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  1. Bill it's from the MPC 69 firebird kit . complete unbuilt motor,
  2. Bill if u need one send me your info and I'll get it to u.......
  3. your off to a great start. love Pontiac's big or small
  4. nice looking wagon, love the color combo
  5. nice looking Olds, looking at the box art it looks like the kit may be a Palmer box? need a better pic to see.
  6. This was the first kit that I built as a you boy in the early 60's but mine did not turn out as good as yours
  7. nice u don't see this kit to often
  8. Nice start, nice to see something different .
  9. nice,looks like something us kids were building in the early 60's
  10. GMCMAN52

    79 trans am

    nice lookinf T/A
  11. Tom will a resin copy work if so I can send them out to u......John
  12. I have one just need shipping info and it's yours
  13. If u use an air brush u can call Mike @ MWC -330-830-7755, that were I purchase my paint for my Camaro project they will also have the clear u need Model Master custom lacquer spray can paint Citrus Yellow Met is close to #43 As for primer white would be fine, lite grey primer will be a shade darker. i would test out the paint combo on some plastic spoon.
  14. nice project l always love the Bird and have built several of them over the years. will follow your build
  15. Oh Ya, another Pontiac hits the site, nice build on ur T/A
  16. GMCMAN52

    70 T/A

    nice to see more Pontiac's on this site, and yes one good looking T/A
  17. the wood graining is a decal that comes with the kit
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