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  1. thank you everybody i just hate tossin old plastic


    new life for a old gluebomb
  3. BEAUTIFUL outstanding detail
  4. Well this will be my last build of the year going to be doing some major remodeling of my hobby room this is Revell 1950 olds Club Coupe very fun model to build everything fit just like it's supposed to, I hope you enjoy it
  5. thanks automotve clear over nailpolish
  6. Thank You everyone Im glad you like it!
  7. just what was in the box the color is suntan copper
  8. I love your work love stock builds and this one is outstanding love the 6 Thank you for the kind words on my build
  9. very cool they made me put my bumper back on too
  10. the are some great old kits not for the faint of heart i did the best i could, i hope you enjoy
  11. the bubble top in my opinion the best chevy ever😀
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