glued it on. It is kinda narrow and does sit on the windshield molding.
  6. I used Pegesus wheels and a custom plate, everything else came out of the box. This is the original issue of the kit so the adhesive on the chrome had broken down so I wasn't able to use as much of it as I would have liked. This one completes the trifecta, I now have a '46 Aerosedan, a '47 Coupe and a '48 hearse made from a sedan delivery kit.
  7. avidinha

    '73 Eldorado

    That came out great. My first car was a '72 DeVille.
  8. I made this from am AMT promo. It has a 3d printed 1st gen Escalade front clip, wheels from Moluminum, tires from an Escalade EXT, and a resin rollpan from Trailer Trash Kustoms.
  9. I started this one a long time ago and I recently decided to pull it back out and finish it. It's a Jimmy Flintstone resin body with parts from the Revell Magnum kit and the AMT 300C kit. The wheels are from my parts box and the paint is Duplicolor, it's a VW color, but I can't remember the name.
  10. Yeah, I get that a lot.
  11. Thanks. The paint is Duplicolor (primer, paint & clear) it's a factory Honda color called Bordeaux Red.
  12. This is the Revell '57 convertible kit. I had some old school Pegesus lowrider wheels in my parts box i wanted to use on this, so I put them on and lowered the suspension to complete the look, everything else came out of the box.
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