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  1. #3 The Accord is done. I got the last of the lights in and she's ready to cannonball.
  2. #3 When I opened this kit the exhaust tip had broken off the muffler and I didn't really like it for this build anyway so I drilled a hole in the muffler and used a piece of solder to finish the tail pipe and piece of tubing for the exhaust tip. I also wanted to give the rear a piece of trim under the bumper to help it look more factory so I used a piece of strip styrene cut to the right length. I sanded a notch in the rear trim for exhaust clearance then painted it flat black. I painted the exhaust tip with some chrome paint then installed everything. I also found a license plate from my spares box. This one is in the home stretch, and should be done soon.
  3. A friend of mine asked me to build her a pink Escalade with an ivory interior. I built it box stock with custom plates. This is the issue that they mistakenly put the ESV on the box. The box says it's molded in orange, but I'm pleased to report that it's actually molded in white. This issue has a couple differences from the original issue; it has chrome plated plastic exhaust tips instead of the aluminum ones and it has the black frit already painted on the windows. It went together well, just like one would expect from a modern Revell tool. The only complaint I have is the chrome was a little thin and wore off in some places after handling.
  4. Thanks. I actually hate doing silver paint jobs because I feel like I can never get a good shine out of them.
  5. #3 I got the pillars blacked out and the chrome window trim done. Then I thought I might as well mount the glass and put the body on the chassis. I had a hard time getting the body to sit right, which is unusual for a Tamiya kit, but I finally got it to cooperate.
  6. #3 I'm glad I took advantage of some nice weather to get some clear on the Accord, because it's snowing again. I left the skirts flat black in hopes that it wouldn't seem so low on the street, I guess we'll see how it looks once it's done.
  7. #3 We had enough of a break in the weather for me to get some silver down on the body. Then we got more snow, so who knows how long it will be before I can get some clear on it.
  8. I can't remember who the coach builder was. And no, they weren't flower cars. Here's a video about them that has some more information.
  9. Nice job. It's amazing how just a little detail really brings this kit to life.
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