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  1. #15 I finished the engine, I'm not going to bother to detail it any more, even with the hood open you wouldn't be able to see it. In researching this build I found that Centurion cobbled these together from whatever they had. Some had Ford beds, some had Chevy beds and some had custom made fiberglass beds. Some had F-350 frames, and some had stretched frames from the van. I decided I would stretch the van frame. Because I'm stretching it almost 2 inches, I thought I'd use some brass rod to give it some strength. I also mocked up the suspension to make sure I got the wheelbase right. I also thought I'd go ahead and stretch the fuel take since I've got some more room. More next time.
  2. Funny you should mention that, I'm planning on stretching the fuel tank to about 2 1/2 times it's original size and I'm going to add the auxiliary tank from the truck.
  3. #15 Because the van is 1/25 scale and the truck is 1/24 scale, I was worried that the bed would be too wide, so I mocked up the bed and due to pure dumb luck, it lines up perfectly. I also scribes the extra seem I would need to change the sliding door into barn doors. More next time.
  4. #15 I got some of the subassemblies and other odds and ends painted. I'm going to need to mock up the suspension to get the wheelbase right. I cut the body and floor pan down and glued some sheet plastic to the back of the body. The kit comes with 2 sets of stripe decals, I'm trying to figure out a way to combine the 2 sets to make 1 set for the Centurion. More next time.
  5. I built this from the Revell Mudslinger kit. It's a snap kit and had been built when I got it. The only paint on it was on the fender flares, but the purple pond made quick work of that. I filled in the holes for the roof rack and lights. The wheels are 3d printed and the tires are from Trailer Trash Kustomz.
  6. Happy New Year everyone! Here are the builds I was able to put on the display shelf in 2021. 1956 Delray 2002 Escalade 1996 Accord (my 2021 Canonball entry) 1955 Bel Air 1970 Impala West Batmobile Clooney Batmobile 1969 Impala 1951 Fleetline Eddie Van Halen's truck Cadillac STS-V Volkswagen Type 2 triple cab KITT Shelby GT500KR Custom Cadillac lowrider 2002 Escalade
  7. Count me in! While the late 70"s wasn't a great time for cars, I was surprised at the variety of '77 kits available. I'm going to make an E350 Centurion with a '77 Ford van and parts from a F350 dually.
  8. I built this one alongside my lowrider. The Tiffany blue seems to work on a number of different Cadillacs. I color matched wheels from my parts box and used Pegasus tires. I left the running boards off, running boards on a lowers truck seem kinda pointless. As I was installing the driver's window I got a big glue smear on it, so I left the front door windows out.
  9. Thanks. 1:1 Cadillacs with this front end and trim were only available in 4 door, so no matter how you build this kit, it would be custom.
  10. I had the idea to paint this Cadillac Tiffany blue and a friend suggested that I paint the trim pearl white to look like the ribbon on the box. This started out as the Donks kit with the diamond tuck interior. I had an extra chrome front suspension from the lowrider version and I used a rear axle from my parts box. I added a little positive camber to the front wheels. The wheels and tires are from Pegesus. I keep hoping that Revell will put the diamond tuck interior back in with every re-release, hopefully one of these days they will.
  11. #3 JACCS Accord For this year's theme I thought the JACCS Accord would be perfect. It's a street car converted to a race car, so it already had everything to make it street legal-ish. The JACCS Accord was built for the JTCC (Japanese Touring Car Championship). The engine was tuned to around 280hp and mated to a 6 speed transmission, between that and the shedding of a bunch of unnecessary weight, this car should be very comfortable running 150mph+ all day. The modifications I made for the cannonball run include: Cutting down the roll cage to make it less noticeable from the outside. Adding a passenger seat. Adding countermeasures (radar detector, CB, laptop and GPS) Added fuel cells to the back seat area and trunk. Remove rear spoiler. Silver paint job. I did the interior in all black so it would be hard to tell what's in there from a distance. I also painted the skirts flat black so it wouldn't look so low. With all these modifications it just looks like a lowered street car. With the added fuel capacity I should only have to stop once for fuel. I also figured nobody will be looking at a silver Accord, so I should be able to slip by unnoticed.
  12. I built this from the Hasegawa kit. I was surprised at the lack of detail, especially considering how much these kits are going for. There were spots for pedals and a hand brake, but none were included so I grabbed some from another kit that I wouldn't be using. I cut the center out and moved the back forward to make it a triple cab. I lowered the suspension a few scale inches and used larger diameter 3d printed wheels with the kit hubcaps.
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