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  1. @ewetwo The interior is not two-tone. It is Mr Color 129 Dark Green thinned and shot through a 3mm airbrush. The carpet is Ken's Kustom Fuzzy-Fur 122 green, mixed heavily with black to darken it.
  2. Converted Monogram's '70 Buick GS hardtop to a '71 GS convertible (see on the workbench)
  3. Under glass (I'll probably post pics in that forum too)
  4. Bumpers ready to be installed.
  5. Here is the completed interior and chassis, and the body with paint and foil all done. It is Buick Verdemist Green from Scale Finishes. Tamiya white primer, then the Verdemist color, then Alclad clear coat, pretty heavy. Then rubbed out with 6 sheets 3200-12000, 3M rubbing compound, micro-gloss liquid abrasive and, finally, The Treatment model wax. In the photo the windhield frame is foiled, but the frame is delicate and it flexes and caused little ridges in the foil. I took it off and am doing it in alclad chrome. The resin body did not sit completely right on the frame - too low in the back. I added stacks of flat stock styrene onto the chassis and under the trunk (you can see the passenger side stack in the picture of the painted body). When I put them together, the stacks will meet up, and I will slip in some final pieces of flat stock between the upper and lower 'piles' to align it properly.
  6. Afte much puttying and finagling, the front bumper is looking like a '71. The finished product will have the red "GS" logo on the grill. It likely won't have the fine silver trim work - I've tried jewelers wire, guitar string, hard spring steel rods fractions of a millimeter wide - none seem like I'll be able to get them into the proper shape, be smooth enough to look good, and be affixable to the model without the risk of ugly glue on the grill. So a black grill, which looks fine, is what it'll likely be.
  7. Dashboard Done. As the original kit had a console, I had to add the shifter stalk.
  8. More pics of current progress. Last remaining fabrication issue is how to add some horizontal lines to the grille. I'm thinking artisan wire, very small scale.
  9. Progress today. Back bumper - glued in styrene rod to shape the new spaces. Putty will fill it all in later. Front seat - I bought a second kit, cut out the back seat and cut it down to be a bench front seat. I cut the headrests off the bucket seats that were in the kit. I will fabricate sides and back, putty, etc. I may cut the seabacks down a bit, as they look high. Dashboard - the 70 didn't have a center vent, but the 71 does. I'll cut a hole for it and use the photo-etch vent cover.
  10. I had time to begin transforming the bumpers from '70 to '71.
  11. The body I received looks pretty good. The pics below show it as received, and after some initial cleanup. Beil
  12. Bump. Anyone know a good photo-etch mesh that I could use for the grill?
  13. Can anyone recommend a type of photo etch mesh that I could use to make a new grille? I've been doing a lot of googling and have some options, like this, but I've never made a grille from scratch before, so I thought I'd check with the experts. (I.e. you guys.)
  14. I have Monogram's '70 Buick GSX kit, and I'd like to build a '71 GS convertible. I ordered a resin convertible body from Mill City Replicas. The only other real differences between the years are the bumpers and the grill. --> Does anyone know if there is a '71 version of the bumpers and grill out there that I can use? Someone making them in resin or something? If not, I'll have to fabricate them. Below are pictures of the front and rear of the 1971 GS, which is slightly different from '70, the Monogram 1970 kit, and the resin convertible body I ordered.
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