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  1. Tom will a resin copy work if so I can send them out to u......John
  2. I have one just need shipping info and it's yours
  3. If u use an air brush u can call Mike @ MWC -330-830-7755, that were I purchase my paint for my Camaro project they will also have the clear u need Model Master custom lacquer spray can paint Citrus Yellow Met is close to #43 As for primer white would be fine, lite grey primer will be a shade darker. i would test out the paint combo on some plastic spoon.
  4. nice project l always love the Bird and have built several of them over the years. will follow your build
  5. Oh Ya, another Pontiac hits the site, nice build on ur T/A
  6. GMCMAN52

    70 T/A

    nice to see more Pontiac's on this site, and yes one good looking T/A
  7. the wood graining is a decal that comes with the kit
  8. I have it, send me your info and I'll get it out in the mail
  9. one nice rebuilt you have going on, the box art on these Aurora kit were just beautiful.still have my mint kit of the 22 Ford and the 34 Ford. I should start building them some day
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